Top 15 Rated Real Estate Books

Concise list of top rated real estate books...

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

By Gary Keller, real estate sales expert & coach

This is one of the most renowned and top-advised go-to books for real estate professionals for a good reason. Written by the real estate expert and a true teaching talent, who has helped countless people find success, this book is a gold-mine of actionable information and pieces of advice. Very intense read, it is valuable for real estate agents with different levels of experience. More than that, it may be helpful for anyone else too, as it reveals insights into business in general, inspiring and tying knowledge from different fields together to help readers accomplish their goals.

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The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide

By Kevin Ward, real estate training program founder & coach

As the name suggests, the aim of “The Book of YES” is to help real estate agents hear less “no”. Created by Kevin Ward, who boasts impressive expertise in real estate sales and coaching, it consists of two parts that complement each other. The first part forms the basis, explaining how to come up with a right sales script that will work in a specific case. The second one introduces actual, tried-and-true sales scripts that were developed by the author from scratch. It is the truly actionable piece and must-read for those willing to soar to new heights in the modern real estate industry.

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Trump: The Art of the Deal

By Donald J. Trump

This is the first book by Donald Trump, written in collaboration with journalist Tony Schwartz. Published back in 1987, when Trump already saw a huge success in real estate and development, it made him even more recognized as the next reincarnation of the American dream. It is the half-memoir book that throws light on his persona, reveals his decision-making patterns, views on life and success, while sharing valuable insights into New York and Atlantic City real estate arena. It is an inspirational, honest read that is all about deal-making and thinking big.

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How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent

By Mark Ferguson, entrepreneur & investor

This book is written by an experienced real estate agent, who not only managed to excel in this business as an individual but literally “made it big” and led a team of mentees to success. In this piece, he shares this experience, revealing insights into the profession and his thoughts about the path he chose. This is a very useful read, presenting an excellent story of hard-earned success, where the readers may get many helpful tips for changing their own approach to the business for the better.

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The Honest Real Estate Agent

By Mario Jannatpour, “CARE” Coaching founder and realtor

First published in 2011, “The Honest Real Estate Agent” saw three editions already, each of which added up something new and valuable to the matter. This almost legendary business book is recommended for all aspiring real estate agents, who dream of kick-starting their careers and gaining an advantage over competitors from the very beginning. Its purpose is simple as it teaches how to be honest in the business where honesty is rare and treat people the way you want to be treated while building a sustainable, successful business.

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Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate

By Tom Hopkins, sales expert and educator

The very first edition of this book (then called “How to Master the Art of Listing Real Estate”) was published back in 1983. It became the bestseller fast as its author knew firsthand how it was to make the way in the real estate industry from a complete failure to a millionaire and gladly shared this experience with readers. This groundbreaking publication came back in a revamped 2004 version, more relevant for the modern market and just as useful and full of proven tactics as its predecessor.

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The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents

By Hal Elrod & others

“The Miracle Morning” series by Hal Elrod is widely recognized as one of the most life-transforming reads of all time. The simple actions it suggests have changed the lives of thousands of people by teaching them self-discipline and accelerating their ability to reach goals. “The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents” carries out the same mission but it is tailored for real estate professionals. Here, the magic of Hal’s approach is illustrated by stories of two realtors – Rick and Michelle – who got the opportunity to transform every area of their lives just in 30 days.

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The ONE Thing

By Gary Keller, bestselling author and Keller Williams founder

“The ONE Thing” is the frequenter in numerous bestseller lists and one of the most popular self-help and business books in recent years. It is the surprising reconceptualization of success and simplification of one’s way to it. Written for everyone, not specifically for real estate agents, this valuable piece will teach you to gain more in less time, set priorities and find an exact area of focus and mastery. Its end purpose is to help you achieve your goals whatever they are – from increasing sales to losing weight.

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SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times

By Gary Keller, bestselling author and Keller Williams founder

Head of a huge real estate company, Gary Keller is exceptionally good at two things: his work and inspiring people. In the book “SHIFT”, he combines these two talents to create an excellent guide to survival the era of big changes in the real estate business. His aim is to help the readers not only to survive the changes but also to benefit from them relying on proven strategies that will remain helpful in any circumstances – not only during the real estate industry shift as it is announced by the title.

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Listing Boss

By Hoss Pratt, successful real estate broker

Starting work without a well-developed system may be possible. But in most cases, it means learning through trial and error and ending up with lots of wasted time and opportunities. The book “Listing Boss” presents a way to prevent this loss as it lays out everything a real estate agent needs to know at the beginning. It offers 12 essential stages – from creating a vision and gaining the right mindset to building a team and taking action – to help the readers make fewer mistakes on their way to success on the real estate market.

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How To Become a Power Agent in Real Estate

By Darryl Davis, real estate business coach

In this book, Darryl Davis, the reputable business coach and dedicated real estate agent, shares his own techniques and practical tips on successful sales. Of course, there is no step-by-step algorithm of getting rich; instead, this book offers guidelines of how to make it to the top real estate agent status at your own pace. The promise is clear: the implementation of these guidelines may help you double your income just in a year and, considering the author’s background, this promise seems reliable.

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Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies

By Dirk Zeller, real estate agent & coach

This book is a fun, comprehensive guide on how to make your way in the real estate business and succeed. In simple words, it explains such things as choosing a specialization, skills a good agent should master, ABCs of building a clientele, listing nuances, communication with buyers, negotiation tactics, and much more. Though this easy and engaging read is a nice choice for beginners to get on track, even more experienced professionals may find the book interesting and replenish their sales system with its help.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook

By Peter F Porcelli Jr

Don’t let the title disturb you: this witty piece is intolerant only to one kind of people – to those, who prefer just laying down and waiting for something big to happen on its own. On the other hand, it is created for people, ready to take control of their lives and not to blame anyone for their failures. This comprehensive handbook is full of informative articles, which may be read separately, charts, detailed step-by-step tasks, pictures, and tons of humor, and it is certainly worth your attention.

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The Real Book of Real Estate

By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, well-known for his previous iconic life-changer “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that helped millions of people change their attitude towards money, took the task of creating the real estate agent’s handbook seriously, to say the least. For that purpose, he assembled experience, knowledge, and insights of 20 outstanding industry experts to create the real gem among countless business books – “The Real Book of Real Estate”. This ultimate real estate writing is so intense and full of information that it is worth reading more than once, cover to cover.

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List of Top 15 Real Estate Books

Real Estate Book Author
The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Gary Keller
The Book of Yes: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide Kevin Ward
Trump: The Art of the Deal Donald J. Trump
How to Make It Big as a Real Estate Agent Mark Ferguson
The Honest Real Estate Agent Mario Jannatpour
Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate Tom Hopkins
The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents Hal Elrod
The One Thing Gary Keller
Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times Gary Keller
Listing Boss Hoss Pratt
How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate Darryl Davis
Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies Dirk Zeller
The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook Peter F Porcelli Jr
The Real Book of Real Estate Robert T. Kiyosaki