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Starting about 1963, (before Google) I began teaching real estate agents how to prospect for listings appointments as an adjunct to our family Cross-Index Directory business. When agents asked me what to say when they came face-to-face with a real live listing prospect, I started developing language and scripts to answer their questions. My answers must have hit a nerve because I began getting reguests to give seminars all across the US and Canada.

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  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation of the National Speakers Association
  • 12 real estate companies made my training mandatory as a condition of affiliation. All 12 grew their companies to where average production exceeded 28 transactions per agent per year.
  • Just about to start “The Listing Solution Institute” to give brokers a better and faster way to agents started.
  • Some of our past broker clients report that 75% of all the agents they recruited enjoyed successful careers, as compared to the industry average of 80% failing within three years.

The single greatest reason why new agents fail and experienced agents do not reach the higher levels of listings they desire is that they do not learn what to say fast enough to survive or completely enough to do better. I have been blessed with a skill of developing the great scripts and presentations agents need to get more and better listings. Every time an agent presents me with a new objection I am able to come up with an answer that every agent can use to respond.

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