How Hard Is the Real Estate Exam in Arizona and How to Pass It the First Time?

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If you’re nervous about taking the Arizona real estate salesperson exam, this article can help you prepare with more confidence and less stress.

You’ll learn tried-and-true tips on studying for the exam and techniques to ensure all your hard work pays off on the day of the test.

Ready for a deep dive? Let’s get to it!


Best Way to Pass the Arizona Real Estate Exam

How to Study for the Arizona Real Estate Exam

Real estate school is where you’ll gain core knowledge of the industry.

It’s also where you’ll learn the material covered on the exam, which is a prerequisite for applicants to become licensed real estate agents in Arizona.

Arizona has set the bar at 90 hours of coursework if you’re pursuing a salesperson’s license. You can take the course at one of the accredited real estate schools in Arizona.

You can choose between online and in-person classes.

Take time to consider the positives and negatives of classroom-based courses and real estate online classes as you make your choice.

You can also benefit from taking practice exams. They help you recall material by applying the information.

Plus, you can brush up on test-taking techniques, as well as see where your strengths and weak spots are. Then, you can focus your studies to bridge the knowledge gaps.

You’ll typically take a practice test in the pre-licensing course. If you sign up for an exam prep class, you’ll get ample opportunities to practice for the real thing.

Prep courses are offered in-person and online, and some include other helpful tools like webinars and study guides.

Some course providers also have study groups. Sometimes they offer access to faculty, as well as other students. These groups can be especially beneficial if you’re studying online.

In addition, here are some other tips on how to study most effectively.

  • Block out study time every day.
  • Review material one topic at a time.
  • Use repetition to memorize vocabulary words.
  • Change up what you study to avoid tunnel vision.
  • Study in short intervals to prevent burnout.

Read more tips about studying for the real estate exam to up your chances of passing the test on your first try.


What to Study for the Arizona Real Estate Exam

Since the pre-licensing coursework is designed to prepare you for the exam, it’s an excellent starting point to know what to study for the exam itself.

Use the textbook or ebook to make a broad list of topics.

You can then narrow that list down based on what’s on the test to make the best use of your study time.

Here’s a suggestion on where to get an idea of what is on the real estate exam: the Arizona Real Estate Candidate Handbook.

The handbook is published by Pearson VUE, the company that administers the exam. One of the things that makes it such a great resource is the content outline it contains.

The outline reflects the minimum knowledge needed to pass the exam, and it tells you the following:

  • Topics that are on the examination
  • Specific subtopics for each area
  • Number of questions for each topic

You can use that information to study smart, spending your time on the material that you’ll be tested on.

The content outline can also help focus your review of the Arizona Real Estate Law Book, another good study resource.


7 Tips for Passing the Arizona Real Estate Exam

Passing the real estate exam on the first attempt can be challenging. Here are strategies that can help you succeed regardless of the real estate exam difficulty level.


1. Read the questions twice.

By reading and re-reading the questions, you reduce the chances of misinterpreting what’s being asked.

You’re also more likely to pick up on words like “all” or “except” that can change the way you’ll answer.


2. Don’t look at the answers while reading the question.

Read the entire question before you turn your attention to the multiple-choice answers. Otherwise, looking at the choices could influence how you read the question.


3. Don’t get caught up on a single question.

If you don’t know the answer, skip the question. Mark it for review and move on. The computer will remind you to come back to it. This approach keeps you from getting stuck.


4. Guess if you have to.

Go with your gut if you circle back to a question and are still unsure of the answer. Your first guess is usually going to be your best one.

Besides, if you leave it blank, it’s a ding on your score. If you guess, you may get it right.


5. Don’t rush.

Be aware of time when taking the exam, but avoid rushing through it. This can negatively impact your performance. Take your time to keep yourself from making silly errors.


6. Manage the butterflies.

If you start to feel overwhelmed, pause for a bit. Take some deep breaths and refocus.

Taking a breather will let you think more clearly, recall what you learned, and work through the questions.


7. Give your exam sheet a last once-over.

A mistake or two can cost you a passing score. Review your exam sheet to ensure that you marked the answers that you wanted.

