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Advantages of SEO Over Other Marketing Channels

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Many real estate professionals cringe when they first hear how much SEO service can cost. However, is it really that expensive or they’re just not aware of the potential return on their investment comparing to other marketing channels? Well, let’s do a quick comparison so you could decide for yourself whether SEO worth the investment for your company or not. Let’s look at the average costs and potential effectiveness of the several traditional advertisement channels.


  • Cost: advertising cost can range from $500 to $5000 per week not including the production of the commercial, which can easily add up to $1000+ one-time fee.
  • Effectiveness: the audience in many cases is quite broad, unless the radio channel is focused on attracting a certain type of listeners. You will get an exposure via this marketing channel only when you pay. When you stop paying, you will no longer be featured.
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