26 Best Books on Real Estate Investing

List of top rated residential & commercial real estate investing books...

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

By Gary Keller, Dave Jenks & Jay Papasan

This book is a good starting point for those willing to build financial wealth by investing in real estate. It is the wisdom of over 100 extremely successful real estate investors, all in one place, in an easy-to-read form. It explodes myths about money, lays the base of investments that pay off, explains principles of closing the best deals, and much more. This book is a perfect introduction to wealth and it is all about starting a long and exciting journey to unlocking one’s financial potential.

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What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow

By Frank Gallinelli

“What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know” is the third edition of the bestselling guide to making a fortune investing in real estate. It teaches how to judge a property’s value and predict how it will change with time, measuring the most important factors that define the quality of investment to guarantee the best possible long-term results. The best part is that it is up-to-date and relevant to the modern market instead of the good old days when some properties were getting more expensive every hour.

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FLIP: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit

By Rick Villani, Clay Davis & Gary Keller

The book “FLIP” is a guiding manual to one of the approaches to making money on real estate investments that is well-understood and always working. It explains in detail how to flip houses, revealing how to choose a promising property situated in a perfect neighborhood and how to fix it within your budget to increase its value as much as possible. Above that, it tells how to look for and attract buyers and uncovers secrets of closing the most profitable deal.

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The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

By Brandon Turner

Most people think that real estate investments are impossible without loads of cash. And for some, the lack of money seems the only thing that lays between them an even bigger wealth. It turns out that everything is not quite so. “The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down” is aimed at removing exactly this roadblock on the way to successful real estate investments. For that, it reveals many almost-no-money creative investment strategies and ways to attract other people to invest instead of you and benefit from that.

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Build a Rental Property Empire

By Mark Ferguson & Lynda Pelissier

This book consists of over 300 pages of valuable information on real estate investments. It covers all the aspects of this business, including financing, managing, maintaining, selling, finding, and judging properties for rent. Written by the practicing investor instead of another business coach, it is a nice piece to grasp the real estate market as it is today, find your niche within it, and, of course, prosper. The best thing is that Mark Ferguson is always ready to answer your questions if there are any not solved in the book.

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Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

By David Greene

Some markets are full of opportunities, others are not. Does this mean that if in the city or state where you live is of the second type and it is almost impossible to find a promising property there, you should forget about real estate investments? Of course, it doesn’t. And the book “Long-Distance Real Estate Investing” is right what you need in this case. It teaches how to benefit from long-distance opportunities, finding out-of-state properties that may bring the amazing returns without even seeing them, and make the least possible mistakes along this way.

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The Flipping Blueprint

By Luke Weber

The title of this book says it all. “The Flipping Blueprint” is the complete plan of flipping houses. Step by step, it explains the whole process of flipping – from finding the right market and property to closing a successful deal. It also reveals many helpful details, including secrets of finding contractors and sources of best opportunities. All in all, it is an excellent choice for anyone interested in making real estate investments (and, in particular, house flips) their main source of income.

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How To Invest In Real Estate Without Banks

By Marko Rubel

Marko Rubel is a self-proclaimed master of creativity on the real estate market, who knows firsthand how to build a fortune starting with as little as $3K. In his book, “How To Invest In Real Estate Without Banks”, he shares one of his surprising strategies of investment that allows having passive income without the need to spend all savings (or credit money) first. Within this invention, Marko promises something completely different from everything you may already know like flipping or renting houses.

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If You Can't Wholesale After This: I've Got Nothing For You...

By Todd M Fleming

“If You Can’t Wholesale After This” is right what you need to close your first real estate deal without even using your own money. The first book in the series, it presents the first stage of the way to gaining financial freedom through real estate investments. It is quite thin, only 164 pages, but very intense and informative enough to deliver its promise of changing the mindset completely and get you prepared for starting the real estate business, using all the opportunities around and approaching the life you dream of.

