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When you are building or remodeling a custom luxury home or  a commercial facility, the project will start with contacting an architectural firm for a consultation. If any degree of customization is needed, there is no substitute for architectural design services.

Tenants with long-term commercial leases need to update their office spaces periodically. Wealth managers, for example, must have offices that shout “prosperity,” not “DIY.” In some cases a top-notch architect is required to plan the renovation of an interior space that speaks of the firm’s success and prestige.

Homeowners who try to design their ‘dream house’ without an architect, risk creating spaces that do not work as they envisioned. But architects can take their expectations from ideas to reality—creating spaces that work.

The value of enlisting the services of skilled architects for all but the simplest projects cannot be overstated. But finding those professionals can be a challenging process. For this reason, has developed our online national directory of the best architecture companies in the major cities of the USA and their surrounding areas. We have thoroughly vetted each of the top-rated architecture firms on our list. Choose from one of the top 10 architectural companies in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does architectural design mean?

Architectural design focuses on the major components and smaller elements of a structure. Architects incorporate these elements into the space available to create a coherent and functional structure.

For example, a homeowner wants a complete interior renovation of a large historic home that has recently been purchased. They hire an architect from a local architecture office. The architect develops a design to rearrange the home's interior elements to suit the homeowner's needs. When structural changes are necessary, such as relocation of load-bearing walls, engineering drawings will be included in the design.

As another example, a developer wants to build a large corporate office complex. They hire an architectural firm to develop a complete design for the entire project, including exterior landscaping, parking, and groundwater management. The various sub-contractors use the plans and specifications from the design to complete each phase of construction.

How much does it cost to have an architect draw a house plan?

What are the typical architectural fees for commercial projects?

What are the average architect fees for tenant improvements?

What services are offered by architectural firms?

Who owns architectural plans?

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