Land Investing Masterclass Review 2023

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Land Investing Masterclass Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Land Investing Masterclass became possible and available for free to those considering this course!

In this review we evaluated Land Investing Masterclass’s curriculum, pricing, and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

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— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is Land Investing Masterclass?

Land Investing Masterclass is a training program that focuses on helping investors build and grow income from land investments.

The comprehensive course covers all the steps of land investing, from finding properties to wholesale or flip to financing and taxation.

The Land Investing Masterclass is a stand-alone class offered by REtipster and contains more than ten modules with a range of resources that include videos, reading materials, group coaching calls, and much more.

There are also plenty of free resources to help you in your business, including scripts, contract templates, and ready-made spreadsheets.



Who Is Land Investing Masterclass For?


Who Is the Instructor of the Land Investing Masterclass?

The Land Investing Masterclass property investing course is provided by the REtipster education brand, which is owned by Seth Williams.

The REtipster founder is the main coach of the Land Investing Masterclass — we couldn’t find information on whether there are other trainers for the class.

Seth has more than fifteen years of experience in real estate investing.

His wide knowledge and expertise in real estate and land investing can be seen on his YouTube channel and podcast, where he provides business tips and speaks to experts on various REI topics.

The REtipster blog is also one of the most popular and longest-serving real estate education brands, having been launched in 2012.



Is Land Investing Masterclass Legit or a Scam?

Based on our research, the Land Investing Masterclass program is a legitimate real estate course.

The training program is under REtipster, a real estate investing education brand that has been around since 2012, with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Additionally, the course owner and founder, Seth Williams, is a renowned figure within the real estate education community.

He is a public figure with a widely popular podcast and YouTube channel, where he speaks to industry experts.

The Land Investing Masterclass is also one of the most popular land investment training classes, amassing many mentions and testimonials on Trustpilot and BiggerPockets, the majority of which are positive.

Overall, we are positive that the Land Investing Masterclass is not a scam.



Land Investing Masterclass Customer Reviews

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Land Investing Masterclass Pricing

The Land Investing Masterclass program consists of two membership plans, each with its own unique features and cost:

  1. Lifetime Basic
  2. Lifetime Premium

Additionally, the education company offers a separate starter program for rookie land investors with little to no experience in the industry — this course is the Land Investing Foundations program.


Lifetime Basic

To join the Lifetime Basic plan, you will be required to pay a one-time fee of $1,997.

The plan gives you access to the entire Land Investing Masterclass course for a lifetime. You will also be able to access the following features:

  • full course (12 modules, 80 modules)
  • free course resources (templates, guides, calculators, etc.)
  • forever access to future releases
  • access to an exclusive REtipster group
  • access to webinar library


Lifetime Premium

The Lifetime Premium package includes everything the Land Investing Masterclass has to offer.

The price for the program is $2,497, and by paying, you can access the following course features:

  • all features in the Lifetime Basic package
  • monthly group coaching calls
  • access to all 8 bonus modules


Land Investing Foundations Pricing

Land Investing Foundations serves as a stepping stone to the more advanced Masterclass course.

The course is suited to less experienced land investors looking to learn the fundamentals of the business before getting started on their first deal.

The Foundations training program costs $497 when you purchase it as a stand-alone course.

Still, you can buy it as an add-on when purchasing the Land Investing Masterclass program. As an add-on, Land Investing Foundations goes for $297.



Land Investing Masterclass Coupon & Promo Codes

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How Does Land Investing Masterclass Work?

The Land Investing Masterclass is made up of an assortment of resources presented in different ways.

The resources serve as a roadmap on how to generate and grow revenue from land flipping investments.

You will learn the best ways to find motivated seller leads, conduct real estate investment due diligence, get properties listed, as well as financing and real estate investing tax strategies.

Furthermore, once you buy the course, you will have access to all its resources forever. The following are some of the key resources of the Masterclass program.

  • On-demand training videos — The Land Investing Masterclass is presented mainly through pre-recorded videos in which Seth Williams takes you through the various modules and topics.
  • Voicemail scripts — The program comes with ready-to-use scripts that help you speak to and negotiate with potential motivated sellers effectively, which can be done over the phone, email, direct mail or ringless voicemail drop software of your choice. The scripts to call motivated sellers and send voicemails to them equip you with rapport-building strategies, tips on how to deal with common objections, and a call checklist so you don’t miss anything.
  • Spreadsheets and built-in REI calculators — Land Investing Masterclass comes with built-in spreadsheets and calculators that have been tailored to land investment deals. Some examples include the Parcel Pivot Spreadsheet, Terms Calculator, and the Market Meter Spreadsheet.
  • Bonus guides — Besides the main modules, the Land Investing Masterclass has guides on specific subject matters. They include hacks, tips, and real estate investor software toolkits that are essential to land investors but not included within the main modules.
  • Access to webinar library — When you purchase the Masterclass program, you get access to previous webinars and coaching calls. You may also get the chance to join any future webinars, depending on the course package you choose.
  • Monthly coaching calls — Learners who purchase the Lifetime Premium package can join monthly coaching calls conducted by Seth Williams himself. The one-on-one calls allow you to get tailored support and feedback on your ongoing deals.
  • Access to an exclusive investor forum — Joining Land Investing Masterclass automatically provides you access to a private forum made up of other investors who’ve also taken the program. The forum acts as an excellent networking hub where you can easily find lenders, other service providers, and partners.



What Is the Land Investing Masterclass Curriculum?