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Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom

By Mark Ferguson, entrepreneur & investor

“Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom” is an excellent guide on building a career as a house flipper, created by an experienced real estate agent with the background of over 150 flip deals. It will be equally helpful for those only planning to venture into this exciting career and for those who want their existing business grow bigger and more profitable. Reading this book, you will discover how to find promising deals, how to predict the cost of a flip, what houses to buy, what to stay away from, and much more.

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The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible

By Than Merrill

Wholesaling remains one of the most profitable and well-known ways to benefit from the real estate market today. And it is exactly what “The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible” is about. This book explains in detail the wholesaling process – from mechanics of wholesale to principles of business development – minimizing the risks and chances of failure. It is a nice starting point for a successful business even in case you don’t have a huge initial capital or years of experience – the only thing needed is lots of curiosity and will.

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The Book on Flipping Houses

By J Scott & others

One more excellent addition to one’s real estate library, “The Book on Flipping Houses” offers a new look on house flips from the practicing flipper and author of one of the top websites in the industry. It contains 20 chapters on 350 pages, full of actionable information on the subject that will be helpful for anyone stepping into the house flipping business. Reading it, you will learn how to ensure financing, how to evaluate properties and markets, how to close deals efficiently, how to complete fixes in a cost-effective way, and much more.

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The Book on Negotiating Real Estate

By J Scott, Mark Ferguson & Carol Scott

Being able to find a great deal is excellent. But it means nothing without closing it successfully, which is impossible without negotiation. The art of negotiation is what you need to master in order to achieve success in the real estate market. And this art is exactly what “The Book on Negotiating Real Estate” is about. This publication combines negotiation theory and practice, explaining and analyzing the whole process – from the first meeting with the buyer to the post-sale issues – considering the psychology and tactics behind it.

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Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

By Joe Fairless & Theo Hicks

The book “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever” promises a bunch of advice from the guests of the podcast, run by its author, Joe Fairless. The first volume in the series, this piece will be a great addition to your real estate business education. For example, among many other things, it teaches creative approaches to raising money, closing deals and making investments with almost no money, as well as tells about overlooked expenses, lenders’ strategies for evaluating loaners, and tons of other quite unobvious issues.

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The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

By Ken McElroy

“The ABCs of Real Estate Investing” is one of the books, devoted to explaining the basics of real estate investing and changing mindset respectively. This is an inspirational read that may be a good addition to the realtor’s education. Though the techniques it describes are more relevant for those aiming at bigger multi-family properties (like apartment complexes, on which Ken McElroy, the author specializes) and bigger cash flow, anyone may find something helpful here, especially as for deal negotiating and property evaluation.

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The Book on Rental Property Investing

By Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is the active investor and BiggerPockets’s podcast host, who shares his expertise in this book. Despite the quite straightforward self-explanatory title, this publication is a valuable piece of information, able to guide you through the initial stages of real estate investment business. It will equip you with everything necessary for a good start, including 4 actionable strategies, exact tools, and countless tips, helping avoid typical problems and obstacles that keep many people away from wealth and success in this old and exciting industry.

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The Book on Managing Rental Properties

By Brandon Turner & Heather Turner

Property management is an essential part of successful real estate investing. Being unable to manage properties in a right way may leave you broke even if you have mastered the art of finding the promising properties and closing the perfect deals. “The Book on Managing Rental Properties” is all about being the wise landlord. It will teach you what’s what when it comes to tenants, including what types of them to avoid and how to make them pay on time, taxes, maintenance, and much more.

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The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor

By Amanda Han

Tax season may become an awful pain in the neck for the unprepared real estate investor. If you shudder with fear every time you think about doing taxes, get “The Book on Tax Strategies”. It covers this unavoidable part of investing business, uncovering many helpful nuances and giving you actionable advice on how to develop a tax strategy, how to maximize tax deductions, write off every penny possible, and protect yourself from any law-related issues. It will help you keep as much of your income as possible in accordance with the law.

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Real Estate Investing For Dummies

By Eric Tyson

One more piece in the all-encompassing “…For Dummies” series, this book presents everything a newcomer to the real estate investing business needs to know in an easy-to-digest form. Though quite basic, like all similar books from other knowledge areas, it is still much more helpful that it may be expected. Industry expert won’t find any new and surprising information here, still, the book delivers its promise and offers a great starting point for anyone unsure where to begin on the real estate market.

