Hogan School of Real Estate Review 2024

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Hogan School of Real Estate Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Hogan School of Real Estate became possible and available for free to those considering this course!

In this review we evaluated Hogan School of Real Estate’s curriculum, pricing, and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

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— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is Hogan School of Real Estate?

Hogan School of Real Estate is an education brand that provides various training programs, including pre-licensing, broker licensing, and continuing education, to real estate professionals based in Arizona.

The company also offers professional development courses, national certification programs, property appraisal classes, and mortgage education through its partner brands (not in-house).

Hogan School programs are offered in three formats: online self-paced learning, virtual classes (live streaming), and in-person class sessions.



Who Is Hogan School of Real Estate For?


Who Is the Instructor of Hogan School of Real Estate?

Hogan School of Real Estate was started in 1973 by Jim Hogan after he had successfully taught and practiced real estate for two years.

At the time, the school was a traditional in-person institution, and Jim taught all classes up until the following year, when the first instructor was onboarded.

The school’s founder still serves as a real estate coach in a few training programs. Other trainers include:

  • Rick Amdahl — An active Wisconsin real estate broker who’s also licensed in Arizona, with experience in broker office management, startups, land development, and new home construction. He has been nationally recognized as a top ten sales agent in multiple years.
  • Cheryl Terpening — A licensed real estate agent and broker with over two decades of experience in real estate. She has been a Hogan School instructor since 2005, taking students through pre-licensing and continuing education courses.
  • George Cardieri — An experienced real estate agent in Arizona specialized in land. He has facilitated over 300 acquisitions on behalf of numerous public agencies. He has also managed more than 50 residential and business relocations.
  • BJ Gibbons, Esq. — An Arizona realtor and practicing real estate attorney also specializing in the formation of LLCs. As an educator, she guides local financial planners on the importance of estate planning.
  • Richard Koevary — A successful real estate professional and entrepreneur who’s been in the business since the early 1970s. He teaches licensing and renewal classes at Hogan School (since 1990) and has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions in Tucson, AZ.
  • Justin Lemar — A licensed Arizona realtor who closes over 100 transactions annually. He takes students through real estate purchase processes, such as contract drafting and management.

The complete list of Hogan School instructors is available on the company website.



Is Hogan School of Real Estate Legit or a Scam?

Hogan Real Estate School is a legitimate real estate education brand with physical headquarters in Tucson, AZ.

The education company has been around since 1973 and has grown to become one of the most popular education providers for real estate professionals in Arizona.

The school is highly regarded by the Arizona real estate community for its efficiency in teaching the necessary skills to become a real estate agent, how to pass the real estate exam, and what to do after you get your real estate license.

Hogan School’s popularity can be seen online, where the company has received many student reviews, most of which are positive.

The company also has a strong social media presence, with active accounts across all popular platforms.

As a brand, Hogan School works with other well-known and reputable education companies to deliver some of its courses, including McKissock Learning, Colibri Real Estate, and OnCourse Learning.

Overall, we found more than enough evidence to indicate that Hogan Real Estate School is not a scam.



Hogan School of Real Estate Customer Reviews

No customer reviews found



Hogan School of Real Estate Pricing

Real Estate Pre-Licensing

Hogan online school’s main offering is its pre-licensing education for aspiring agents based in Arizona.

The education is delivered either through self-paced online learning, live-stream learning, or in-person classroom learning. There are three plans to choose from:

  • Basic — Hogan School’s entry-level plan costs $449 and gives you access to the 90-hour Arizona pre-licensing course, the in-house contract writing course, and other standard resources. You can choose to purchase Basic pre-licensing as self-paced learning, in-person classroom, or virtual live-stream class.
  • Career Start — This package is priced at $629 and gives you access to all resources in the Basic plan, along with Exam Prep packages and Pass or Don’t Pay policy. Like the Basic package, Career Start is also available as a self-paced online learning, in-person classroom, or virtual live-stream class.
  • Set for Success — The most full-featured Hogan Real Estate School pre-licensing program goes for $699. The package comes with all the resources in Career Start and Basic plans, as well as study flashcards, the full 18-hour CE program, two math review courses, and access to a broker interviewing workshop. For this plan, you will need to choose one learning format, but you’ll have access to other formats as study aids.

