Peter Urbanski Photography
Real Estate Photographer
Company Overview

It all began on a snowy day in an Illinois cornfield shortly after I entered college after serving in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. Two shots rang out from my 12 gauge shotgun and a beautiful male ring-necked pheasant dropped lifeless out of the sky into the fresh snow. I went home disgusted with myself for having shot this magnificent bird.
In 1987, I moved back to my roots in New England and have been in Maine ever since. In 2006, I went completely digital and now shoot Canon full-frame DSLR’s exclusively. My bird and landscape images have appeared in many Down East and Brown Trout calendars over the years. I have sold hundreds of fine art landscape images in galleries across the country. When time permits, I travel to Vermont in the fall and winter to shoot landscapes. Through the years, I have sold hundreds of stock images to magazines and architects.
In 2000 my wife and I moved to Westbrook, Maine and I began pursuing my interest in architectural photography. Since that time I have photographed many interiors and exteriors in beautiful Maine homes for architects, custom home builders, interior designers and national paint companies.

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