Winning Motivated Seller Phone Call Script (Free PDF Download)

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This article will show you exactly how to call your motivated seller leads. You will learn the important steps to take when speaking with cold and warm leads.

A downloadable PDF of the motivated seller phone script is also provided in this guide to help you get started.

Keep reading so you will be prepared to start calling motivated sellers today.


How to Call Motivated Sellers

Successful real estate wholesalers and investors use a formula to call motivated seller leads. The purpose of the first phone call is two-fold:

  1. To weed out unqualified leads
  2. To set in-person appointments with qualified leads.

The motivated seller phone script follows these basic steps:

  1. Introduce yourself. Provide your name, company name, and disclose that you are an investor. Let the seller know how you became aware of the home.
  2. Confirm you are speaking with the right person. This includes confirming the address of the house and whether you are speaking with a decision-maker.
  3. Qualify the property. Ask the seller specific questions that will help you determine the condition and value of the property.
  4. Qualify the seller. Ask questions that will help you to determine the level of motivation and whether the seller is willing and able to sell for less than market value.
  5. Set an in-person appointment. As soon as you know there is potential for a transaction, ask for an appointment time when all decision-makers can be present.
  6. If the seller refuses an appointment: Some sellers are resistant to real estate investors at first. If this is the case, ask if you can check back later.
  7. Request contact information. Ask if the number you called is their best number and also request their email address. Request consent to send emails.
  8. Eliminate the property if it does not qualify. Be prepared to cross properties off your list. Do not visit properties that do not qualify. This will only waste your valuable time.

Motivated Seller Script PDF

Below is a motivated seller phone call script for several different cases and types of motivated sellers.

Your script will vary depending on whether you are calling a cold or warm lead. A cold call is a call you make to a seller with whom you have not had prior contact.

The majority of the script will be the same for all leads. It contains important qualifying questions to ask motivated sellers. But the introductory portion will vary based on the lead’s situation.

Download the PDF version of this script for free and print it out. Before the call, mark the introductory sections that you are going to use for this particular call (or a series of calls).

After going through the marked sections, switch to the remainder. It’s the same for any situation.

Keep in mind that you may need to modify this script depending on your lead generation and conversion model, to adjust it to your business.


Introducing Yourself to Cold Leads

Hello, is this the owner of the house located at ___(address)?

Great. My name is ___, with ___(company).

Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

It is nice to meet you, ___(seller’s name).

Choose one of the following options of the introduction continuation:


Property Listed for Sale

I saw your house on ___(where you saw the house).

Is it still for sale?

If they say yes, you can proceed with the script.


Vacant Home Owner

I happened to be in the neighborhood when I came across your house. It looks like a lovely property with a lot of potential. Would you ever consider selling it?

If they say yes, you can proceed with the script.

If they say no:

I understand. Do you mind if I ask what your plans are for the property?

I see. Do you mind if I check back with you periodically to see how things are going?

Great. Are you the right person to call or is there anyone else I should speak with?

Is this the best number to reach you?


Distressed Property Owner

I came across your information in the public records, and I was wondering: would you consider selling the property to avoid foreclosure?

If they say yes, you can proceed with the script.

If they say no:

It looks like a lovely property, I understand why you would like to hold onto it. Do you mind if I check back with you periodically?

Great, is this the best number to reach you?

What is your email address? Is it okay if I contact you that way?



I received your information from our mutual friend ___(referrer’s name), who told me you might be interested in selling your house. Are you still selling it?

Are you the correct person to speak with about this?


Introducing Yourself to Warm Leads

Hello, is this ___ (name of lead)?

It is nice to meet you. My name is ___(your name), and I received your information from ___(name of source, such as your website, voicemail, mutual friend, etc.).

Are you still selling the property located at ___(address)?

Are you the person I should be speaking with about this?


Remainder of the Motivated Seller Call Script

Determine Approximate Property Value

1. Tell me about the house. How many bedrooms and bathrooms does it have?
2. What is the square footage?
3. Are there any repairs needed?
4. What year was it built?
5. When was the last time it was updated?
6. What are your favorite features about the house?
7. What type of siding does your house have?
8. Do you know whether it is frame or masonry?