Note that Contract Writing and Exam Prep resources are available as standalone purchases. The contract writing course costs $59, while the Exam Prep package is $105.

Students have 6-month access to the pre-licensing program, after which they can request course extension at a fee.


Continuing Education

Hogan School’s CE classes are available for Arizona-based agents and brokers, either through live stream, online learning, or in-person classroom sessions.

The following is a complete cost breakdown of the Continuing Education programs available at this real estate agent school.

  • Online CE — Available in three packages: 18-Hour Renewal for $135, 24-Hour Renewal for $175, and 30-Hour Renewal for $220.
  • Classroom CE — Available in two packages: 24-Hour Renewal for $175 and 30-Hour Renewal for $220.
  • Live stream — Prices vary based on the dates and courses you pick.
  • Broker Management Clinic — Available as a live-stream package and as an online self-paced package. Both plans cost $80.


Agent Designations and Certifications

Hogan School offers agents three national certification programs through its partnership with NAR (National Association of Realtors):

  • MRP (Military Relocation Professional) Certification for $99, plus a one-time application fee of $195
  • SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) Designation for $299, plus an annual membership fee of $99 after the first year
  • AHWD (At Home With Diversity) Certification for $99, plus a one-time application fee of $40


Out-of-State License Recognition

Hogan School of Real Estate provides two training programs for agents and brokers who are licensed in another state and looking to apply for an Arizona License:

  • Salesperson Reciprocal License Package for $299
  • Broker Reciprocal License Package for $399


Luxury Agent Education

Hogan Real Estate School has partnered with a sister brand, the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, to provide luxury agent education.

The luxury agent education program costs $545 and is available as a self-paced online learning package or a virtual live learning class.


Real Estate Assistant Education

Thanks to a partnership with the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (ASREB), Hogan School provides the education required to become an agent’s or broker’s assistant.

The price for Assistant Education isn’t available on the company website.


Broker Pre-Licensing

Aspiring real estate brokers can choose between two pre-licensing programs at Hogan School:

  • Basic Broker Package for $699
  • Broker Preferred Package for $749

Live-stream classes are available at a flat rate of $699. Hogan School also offers Broker Exam Prep for $105 and continuing education (Broker Management Clinic) for $80.


Online Mortgage Education

Hogan School of Real Estate has partnered with OnCourse Learning to provide a range of education programs for aspiring and experienced mortgage professionals.

The training programs include:

  • New licensing for $599
  • Continuing education ranges between $39 and $129
  • Exam Prep: two packages priced at $149 and $199
  • Professional development courses: numerous programs with prices ranging between $21 and $275


Appraisal Classes

Hogan School has partnered with McKissock Learning to deliver real estate appraisal classes to Arizona professionals. The following is a course fee breakdown of the appraisal classes:

  • Trainee education: The online package costs $1,425 while the live-stream learning option is $1,772.
  • New licensing: Two packages priced at $889 and $1,449.
  • Certified Residential: Two packages priced at $599 and $1,119.
  • Certified General: Three packages priced at $1,999, $2,589, and $3,309.
  • Continuing education: Three packages priced at $359, $575, and $649, along with a membership option for $749 for 2 years.
  • Exam prep for $229


Professional Programs

There are several professional development programs for various real estate professionals.

  • Contractor Training Program: Provided through ASREB and comes in three packages priced at $499, $899, and $1,299.
  • Home inspection: Provided through ASREB and costs $1,095. You can take the class online or enroll in a live-stream class. Exam prep is also available at $99.
  • NAR Code of Ethics: A 3-hour course for real estate agents that costs $25. Available for live-stream and self-paced, online learning students.
  • Instructor Development Workshop: A 3-hour workshop for Arizona real estate instructors priced at $99.
  • Securities: Provided through a third-party company (Securities and Insurance Training). There are numerous Securities Licensing courses, and they typically cost a couple of hundred dollars.



