Get Access to Motivated Borrowers Starting at $15 per Lead with REB Leads!

  • The inventory is limited to the first 100 lenders! Once we get all 100 on board, we'll close the access indefinitely.

What is REB Leads?

REB Leads is an exclusive borrower acquisition program reserved to a limited group of 100 active lenders and designed to ramp up their loan production.

The program gives lenders access to motivated borrowers for as low as $15 per lead and helps them close more loans every month!

What is REB Leads Lenders

Who is REB Leads for?

Real Estate Lenders


Active and ethical real estate lenders who offer residential and/or commercial owner-occupied and/or non-owner-occupied loans.

Business Lenders


Active and ethical business lenders who offer equipment, vehicle, inventory, payroll, working capital and other business loans.

Personal Lenders


Active and ethical real estate lenders who offer debt consolidation, major purchases, special occasions and other personal loans.

Examples of REB Leads' Motivated Borrowers

All the motivated borrower leads in the REB Leads program are generated through inbound marketing channels in which borrowers come directly to us asking for real estate financing. This makes our leads highly motivated and qualified unlike other platforms that use outbound marketing techniques such as cold calling, direct mail, voicemail drops, etc.

REBLeads Lenders Examples

Why is REB Leads only available to 100 lenders?

We have been generating real estate loan leads for a small group of top-producing lenders since 2016. With the growth of our platform, we decided to open access to our motivated borrower leads inventory for a larger group of lenders.

As an exclusive Beta program, at this point of time, we can only accommodate up to 100 lenders. Therefore, once we get 100 lenders on board, we'll close this program indefinitely. So request your access while you still can...

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