Land Investing Masterclass consists of 12 comprehensive modules intended to be covered over a period of 12 weeks.

Still, there’s no time limit since the course is available to you forever once you have purchased it. The modules include:

  1. Laying the Foundation — The module has eight topics that cover the essentials of setting up your business infrastructures, including a dialer for real estate investors and a website.
  2. How to Find Motivated Sellers and Unbelievable Deals — Here, you will learn different ways of finding properties to wholesale or flip, generating motivated seller leads, and how to reach out to them.
  3. Dealing With Prospects — This module deals with how to respond to calls, what to say, and how to make offers to various types of motivated sellers.
  4. How to Write Offers and Get Acceptances — Here, you will learn how to write offers and negotiate the best possible deals.
  5. Due Diligence — The module has six topics to guide you on the next steps after your offer is accepted. You will learn how to research land, how to find the location, dimensions, and how to use investment property analysis software and strategies, among other details.
  6. Closing Time — This module guides you through the steps taken when closing a deal and taking possession of your new property. You will learn how to close professionally with or without an agent.
  7. Getting Your Property Listed, Promoted and Sold — This module focuses on helping you sell their property. You will learn how to create listings that sell fast, how to help buyers find your land, and creative ways to sell your property.
  8. Seller Financing Strategies — Here, you will learn the importance of seller financing over regular financing for buyers. You will also learn about the contracts used for this type of financing and how to handle loan defaults.
  9. Closing the Sale takes you through the processes of closing the deal as a seller. The seven topics included guide you on the closing documentation required, fund transfers, and the logistics involved during the closing, among other details.
  10. Taking Your Business to the Next Level — Here, you will learn how to manage your new business. You will learn how to securely store your deal documents and the importance of outsourcing some responsibilities as your business grows, among other topics.
  11. Tax Strategies for Land Investors — This module contains five topics that take you through the tax procedures for land deals, the importance of a real estate CPA and real estate investing accounting software, and much more.
  12. Long-Term Strategies for Growth — This module focuses on helping you evolve your business into a financial giant.


Free Course Assets

There are numerous resources involved in land investment deals, such as contracts, sample letters to motivated sellers, and forms.

By joining the Land Investing Masterclass, you will be able to access (and download) the following course assets:

  • postcard templates
  • voicemail package with scripts and tips
  • blind offer templates
  • offer letter and purchase contract templates
  • ‘sell your property’ form
  • delinquent tax list tutorial
  • building a cash buyers list tutorial
  • coaching questionnaire (if you choose to enroll for coaching services)
  • parcel pivot spreadsheet
  • land agent questionnaire


Bonus Guides

In addition to the 12 main course modules, Land Investing Masterclass has eight smaller bonus modules that go into more detail on some topics:

  • The Ultimate Traffic Toolkit — This guide takes you through different techniques you can use to increase traffic to your real estate investor website.
  • Elevate Your Land Investing Game With the Power of Drone Photography — This comprehensive video, with a downloadbale PDF, will teach you where and how to get the best drone photography for each property, which can be used for due diligence and selling your property.
  • Terms Calculator — This is a calculator that helps you determine your ROI and the length of time it will take before you break even.
  • Seller Financing Intensive — The module takes you through the best way to manage seller-financed deals.
  • DataTree Hacks Every Land Investor Needs To Know — The module contains 11 videos explaining how you can use DataTree to find distressed properties.



Land Investing Masterclass Pros and Cons


  • There are two differently-priced packages to allow investors across financial levels to utilize the program.
  • You get lifetime access when you purchase the course.
  • The course is updated as real estate trends evolve over time.
  • Course resources can be downloaded and used offline.
  • There is an affordable starter program offered (Land Investment Foundations) that is discounted when you buy the Masterclass program.



  • Some users have reported that the course content is partially available for free on Seth’s podcast and YouTube channel.



Land Investing Masterclass Alternatives

  • Land Profit Generator by Jack and Michelle Bosch
  • Land Investing Foundations by Seth Williams
  • The Land Geek by Mark Podolsky
  • Land Investing 101 by Jack Bosch
  • Land Flipping Bootcamp by Daniel and Ron Apke
  • Land Academy by Steven Jack Butala
  • Land Investing Accelerator Program by Sumner Healey



Land Investing Masterclass Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Land Investing Course (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Land Investing Masterclass award

Press & Media



Land Investing Masterclass FAQs

Does Land Investing Masterclass have a trial or money-back guarantee?

No. Instead, the company provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the modules and resources offered within the Land Investing Masterclass program, so you can understand how it works before committing to payment.


How many students have studied Land Investing Masterclass?

We couldn’t find reliable information on the number of students who have taken Land Investing Masterclass.

The real estate program has, however, received numerous mentions and reviews online, indicating its popularity.


How to cancel Land Investing Masterclass and what is the refund policy?

In the Land Investing Masterclass program, students purchase the course for a one-time fee.

Once you’ve purchased the course, it is yours forever, meaning a cancellation policy doesn’t apply.

The company doesn’t provide refunds once you’ve purchased any of the courses.



Is Land Investing Masterclass Worth It?

Most customers online have said that this program was one of the best compared to similar land flipping courses.

Additionally, the course is relatively affordable, with packages for new and established investors.

The Land Investing Masterclass also works in a very straightforward manner — you simply make a one-time payment and have access to the resources for life.

There are no hidden fees or endless and confusing options to choose from.

That said, some users have claimed that most of what you pay for and learn in the course has already been shared for free on Seth Williams’ podcast and YouTube channel.



Land Investing Masterclass Contacts




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