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How to Get a Real Estate License in Idaho: 2023 Requirements for Taking the Exam

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If you’re interested in pursuing a real estate career in Idaho, this is the guide to read. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to get your real estate license in the Gem State.

We cover everything from the basic requirements to the pre-licensing classes you’ll need to take to be eligible for the test itself.

Get all your questions answered as you begin the journey to obtaining your real estate license. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Get a Real Estate License in Idaho

Idaho Real Estate License Requirements for Salespeople

To begin the process of earning your real estate license in Idaho, you must meet three basic requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have proof of legal presence in the U.S.

You’ll need documentation to prove you meet these requirements once you’re able to submit your real estate license application later on in the process.

Before you do that, you’ll need to complete 90 hours of pre-licensing education.

In Idaho, this is broken down into two modules: Module 1 and Module 2. Each module is a total of 45 hours.

Upon completing your 90 hours of education, you become eligible to take the real estate licensing exam.

You will need to contact the Pearson VUE testing center to schedule your test. This test is broken into two parts: a national section and a state-specific section.

You’ll have four hours to complete the exam. The cost to take the exam is $80.

Once you’ve gotten a confirmation on your exam appointment, you can then schedule for your fingerprints to be gathered for the required background check.

You can have them electronically collected also at Pearson VUE. Make sure that you’re taking your exam at a Pearson VUE testing site that also has this service.

After passing both sections of the real estate licensing exam, you’re able to begin working on the salesperson application form.

You’ll need to compile a series of documents and submit the $160 licensing fee to be eligible for the final review and approval of your application.

The only additional component you’ll need to complete your application is proof of Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance.

Coverage must be in place before the activation of your real estate license can happen.

This insurance is available through the Idaho Real Estate Commission (IREC) if you’re not covered under your designated broker’s policy.

You also need to narrow down your list of top real estate brokerages in Idaho to work for prior to completing your real estate licensing application.

Check out our detailed guide on choosing the right real estate brokerage to work for as a new agent to help make the selection process easier.


Idaho Real Estate License Requirements for Brokers

To earn your broker license in Idaho, you’ll need to meet the same basic requirements as salespeople.

You’ll also need to have two years of active real estate sales experience within the five years leading up to your broker license application.

To apply, get the form here.

You’re still required to take the real estate licensing exam, submit fingerprints for a background check, and provide proof of E&O insurance.

All costs associated with getting a real estate broker license in Idaho are the same as for a salesperson. The exam fee is $80 and the application fee is $160.

The main difference between the two types of licenses, besides the need for previous experience, is in the pre-licensing education requirement.

Real estate agents in Idaho wanting to get a real estate broker license need a minimum of 90 hours in pre-licensing coursework.

This is broken down into two required courses and the option to pick two electives from a list. Coursework breaks down like this:

  • Brokerage Management (28 hours)
  • Real Estate Law (30 hours)
  • Two electives (20 hours each)

Elective options include:

  • Valuation & Analysis
  • Finance
  • GRI 101/102
  • GRI 201/202
  • CI 101
  • CI 102
  • CI 103
  • CI 104

Reciprocal States

What Is Real Estate License Reciprocity?

States offering real estate license reciprocity will accept the license you already have, from another state.

This is possible without requiring you to go through the entire licensing process again.

Not all states offer full reciprocity, but many provide ways in which you can do less work should you already have a real estate license.

Idaho has no reciprocal agreements with other states, but you can complete an exam waiver request to get excused from the national portion of the exam.

The waiver also excuses you from completing the pre-licensing education and the broker experience requirements (if applicable).

All you need is a license on active status from another state to submit the waiver form.

You’ll still need to get fingerprinted and schedule the state portion of the exam.

This is in addition to completing the appropriate real estate license application, regardless of what items are waived.


US States Having a Reciprocal Agreement with Idaho

Although Idaho doesn’t offer reciprocity, there are a handful of states that will recognize your Idaho real estate license.

Should you find yourself looking to relocate, these states honor Idaho’s real estate license:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • Virginia

This list is always subject to change without notice, so make sure to verify reciprocity whenever you’re considering an out-of-state move.


How to Study for a Real Estate License Exam in Idaho

Pre-Licensing Classroom Courses

Although the specific curriculum isn’t the same for a salesperson and a broker real estate license, 90 hours is the magic number for completion.

The salesperson coursework has two 45-hour modules.

Module 1 covers the study of fundamental real estate concepts.

Module 2 takes you through the knowledge and applied skills involved in listing, selling, buying, and closing property.

For a broker license, applicants have a little more flexibility.

While they must complete two specific courses, they have the option to select two electives from a set list.

Deciding to complete the pre-licensing coursework in a classroom setting provides a variety of advantages.

Not only will you get to meet future colleagues and current industry experts in person as you’re starting out, but you’ll also have more opportunities to network.

Additionally, having a set, in-person schedule, where you take real estate classes in Idaho at the same time each week, can really help keep you on track.

It may make it much easier to fit the coursework in among all your other commitments, and allow you to juggle class, family obligations, and work without missing a beat.


Pre-Licensing Online Courses

One of the biggest perks to working through your pre-licensing coursework online is flexibility.

You’re often able to work at your own pace for at least some of the course, making it possible to fit more in on days when you have more availability.

In fact, if you treated the coursework like a job, working 40 hours a week, you could complete the requirements in less than three weeks.

Learning from an online platform also enables you to work in the way that’s optimal to your own learning style.

You can pick the time of day to work, and where to set up your desk.

This may help you avoid distraction and keep you more clearly focused on the end goal of getting your real estate license in Idaho.

To better evaluate whether in-person or online learning is right for you, review our video guide — Real Estate Classes Online vs. Classroom Courses.

