KC Kratt Photography
Real Estate Photographer
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Still pictures, moving stories…that’s what I shoot every day. Whether in the studio or on location, the best images capture the moment a story begins to unfold. I knew I wanted to be a photographer from the day I first shot and developed a roll of black and white film. Looking at those images, I saw the world beautifully abstracted; in every frame, a fresh story revealed. Today I shoot digitally and my darkroom is a computer, but I’m still the same awestruck kid seeing stories emerge around me.
I photograph every day, either for myself or on assignment for corporations, institutions, ad agencies and editorial clients. I thrive on the challenges and breadth of experience. Recently completed projects include a magazine series on artisanal cocktails, environmental portraits of lively octogenarians at a senior living facility, and personal snapshots of Japanese urban life.
Images tell stories and stories are what I photograph.

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