How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Delaware?

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Setting a realistic budget is a must before you begin the process of getting a real estate license in the state of Delaware. This part is important, so you won’t be held back by any surprise costs.

We’ve compiled all the expenses associated with the process to get you started — from the pre-licensing classes to the exam and license application.

Keep reading to learn what everything will actually cost you.


Getting Your License

Pre-Licensing Coursework: $600+

Regardless of what type of real estate license you’re getting in Delaware, there’s a 99-hour pre-licensing education requirement.

The exact cost of this course package will vary from school to school. To find one near your location, search for real estate classes in Delaware in our database.

To access information on approved schools, and register for classes, you’ll need to create an account through DELPROS.

This is the online system available from the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation. It’s where you’ll submit all the relevant paperwork related to your license.

Format can impact cost, as well as what additional resource materials come with your package.

It’s best to compare real estate courses online and traditional classroom classes to know the most suitable method for you.


Fingerprinting/Background Check: $65

You must have a criminal background check to maintain eligibility for a real estate license in Delaware.

There are three local facilities that you can go to and get your fingerprinting done. Make sure you bring this authorization form with you as well.

Some have walk-in hours, but others will require an advance appointment.

The $65 fee covers criminal checks with both the State of Delaware and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

If you live out-of-state, you may obtain fingerprints from an alternate location and submit them to the FBI.


Exam Fee: $85

The single $85 fee covers any real estate license exam you take in Delaware. Pearson VUE proctors the exam, so you’ll need to schedule your test through them.

All tests must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance either through online or by calling 800-274-2604.

On your test day, you’ll need to arrive 30 minutes early to check in, and bring two forms of valid IDs with you. One ID must have a photograph and signature, the other requires only a signature.

You’ll also need an original school certificate indicating the completion of the pre-licensing coursework requirement.

You’ll have four hours to complete the real estate exam, which is broken into two sections.

The national portion consists of 80 scored items and five pretest questions. The state portion has 40 scored questions for the salesperson exam, and 50 for the broker exam.

The state portion will also include 10 pretest questions. Pretest questions don’t count toward your final score, but there’s no designation between scored and unscored questions.

The minimum passing score, regardless of license type, is 70 percent.


Exam Retake: $85

If you fail one or both portions of the real estate license exam in Delaware, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before rescheduling.

The cost, no matter how many sections you’re retaking, is $85 each time you retest.

You have one year to pass the exam, but only three retake attempts before you must retake the pre-licensing course.


Guaranty Fund: $25

As you get ready to submit your real estate license application, you’ll also have to pay a $25 guaranty fee.

This fee protects you, as someone who will hold business insurance, from having to pay claims out-of-pocket if your insurance provider becomes financially impaired.


License Application: $131 for Salesperson; $228 for Broker

You have six months once you start filling out your real estate license application to complete it. As you’re going through this process, you’ll also need to secure a sponsoring broker.

To pick a broker to sponsor you easier, read our informative article on how to choose a real estate brokerage firm to work for as a new agent.

Then, you can find one from our directory of the best real estate brokerages in your area.

The application fee varies based on which type of license you’re getting. It’s $131 for a salesperson license, and $228 for a broker license.


Keeping Your License Active

Continuing Education: $35+ per course

The number of hours you’re required to take for your continuing education varies based on when your license was first issued. This only happens before your first renewal.

Afterward, you’ll have to complete 21 hours of continuing education every two years.

Within your first renewal period, the number of hours you can take your continuing education is 21 at most. The fewest is zero if you get your license close to when it will expire.


License Renewal: Varies

There are no set fees for Delaware real estate agents who are renewing their license. Instead, they’ll receive fee information every time they get a renewal notice.

The real estate license in Delaware is valid for two years, expiring on April 30 of all even years.

If you fail to renew on time, you’ll pay a late fee that’s 50 percent of the total fee. This will get added to the fee itself.


How to Reduce Real Estate License Education Costs

Since not all costs associated with getting your real estate license in Delaware are fixed, it’s hard to set an exact budget.

If you’re worried about costs, though, there are a few things you can do to lower the overall price tag of your license.

  • Buy pre-licensing and continuing education course packages rather than paying à la carte. Bundles are usually less expensive or discounted.
  • Compare prices between taking classes online or in person. Virtual classes may have a cheaper price tag since you’re learning remotely.
  • Dedicate enough time to study to ensure you pass the real estate exam on your first attempt. Not having to pay the test retake fee can save you a lot.

Keeping an eye on the bottom line, and cutting costs where possible, can help you earn a real estate license in Delaware for a little less than you’d expect.


Once you pass the exam and get licensed, you’re now on your way to building a successful real estate career in the state.

Gear up by knowing what to do after passing the real estate exam, and get acquainted with the ins and outs of the business through insight shared by industry experts.

You can do this by learning the pros and cons of being a real estate agent as a career, or by being a part of a real estate team where you can meet experienced agents.

Our article on how to join a real estate team can show you the right steps to becoming a member of one.

As you build your real estate career in Delaware, it helps to come up with good strategies to promote your business.

To help you build and grow your real estate career quickly, we at Real Estate Bees created a directory for real estate professionals.

It’s designed to help you get more exposure for your business, including receiving leads. Create a free profile by signing up here.


If you want to contribute your expert advice on a topic of your expertise, feel free to apply to our Expert Contributor Program.


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