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How Does Hogan School of Real Estate Work?

Hogan Real Estate School delivers its courses and education materials in several ways:

  • Self-paced online learning — Hogan School students can take classes at their own pace by choosing the online learning option. Self-paced learning comes with a range of course resources that are delivered through written materials, videos, and slides.
  • Virtual live classes — Students can also opt for live classes that are conducted on Zoom. In the virtual class, an instructor takes you through a particular topic and guides you through exam preparation for your final state exam. Hogan School provides the schedule for its live classes on the company website.
  • In-person classroom learning — Hogan Real Estate School provides in-person classes for select programs (as required by the Arizona state). The school always provides the time schedule, location, and instructor information for the in-person classes.
  • Coaching videos — Hogan School has a huge library of coaching videos from previous webinars and live classes. Students can access the videos at any time and from any device (mobile, tablet, or PC).
  • Instructor access — Hogan School provides its online learning students with the email contact for instructors. This means you can always reach out to the topic instructor in case you require any assistance. Virtual live class students and in-person learners have direct one-on-one access to their instructors throughout their course.
  • Hard-copy textbooks — Hogan School gives its students physical textbooks that contain all the course contents. The book is shipped out to you once you purchase a program. Note: not all programs come with textbooks.
  • Exam preparation resources — There are numerous resources to help you prepare for the final state exam. The Exam Prep service contains study flashcards, practice exams with over 2,900 questions, and vocabulary reviews, among other materials.

Hogan School programs are valid for up to 6 months after the date of purchase. Once the course expires, you will be required to request an extension for an additional fee.



What Is the Hogan School of Real Estate Curriculum?

Hogan school of realty offers numerous courses for different real estate professionals. Each course has its own curriculum, meaning there is no single Hogan School curriculum.

Still, the following are the company’s training programs.


Pre-Licensing Education for Agents

Hogan School delivers its pre-licensing program either through online self-paced learning, live virtual classes, or in-person classroom learning.

The company doesn’t reveal the curriculum for the 90-hour program, but the following resources are included:

  • Contract Writing Course
  • Direct access to the module instructor
  • Hogan School practice exam
  • Pre-licensing textbook
  • Exam Prep (for higher-tier course packages)


Continuing Education

Hogan School has several continuing education courses for agents and brokers. Some of the CE modules and topics covered include:

  • Code of Ethics (with case studies)
  • Contract Money Matters
  • Agency Law
  • Arizona Property Taxes, Tax Liens, and Foreclosures
  • Fair Housing: The Practical Aspects
  • Top 10 Disclosure Issues
  • Navigating Arizona’s Commissioner’s Rules
  • Broker Management Clinic #1: Statutes and Rules
  • Broker Management Clinic #2: Broker Policies
  • Broker Management Clinic #3: Supervision


National Designations and Certifications

Agents looking to upgrade their licenses by specializing in a specific real estate sector can do so by enrolling in one of Hogan’s national certification programs, which include:

  • MRP (Military Relocation Professional) Certification — A 6-hour program that educates realtors and brokers on working with military service members (former and active) to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs.
  • SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) Designation — A 9-hour program that takes you through the strategies required when dealing with the retiring population.
  • AHWD (At Home With Diversity) Certification — A 6-hour class that covers diversity, fair housing, and business planning development.


Reciprocal License Education

If you’re already licensed in another state and wish to get licensed in Arizona, you can take the state-required classes at Hogan Real Estate Online School.

The education is available for both real estate salespeople and brokers. The following are the modules for the salespeople course:

  • Salesperson Reciprocal Licensing Review
  • Introduction to Contract Writing
  • Salesperson CompuCram (exam prep)
  • Arizona Salesperson Law Vocabulary Workshop

Some of the modules for the broker reciprocal program include:

  • Broker Reciprocal Licensing Review
  • Broker Management Clinics 1, 2, and 3
  • Broker CompuCram (exam prep)
  • Arizona Broker Law Vocabulary Workshop


Luxury Homes Agent Education

Agents looking to get into the luxury real estate market can get the required education at Hogan School.

