Land Profit Generator Course Review 2023

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Land Profit Generator Course Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Land Profit Generator course became possible and available for free to those considering this course!

In this review we evaluated Land Profit Generator’s curriculum, pricing, and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

All the customer reviews and ratings on this page have been submitted by our platform’s members who either currently use or used to use the reviewed product/service in the past. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products and/or services in our product/service reviews. However, by visiting retailer/manufacturer of the reviewed product/service by clicking links within our content may earn us commissions from your purchases. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is Land Profit Generator?

Land Profit Generator is a real estate coaching brand that focuses on educating investors on land flipping and guides them on building successful land flipping businesses.

The company’s main training program, Land Profit Coaching, is a comprehensive premium course with numerous resources and services that include video training, one-on-one coaching, contracts and legal document templates, and access to CRM services, among other resources.

To join the program, you’ll be required to apply and schedule a consultation call where you can learn more about the course and choose a course plan that fits your needs and budget. The course takes up to 90 days to complete.



Who Is Land Profit Generator For?


Who Is the Instructor of Land Profit Generator?

The Land Profit Generator brand was started in 2002 by Jack Bosch and Michelle Bosch, a successful investor couple with over two decades of experience flipping and dealing land. Together, they have acquired and sold over 4,000 land lots.

Jack and Michelle were both working in Fortune 500 companies before they got into land flipping as a side hustle.

As they scaled and grew into a full-time venture, they developed their own land-flipping method that they began teaching to investors in 2009.

However, Jack and Michelle aren’t Land Profit Generator’s only real estate coaches. They are assisted by several other trainers who are all successful and active investors and land-flipping experts:

  • Mike Smyre — A house flipper turned land flipper with over four years of experience investing in land. As a coach, he is focused on helping investors scale their business, having grown his own land business to 100 land deals annually in 2 years.
  • Michelle Brown — She has three years of experience in land investing and is an expert in buying and selling high-price-point properties. As an instructor, Michelle focuses on self-closing and finding buyers.
  • Aaron Williams — With 12 years in land investing, Aaron is an expert at finding and closing ‘smaller’ deals. His main focus as a Land Profit Generator trainer is sales and marketing.
  • Gary Pendergast — A successful land and real estate investor with over 5 years of experience in land investing. Gary grew his real estate business tenfold by investing in land. As a coach, he mainly focuses on valuation.
  • Courtney Kaehlert — An experienced investor whose main strategy is creating passive cash flow through seller finance deals.



Is Land Profit Generator Legit or a Scam?

Land Profit Generator is a legitimate training program that has been around for more than one decade and a half as of May 2023.

Within that time, hundreds of investors have taken the program and become successful, full-time land flippers.

The program is also quite popular within the real estate community, receiving thousands of mentions and reviews across renowned forums like BiggerPockets.

Additionally, the Land Profit Generator brand has an open public image with active social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

There, the company founders and coaches provide company updates and real estate tips.

All factors considered, Land Profit Generator is not a scam. Although there is no guarantee that you’ll become a successful investor if you take the program, you can certainly make some money through the program.



Land Profit Generator Customer Reviews

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Land Profit Generator Pricing

The Land Profit Generator brand isn’t transparent with the price of its programs — you have to apply to find out the fees. The program packages include:

  1. Land Profit Generator Success Package
  2. Land Profit Maximizer
  3. Land Profit Coaching Program

We were able to find the Land Profit Generator coaching costs from student reviews and testimonials on BiggerPockets.

To join the LPG Success Package, you’ll be required to pay a one-time fee of $2,497.

You can also choose to pay in installments by first paying $997, and then three monthly installments of $549.

For the Land Profit Maximizer package, students are expected to pay about $8,000.

We couldn’t find the price for the LPG’s main offering, the Land Profit Coaching Program.



Land Profit Generator Coupon & Promo Codes

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How Does Land Profit Generator Work?

The Land Profit Generator 2.0 program contains three program packages that investors can choose from:

  • LPG Success Package — This class covers everything you need to know about land flipping. It’s great for new land-flipping investors with little to zero experience in finding and closing land deals.
  • Land Profit Maximizer — Here, students are guided through their first land deals. The course helps you lay a foundation for your business before you can take profits to the next level and begin scaling.
  • Land Profit Coaching Program (core) — This premium one-on-one training program is the company’s main offering and includes all the learning resources available in other programs and more. The course focuses on helping investors scale their land deals into a consistent and reliable business.

Based on the course package you choose, you will have access to different course materials and services. The following are some of the learning resources provided within the programs.

