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10 Modern Real Estate Team Headshot Ideas

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In this article, we take a look at how to achieve the best headshots for real estate teams.

We talked to some of the industry’s top photographers to share their fool-proof techniques in taking the best real estate team headshots.

Our experts have also provided examples of modern real estate team headshots, as well as the pricing involved when having your team photos taken.

Table of Contents
Survey of Photographers
Real Estate Team Headshot Ideas
Real Estate Team Headshot Pricing
Survey of Photographers

Expert Survey: The Most Popular Headshot Styles

What is the most frequent style of headshots that agents order from you?

Real Estate Team Headshot Ideas

Examples of Modern Real Estate Team Headshots

Photo by Lauren Ashley Grenda

Photo by Lauren Ashley Grenda

Photo by Jinnifer Douglass

Photo by Jinnifer Douglass

Photo by Jeffrey Tadlock


10 Experts’ Ideas on How to Take the Best Real Estate Team Headshots

Several factors contribute to good real estate team headshots.

First, make sure to use a photographer who specializes in professional headshots.

There is an art to helping direct and post people for a headshot to get an image where people look confident and approachable, which can be quite different from other portrait styles.

A real estate team should think about the image they want to portray. Often, having similar clothing styles across the team will lead to a more consistent look which often translates to professional and organized.

This doesn’t mean it has to be business suits. If you want a more casual look, that is fine, too. Consistent across the team is what is important.

Details matter regardless of level of dress. Being well-groomed and dressed in non-wrinkled clothing that fits well will help your team have the look you want.

First impressions matter and you want your pictures to look sharp.

And finally, emphasize to the team that they should be well-rested and hydrated. Being hydrated and rested helps a person look their best.

The proper amount of time allocated to the photo shoot will also help for a great experience which leads to better headshots.

Allowing enough time for the photo shoot and not squeezing it in between showings helps people relax which leads to better headshots.

— Jeffrey Tadlock, Jeffrey Tadlock Photography, Photographer/Owner

Photo by Jeffrey Tadlock

The goal is to make it fun and show the most beautiful versions of themselves. I love to make jokes and get them to laugh and show a real and true emotion.

— Lauren Ashley Grenda, Lauren Ashley Studios, Owner

Photo by Lauren Ashley Grenda

Photo by Lauren Ashley Grenda

Photo by Lauren Ashley Grenda

When it comes to real estate team headshots, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best possible results.

First, it’s important to find a photographer who is experienced in taking the type of headshots you like.

They’ll know how to position you and your team members so that everyone looks their best. They’ll know lighting and what it takes to make an image that you will love for years to come.

Second, be sure to wear clothes that are both comfortable and flattering.

You want your team to look professional, but also their best. I find the best photos come out when the subject is feeling confident and comfortable.

Finally, be sure to relax and have fun! The more relaxed you are, the better your headshots will turn out.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be sure to get the best possible results from your real estate team headshots.

— Robert Lowdon, Robert Lowdon Photography, Lead Photographer

1. Choose a flattering focal length. Wide angle real estate photography lenses create facial distortion. The 85mm to 135mm focal lengths work best.

2. A distance of 15’ to the subject is often described as optimal. However, use the distance from the subject that you need to get correct framing.

3. Don’t leave too much space around the subject.

4. Use the Rule of Thirds: Put the person off center when shooting horizontally and put the dominant eye on a Rule of Thirds line when shooting vertically.

5. Leave some space above the head.

6. If the person is looking off to one side, leave some space on the side of the frame where their gaze is directed.

7. Don’t crop at joints!

8. Put space behind the subject to create separation/background blur.

9. You will need good lighting. Indirect light from a window or outdoors is flattering light. For indoors, flashes for real estate photography or additional lights/studio lights may be needed.

— Cheryl Ritzel, FocusEd Camera, Owner

Photographing the team in a real estate environment reflects exactly what they do and how committed they are to each other and their clients. Teamwork is important.

Plan the photo session so your team is wearing complementary colors and style of professionalism.

Work with your photographer so all are on the same page.

I always suggest the admin of the group have an extra jacket and shirt available for that agent that does not arrive prepared for the session. It happens.

Communication between team members is very important when doing a group photograph you will use for your advertising.

— Suzanne Luttig, Nebraska Headshot Photography, Owner

For the photographer, be organized and professional, communicate clearly, and have the correct lighting and gear for the job. Most importantly, be efficient.

For the real estate team, dress appropriately and in a realtor attire that reflects you and/or your real estate brokerage/agency’s look.

Make sure your hair and makeup (if applicable) are set. If you wear glasses, make sure they are smudge-free. Most importantly, relax.

— David McWhirter, Coda Studios Photography, Co-Owner

When shifting to teams, that is more where you see groups of real estate agents all in the picture and you have a lot more creative license to explore team dynamics.

Real estate team pictures are like the start of a sitcom — you want to have all of them featured in a way that makes the agent be on an equal footing and not be overshadowed by their peers.

— David Teter, Hounds and Houses Media, Owner

Great headshots start with good color choices for your team. Usually you would choose your company color palette to give them some choices.

Makeup artists can be hired depending on how formal you want your photos.

From there you would choose a location (usually conference rooms make a good location within a business).

Once you set up your lighting, you are ready to go.

— Darrell Clark, Darrell Clark Photography, Owner

For the best real estate headshot ideas, show a bit of personality and relate to the brand of the agency as a whole.

We live in a time where consumers appreciate the human aspect of interaction with companies.

By showing the human element of your agency through the first thing people see (headshots), you attract a moving personal experience with your clients.

— Krysta Cathey, Krysta Lynne Photography, Photographer

The real estate team member should be comfortable with the photographer.

— Lisa Dawn Romano, Lisa Dawn Photography, LLC, Owner/CEO
Real Estate Team Headshot Pricing

Survey of Photographers

What is your minimum price for a real estate headshot?

What is your maximum price for a real estate headshot?


Experts’ Comments

Expect to see prices anywhere from $150 to $500 for a basic shoot with one outfit. A more comprehensive shoot with multiple outfits and poses can run upwards of $1,000.

Spending a car payment on professional photos might make some folks squeamish, but consider it an investment in your branding.

A good real estate headshot photographer knows how to help you look your best. That’s priceless when you’re trying to establish yourself in a client’s mind as the most professional and prepared agent in the market.

— Patrick Yeagle, Iconic Images, Owner/Photographer

It all depends on the quantity of the team and time involved. If I have an agent come into the studio with one other person, and we spend an hour and get 10 poses, I will charge $395.

We can get into day rates also depending on the team and locations.

— Suzanne Luttig, Nebraska Headshot Photography, Owner

Real estate headshot pricing depends on how many people there are, whether you want just yourself or the entire team.

There are discounts with multiple people. One quick professional headshot starts at $150, but then goes up from there.

— Lauren Ashley Grenda, Lauren Ashley Studios, Owner

Typically, an office of 5 employees could expect to pay $250-300 for single poses (approximately $50 per person) if taken in one session and at one location.

Depending on the distance, there may also be a travel or trip charge.

— Cheryl Ritzel, FocusEd Camera, Owner

I usually charge $75/person with a minimum of 5 people.

— Darrell Clark, Darrell Clark Photography, Owner


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