Make sure to also read our article on passing the real estate exam the first time to gain helpful insight that can make studying for the exam effortless.


Where to Take the Real Estate Exam in Idaho

Both the real estate licensing exam and your fingerprint appointment can happen at the same Pearson VUE testing site in Idaho.

To register to take the exam, schedule it online or call 877-540-5833.

After you receive your test appointment confirmation, you can schedule fingerprinting for the same day.

Doing it this way is faster and more efficient since Pearson VUE sites take electronic images of your fingerprints so information can get processed quicker.

You’ll find digital fingerprint/testing centers in:

  • Boise
  • Coeur d’Alene
  • Pocatello
  • Twin Falls

Additional testing centers without fingerprinting capabilities are also located in Nampa. To handle fingerprinting in this case, you’ll need to go through IREC.

The exam is broken into two parts: the national/general section and the state section.

You’ll have 150 minutes for the general section and 90 minutes for the state. This is the same regardless of which real estate license exam you’re taking.

The minimum passing score and total number of questions does vary, though.

  • For the salesperson exam, the minimum passing score is 70 percent and there are 85 questions in the national portion and 40 in the state.
  • For the broker exam, the minimum passing score is 75 percent. There are 85 national questions and 50 in the state section.

A few of these questions count as pretest questions. While they aren’t labeled as such, they won’t impact your score in any way.

For the topics covered in the test, refer to our guide on what to study for the Idaho real estate exam.


How to File for Your License After the Exam in Idaho

Prior to taking your real estate license exam in Idaho, it’s best to create an account with IREC online services.

This is your hub for all information related to your license. You can track fingerprint status, see your license history, and review education records.

It’s important to have this account since you can’t submit your license application until your fingerprints have gotten cleared.

The only way to know this happens is by getting a RES-OK status in your online account.

You won’t receive a notification when this occurs, so it’s up to you to keep checking after you’ve passed both sections of the exam.

Once this happens, you can submit your application and complete the filing process.


How to Receive Your Real Estate License in Idaho

Real estate licensing applications in Idaho are usually processed within 10 business days as long as all the required documents are submitted the first time around.

You can check in on the status through your online account, as well as get access to your license history once your real estate license gets activated.

While waiting for your license to arrive, you may start contemplating on the next steps after passing the real estate exam.

To get your real estate business off to a great start, know how to join a real estate team to learn from experienced agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an Idaho real estate license when studying in the class?

By taking the pre-licensing coursework in person, you’re most likely looking at completing the curriculum anywhere between 10 weeks and three months.

You’ll also need to factor in time to study and schedule your exam.

Tack on the 10 days to process your application, and overall, you may spend up to four months from start to finish.


How long does it take to get an Idaho real estate license online?

Online learning gives you more flexibility to complete your coursework faster.

Treating your coursework like a full-time job or devoting at least 40 hours per week to working, you could complete your 90 hours in as little as three weeks.

With time to study, test, and process your application tacked on, you could be done in less than two months.

To get an idea of the timeline involved in completing the licensing process, read our guide on how long it takes to get an Idaho real estate license.


Is there a background check for an Idaho real estate license?

Yes, your background check is completed once your fingerprints have been accepted.

To understand how the process is undertaken, read our guide on getting an Idaho real estate license with violations on the record.


How much does an Idaho real estate license cost?

The total price to get a real estate license in Idaho varies based on the cost of the pre-licensing coursework.

That’s often a few hundred dollars by itself. The total set fees, in addition, of $240, include the cost of the exam and the license itself.

Our article — How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Idaho? — provides comprehensive information on the expenses associated with being licensed in the state.


How long do you have to wait to retake the real estate exam in Idaho?

You must wait 24 hours before contacting Pearson Vue to schedule a retake of either section of the Idaho real estate exam.


How many times can you retake the Idaho real estate exam?

Should you fail the exam, you can retake it as many times as you need.

However, if you only need to retake one portion, you have a year to pass it before being required to take both sections over again.


Do you have to pay to retake the real estate exam in Idaho?

You will have to pay to retake the real estate exam in Idaho. The cost to retake the exam is the same whether you’re taking one or both sections.


How much does it cost to retake the real estate exam in Idaho?

The cost each time you retest is $80.


Can you get a real estate license with a felony in Idaho?

According to Idaho Code 54-2012, you cannot have been convicted of any felony in a state or federal court to remain eligible for your license.

But, after a period of five years from either the conviction or completion of probation, sentence, or confinement — whichever is later — you can make a written request to IREC asking for an exemption review.

This may enable you to continue with the process of applying for your real estate license.


Can you get a real estate license with a misdemeanor in Idaho?

The same code covers misdemeanors in Idaho.

It states applicants can’t be convicted or have completed any sentence for any misdemeanor involving fraud, misrepresentation, or dishonest or dishonorable dealings within five years of your application date.

After that time, you can submit a written request for an exemption review.


Will a DUI prevent you from getting a real estate license in Idaho?

DUI classifications vary in Idaho. The crime is a felony if you cause serious injury to another person while driving under the influence.

Based on the circumstances of the charge, it’s still possible to get a real estate license if you have a DUI.

However, the requirements to have your application reviewed may vary. You’ll still have to wait five years from conviction or confinement to become eligible.


Can I get a real estate license without a high school diploma in Idaho?

No, Idaho requires a high school diploma, or its equivalent.


Getting your license is just half of the battle.

You will need to acquaint yourself on what makes being a real estate agent worthy as a career to be fully committed to facing the challenges of this job head on.

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If you want to contribute your expert advice on a topic of your expertise, feel free to apply to our Expert Contributor Program.


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