  • Video training modules — Land Profit Generator classes are delivered via pre-recorded videos. In the videos, the land investing course instructors take you through various modules with real-world examples.
  • Access to the Quick Start program — When you first join the course, you will be provided with a comprehensive introductory six-week program that mainly consists of video training modules. The program covers the basics of land flipping and guides students through their first deal.
  • One-on-one coaching — Within the first 30 days of joining the program, students get a minimum of three one-on-one calls with their dedicated real estate investing coach. The coach guides you through your first deals and helps you get your business up, or scale it, based on your level of experience.
  • Access to in-house CRM — The LPG brand has its own CRM service called Investment Dominator CRM. By joining the Land Profit Generator package, you get free access to this real estate investing software tool for the first four months as your land-flipping business grows. Thereafter, you’ll be required to pay $197 per month. If you choose to take the coaching package, you’ll have free access to the CRM for 12 months.
  • Access to the company’s physical offices — As an LPG student, you can visit the company’s main office twice a week for assistance with anything you’re working on.
  • Access to leads — Investors get access to 100 new leads when they join the Maximizer program. With this real estate investor lead generation service, you can easily get started with finding and closing your first few deals without paying extra for leads.
  • Land Profit Generator Method — This is a comprehensive module with videos, checklists, and guides built to help investors scale their business to a 7-figure venture.
  • Access to legal contracts and documents — The LPG program provides students with attorney-approved contract templates that they can quickly customize and use in their deals. There are also numerous checklists, letters, and process documents that you can use for any type of land deal.
  • A ticket to a live workshop — LPG hosts a 2.5-day workshop for its students. The workshops are intended to ramp you up and encourage you in your deal-making journey.
  • First access to real estate masterclasses — Land Profit Generator 2.0 students are first to get access to the company’s masterclasses. The five-day masterclasses are often free and give you a chance to meet the company founders — Jack Bosch and Michelle Bosch.



What Is the Land Profit Generator Curriculum?

Land Profit Generator hasn’t disclosed the curriculums for any of its course offerings.

Investors have to apply, go through the consultation call, and be accepted into the program to find out the curriculum for the program they chose.

Students that choose to take the Land Profit Coaching package can work with their dedicated coach and tailor the curriculum based on the investor’s level of experience.



Land Profit Generator Pros and Cons


  • According to several student testimonials, the program can be quite profitable and requires less effort to make money compared to house flipping.
  • There is excellent support from the coaches; they use a hands-on approach to guide students.
  • Students get access to a real estate investor CRM that’s well-tailored for land investments.
  • The course is comprehensive and teaches everything you need to know about land flipping.



  • LPG programs can be expensive, especially for new investors.



Land Profit Generator Alternatives

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  • Wholesaling Inc.
  • Flipping Mastery
  • Pro Wholesaler VIP
  • Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program
  • FortuneBuilders Mastery
  • 7 Figure Flipping
  • Wholesaling University by The Wholesalers Toolbox
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  • Lex Levinrad Coaching
  • Wholesaling Real Estate in 30 Days by Udemy
  • Wholesaling Real Estate Blueprint by Chris Goff
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  • Free Wholesaling 101 Course by Ola Tux Abitogun
  • Free Wholesale Course by David Dodge and Mike Slane
  • Flip2Freedom Academy
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  • Flipping: The Complete System to Flip Houses for Profit by Real Estate Trainer
  • Home Flipping Workshop
  • House Flipping For Beginners by Flipsters Academy
  • Advanced Real Estate Flipping Strategies by Udemy
  • SubTo



Land Profit Generator Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Land Investing & Flipping Course (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Land Profit Generator Course award

Press & Media

Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned American Companies (Awarded by Inc. Magazine)



Land Profit Generator FAQs

Does Land Profit Generator have a trial or money-back guarantee?

No, there’s no free trial or money-back guarantee for the Land Profit Generator 2.0 program.

Instead, the company provides a 20-minute onboarding call where you can ask and learn about the course before paying for it.


How many students have studied Land Profit Generator?

According to the company website, hundreds of investors have taken the Land Profit Generator coaching program and built successful land-flipping businesses.


How to cancel Land Profit Generator and what is the refund policy?

Land Profit Generator allows students to cancel course memberships and even receive refunds for the terminations.

For the leading training program, Land Profit Generator 2.0, you can cancel the subscription within the first 30 days from the date of purchase and receive a full refund.

The refunds only apply to in-house services and products. There are no refunds for third-party offerings provided within the training programs.

For the more specialized, beginner-oriented program, Land Profit Quickstart, you will receive a refund if you fail to land a deal within the first 6 months of taking the class.


What awards and recognition has Land Profit Generator received?

In 2022, the company was recognized by Inc. Magazine in the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned American Companies list, ranking at position 102 within the southwest region, and at 2787 nationwide.



Is Land Profit Generator Worth It?

Yes. The Land Profit Generator education program is a comprehensive program that covers everything you need to know about land-flipping investments.

There aren’t many programs that focus on land deals, making LPG a unique offering.

Additionally, Land Profit Generator offers course packages that are tailored for investors across levels of experience.

Whether you’re looking to secure your first land deal or scale your land investing business, there’s a course package with resources that suit your needs.

According to numerous reviews, LPG’s business model is also profitable, meaning investors can make money with relative ease.

The only downside to the program is the high course fees, but altogether, Land Profit Generator is certainly worth considering by any ambitious investor.



Land Profit Generator Contacts