Recommend Pro Feature

Make your clients and colleagues easily recommend you
to their family and friends via popular social media platforms.

What is Recommend Pro feature?

Recommend Pro is a simple yet very robust functionality that allows you to leverage your past, current and future clients and colleagues by easily recommending you to their sphere of influence via popular social media platforms.


Every company needs exposure to get more business through the door. Statistical data shows that an average adult has about 350 friends on Facebook and 400 connections on Linkedin. Therefore, a single recommendation via Recommend Pro feature can potentially draw, on average, 750+ eye ball sets to your business.


It is not a secret that a personal recommendation from someone we trust, by far, beats any sort of traditional advertising. Having your client or colleague publicly recommend you to their friends, family and associates through their social media accounts, instantly gains you trust and positions you as a reliable service provider.


Reputation is a powerful asset that’s tenaciously built over long period of time and which can be successfully leveraged by any business. Having your company and yourself recommended by your clients or colleagues through their social media accounts, significantly helps you accelerate your reputation building process.


Recommendations are a significant part of our proprietary ranking algorithm that’s responsible for determining the placement of every business in each respective list of companies on our Pro Directory. The higher the total amount of recommendations a certain company has, the higher position in the list it most likely will hold.


Our Recommend Pro feature has been designed not only to maximize your exposure by getting invaluable recommendations but also help get you more customer reviews. When your clients or colleagues recommend your business through the Recommend Pro functionality, 1 out of 3 times they also leave a review.

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