However, resist the urge to change any answers unless you are positive that the one you picked is incorrect.


What Is the Cost of Taking the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

The fee to take the salesperson exam is $75. It’s payable at the time of making your reservation with Pearson VUE.

Before you are eligible to do that, you must have satisfied the pre-licensing education requirement which can cost between $400 to $600.

Aside from these expenses, there are other fees you need to save up for in order to get your real estate license in the state. We give a complete breakdown in our article tackling the cost of a real estate license in Arizona.


How Hard Is It to Pass the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

What Is the Arizona Real Estate Exam Pass Rate?

The Arizona Department of Real Estate posts monthly exam performance summaries on their website.

These reports provide statistics by school and show how many people pass the real estate exam the first time around and on a repeat try.

While the average pass rate for the real estate salesperson exam varies from month to month, it tends to hover between 60 and 66 percent for first-time takers.


How Many Questions Are on the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

Unlike most of the exams around the country which have separate national and state components, the Arizona exam is a single test.

It has 180 scored national and state-specific questions, plus 15 pre-test questions.

The pre-test items are unscored and won’t count against you if you answer incorrectly. These questions are being tested for possible inclusion as scored items on future exams.

They are not identified. So, you won’t know which ones count toward your score and which ones don’t.

Questions on the national topics cover general practices and principles common across the United States, such as appraisal, financing, fair housing, and ADA.

State-specific questions focus on Arizona law, real estate statutes, and the like.

All questions are in multiple-choice format. When taking the real estate exam, expect to allot at least five hours to complete it.


How Many Math Questions Are on the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

The Candidate Handbook for the exam indicates that there are 12 questions that test your knowledge of real estate math.


What Score Do You Need to Pass the Real Estate Exam in Arizona?

Your exam score is calculated as the percentage of questions you answered correctly. The state has set the minimum passing score at 75 percent. Score less and you’ll have to retake the test.

Your real estate exam results will include your score if you didn’t pass. You’ll also get an analysis of the area(s) that you failed. If you pass, you’ll receive a license application.

After filing your license application and waiting for it to be approved, read our article discussing what makes being a real estate agent worthy as a career.

This will prepare yourself for the commitment needed to be successful in this field.


What Happens if You Fail the Real Estate Exam in Arizona?

How Many Times Can You Fail and Retake the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

The Arizona Department of Real Estate does not impose a limit on the number of retakes. You’ll have to schedule each one just as you made your original appointment.

If you fail twice, you’re allowed to do an exam review. You’ll get 30 minutes to view the questions you answered wrong.

You must book a review appointment and get it done before scheduling your third attempt.


How Long Do You Have to Wait to Retake the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

You can do a retest as soon as two days after you failed if you’re able to get an appointment that soon.

The only mandatory wait time is 24 hours after your failed attempt before you can contact Pearson VUE to schedule. Have your score report available when you call.

To get an idea of the time it takes to complete all the other steps in the licensing process, read our article discussing how long it takes to get a real estate license in Arizona.


Do You Have to Pay to Retake the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

Yes, you must pay each time you retake the exam. The cost for salesperson applicants is $75.


The Next Steps

Good luck taking the exam. Once you pass it, your real estate career awaits as soon as you complete all the requirements for getting an Arizona real estate license.

You will have to choose a broker to work for to learn more about the business and work actively as a sales agent. Search for them in our directory of the top real estate brokerages in Arizona to make your choice easier.

You will also be required to undergo a background check. Know how this process is done by reading our article on getting an Arizona real estate license with violations such as felony, DUI or misdemeanor.

Check out our article on what to do next after passing the real estate exam to get your career off to a great start.

It’s also important to consider joining a real estate team to learn from the expertise of experienced agents.

To help you build and grow your real estate career quickly, we at Real Estate Bees created a directory for real estate professionals.

It’s designed to help you get more exposure for your business, including receiving leads. Create a free profile by signing up here.


If you want to contribute your expert advice on a topic of your expertise, feel free to apply to our Expert Contributor Program.


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