Determine How Motivated the Seller Is

9. How long have you lived there?
10. It sounds like a beautiful home. Why are you selling it?
11. How soon do you need to sell?
12. What would happen if you do not sell it by that time?
13. Are the house payments current?
14. How much are you hoping to sell the house for?


Schedule an Appointment

15. I am interested. I would love to see it. What time can I come to look at the house?
16. Are you the only homeowner, or is the house jointly owned?
17. Will the other owner(s) be there?
18. When can we schedule this for when you can both/all be there?
19. Great, I will give you a call the day before to confirm. Is it okay if I contact you by email also?
20. What is your email address?


11 Tips for Calling Motivated Sellers

Finding motivated seller leads may be difficult. But for some investors, especially those only starting a home flipping business, converting them is even harder.

Many real estate wholesalers and investors experience call reluctance, leading to procrastination and stagnancy in their businesses.

Below are the steps to start making live motivated seller calls:

1. Schedule your calls. Set aside an hour at least once a week to make calls. Treat this as an important appointment and remove distractions.

2. Dial the first number. The hardest call to make is the first one. At the beginning of your appointed time, take a deep breath, exhale, and make that first call.

3. Use your script as a guide. You will feel more confident with your real estate wholesaling cold calling script in front of you. Use it as a reference without reading it word for word. Try to sound natural.

4. Give sellers ample time to respond. Don’t rush the calls. The more you can get the sellers to talk, the more comfortable they will feel with you.

5. Keep control of the conversation. As soon as the seller starts veering off-topic, steer the conversation to your next question.

6. Set weekly goals. As you learn your conversion rate, you will know how many appointments you need per week to meet your goals. Add more call sessions if needed.

7. Set realistic appointment times. Allow at least two hours for each appointment and avoid scheduling appointments too close together.

8. Confirm each appointment. For appointments that are more than a day away, call the day before to confirm the appointment and that all decision-makers will be there.

When speaking to motivated sellers, always follow these guiding principles:

9. Be non-threatening. Be friendly and avoid the use of high-pressure tactics. You want to be professional without sounding like a phone solicitor.

10. Be complimentary. Even highly motivated sellers tend to have strong attachments to their homes. Complimenting the home goes a long way towards building rapport.

11. Be sensitive. Motivated sellers are often facing difficult circumstances and may be embarrassed. Treat them as equals and offer solutions that preserve their dignity.

When you get used to this, you will be able to use a phone dialer for real estate investors that will allow you to automate the process and call a high number of leads quickly, one by one.

Finally, consider using cold calling services for real estate investors. This will help you save time on pre-qualifying leads so that you only talk with the ones that are likely to lead you to a closed deal.


Where to Get Highly Converting Motivated Seller Leads?

HouseCashin Investment Property Marketplace

Find motivated sellers who need to sell their properties ASAP at the HouseCashin Investment Property Marketplace.

This platform allows real estate investors and wholesalers to easily find off-market homes listed by highly motivated sellers looking for cash buyers.

The marketplace’s thought-through and easy to use navigation helps you quickly find lucrative deals of your preferred type: probate homes, fixer uppers, pre-foreclosures houses, and more.


Real Estate Bees

Real Estate Bees is a one-of-a-kind platform that helps generating FREE and PAID motivated seller leads for real estate investors in their target market!

REB is the only real estate platform in the industry that gives real estate investors access to four powerful lead acquisition models in a single place.

Once you joined the REB platform, you’ll get access to the following four lead generation models:

  1. Paid Upfront Leads
  2. No Upfront Cost Leads
  3. Shared Expense Leads
  4. Free of Charge Leads

Both Real Estate Bees and HouseCashin generate leads by attracting sellers with high quality web content.

The content caters to different categories of homeowners finding themselves in difficult situations requiring a fast sale. The landing pages and opt-in funnels, through which the leads pass, are highly optimized.

They collect not only basic information (such as the approximate value and type of the home), but also the cause of selling, urgency, equity condition, and more.

This allows you to estimate how motivated the seller is with higher precision than when looking at leads offered by other sources.

Learn more about Real Estate Bees’ leads for investors here.


If you want to contribute your expert advice on a topic of your expertise, feel free to apply to our Expert Contributor Program.


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