How to Properly Optimize Real Estate Website for Search Engines

How to Properly Optimize Real Estate Website for Search Engines

Even though these days almost every Theme developer claims that their Template is SEO-friendly, very few actually are. Before we decided to establish Real Estate Bees, a dedicated web marketing agency that would solely focus on helping real estate professionals grow their businesses through the internet, we already were running a successful digital marketing agency (not industry-specific though) that managed handful of real estate clients.

Back in those days, I admit, we were building websites by using existing Themes and we used to call it “web design”. Anyway, my point is that back then, when we were building real estate websites, we inevitably got exposed to various real estate themes.

Majority of these templates at the first glance looked impressive. However, when you start working with them and figuring out how to optimize everything for search engines, you realize that you’re dealing with a visually pretty, yet absolutely useless for SEO template.

Majority of the real estate templates these days include various useful features that supposedly should help real estate professionals have engaging and functional websites. In fact, I personally was impressed with all those features that these themes offer.

However, the moment we realized how those features have been implemented on the back-end and how it was affecting the overall search engine optimization of the websites that used those templates, we got seriously disturbed.

We haven’t found a single real estate theme with an intelligently engineered back-end infrastructure that would properly mitigate all the technical SEO-related challenges of a typical real estate website. In fact, all of them were so bad that we were forced to build our own custom platform.

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