You have the option to enroll for the standard online self-paced program or the live-stream package.


Broker Pre-Licensing and CE

Hogan provides broker education through online learning and live-stream classes. Broker pre-licensing contains the following:

  • The required 90-hour program
  • Broker Management Clinic course
  • Textbooks
  • Final state exam registration


Mortgage Programs

Mortgage professionals looking to get or renew their licenses can do so at Hogan Online School.

The education company has partnered with OnCourse Learning, an online school for mortgage education, to deliver online mortgage programs.

There are many mortgage courses offered within Arizona, each with different curriculums.

Unfortunately, both Hogan and OnCourse Learning do not publicly indicate the credits offered in the mortgage courses.


Appraisal Programs

Aspiring and experienced real estate appraisers can get their education from the Hogan School of Real Estate.

The appraisal education is provided through McKissock Learning, a third-party sister brand. Some of the modules included in appraisal pre-licensing are:

  • Residential Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use
  • Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach
  • Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches
  • Residential Report Writing and Case Studies


Professional Programs

Hogan real estate school offers several additional courses for various real estate professionals:

  • NAR Code of Ethics — Members of the National Association of Realtors are required to complete a specific 3-hour Code of Ethics training every three years. We couldn’t find the topics covered in the program.
  • General contractor licensing — Offered through ASREB. The company doesn’t provide the topics covered in this program.
  • Home inspection classes — Some of the topics included are Professional Practices, Insulation & Ventilation, Structural Components, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, and many more.
  • Instructor Development Workshop — An in-house program that helps Arizona-based instructors nurture their presentation and teaching methods.



Hogan School of Real Estate Pros and Cons


  • Hogan real estate school provides education for multiple real estate specialties in Arizona.
  • The school has many learning options: online, live-stream, and in-person classes.
  • Hogan School courses come with a refund policy which reduces the risk for students.
  • The education company is transparent with its course fees.
  • The school has a high pass rate of 86.5%.



  • The courses are expensive compared to similar real estate online schools like The CE Shop.
  • The school only provides education for Arizona-based professionals.



Hogan School of Real Estate Alternatives



Hogan School of Real Estate Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Real Estate Education Provider (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Hogan School of Real Estate award

Press & Media



Hogan School of Real Estate FAQs

Does Hogan Real Estate School have a trial or money-back guarantee?

Hogan School has a “Pass or Don’t Pay” money-back policy for higher-tier real estate pre-licensing course plans.

The policy states that you will receive a full refund of your Exam Prep package if you fail the final state exams on the first attempt.


How many students have studied the Hogan Real Estate School Program?

We couldn’t find information on the number of students that have studied at Hogan School of Real Estate.

However, the school has received hundreds of customer reviews on the internet, indicating its considerable reach.


How to cancel Hogan Real Estate School and what is the refund policy?

Hogan School has refund policies for both self-paced online classes and live-stream programs.

For the online course, you can opt out of the class within the first 30 days of purchasing the program.

You’re not eligible for a refund if you have completed at least one credit in the program.

For live-stream classes, you can cancel within the first 24 hours of your first live-stream class. If you fail to attend the class (or any other live classes), you will not be eligible for a refund.

To request a refund, write to the company at [email protected] or call (866) 455-3278.



Is Hogan School of Real Estate Worth It?

Yes. Hogan School of Real Estate is one of the longest-serving education brands, which makes it a reputable and well-known institution giving its students the keys to being a successful real estate agent and achieving their real estate goals.

The school also offers a wide range of education programs for various real estate professionals in Arizona.

Hogan School also has a high pass rate of 86.5% — this is higher than other popular real estate schools like Colibri and The CE Shop.

That said, Hogan School is only for real estate professionals based in Arizona, meaning you will have to look at other options if you’re based in another state.



Hogan School of Real Estate Contacts



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