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Real Estate Investing Gone Bad

By Phil Pustejovsky

Learning from other people’s mistakes is always better than from your own ones. This is a premise of the “Real Estate Investing Gone Bad” book that presents 21 stories of real estate investments that resulted in disastrous failures, huge financial losses, wasted time and energy, horrible stress, and emotional pressure. Of course, the purpose of this is not to gloat over the misfortunes of others – instead, all these stories provide valuable lessons and reveal what you shouldn’t do as a real estate investor.

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How to be a Real Estate Investor

By Phil Pustejovsky

“How to be a Real Estate Investor” is a brief introduction to real estate investing from Phil Pustejovsky, well-known, trusted coach and practicing investor with an impressive background. This publication may be recommended for newcomers to the industry to grasp the basics and to gain a starting point for further education. Though you won’t find anything in-depth here, this book is easy to read and it offers some actionable and inspiring information to begin your journey towards financial freedom.

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Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investments

By David Geltner & others

“Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investments” is an all-encompassing study that may be extremely helpful for students and anyone who needs to gain a deep understanding of commercial properties market. It provides impressive educational opportunity and knowledge that is necessary for making well-grounded decisions on investments that will pay off in the long-term perspective, as well as for developing a good investment strategy. Each chapter is followed by exercises to help grasp the information to the full extent and implement it in future to get the best possible results.

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Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies

By Peter Conti & Peter Harris

“Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies” is a friendly and easy to read guide to investing in the commercial real estate for those who consider this type of earning. The book teaches such essentials as successful negotiation, closing perfect deals and making the biggest possible profits from investing in all sorts of commercial buildings. It helps to understand how to choose the right property, pay the best price, increase building’s value, and other basic things along with more specific questions like handling inspections and fixing typical issues.

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Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate

By Brian H. Murray

This award-winning book is an impressive beginner’s guide to commercial real estate investing. Brian Murray, once an ordinary teacher and now-millionaire, knows firsthand how it is to jump into real estate business with completely no previous experience but with loads of passion and belief. And in his book, he shares his experience of building wealth from scratch and the vision that allowed him to get where he is now, while revealing tips on increasing profit, minimizing costs, and approaching commercial real estate investments in a creative and efficient way.

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Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101

By David Lindahl & Donald J. Trump

“Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101” is not a step-by-step guide or sort of a business plan for a commercial real estate investor. But still, it is a valuable read for anyone in the real estate business, full of amazing insights. Despite the title, it is not Trump’s own book. However, this fact doesn’t make it worse as Dave Lindahl managed to arrange tons of useful information in this publication and complemented it by commentaries of America’s real estate business living legend.

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Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur

By James A. Randel

If you are tired of inspirational reads and want something more down to earth, “Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur” is right what you need. In this book, James Randel, the investor with years of experience, numerous successful businesses, and countless real estate investments behind his back, shares his wisdom and lessons learned during his impressive career, revealing detailed examples from his practice, strategies he used, mistakes he made, as well as his honest vision of what it takes to become a successful investor.

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List of Top 26 Real Estate Investing Books

Real Estate Investing Book Author
The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Gary Keller, Dave Jenks & Jay Papasan
What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow Frank Gallinelli
Flip: How To Find, Fix, And Sell Houses For Profit Rick Villani, Clay Davis & Gary Keller
The Book On Investing In Real Estate With No (And Low) Money Down Brandon Turner
Build A Rental Property Empire Mark Ferguson & Lynda Pelissier
Long-distance Real Estate Investing David Greene
The Flipping Blueprint Luke Weber
How To Invest In Real Estate Without Banks Marko Rubel
If You Can’t Wholesale After This: I’ve Got Nothing For You… Todd M Fleming
Fix And Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom Mark Ferguson
The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible Than Merrill
The Book On Flipping Houses J Scott & others
The Book On Negotiating Real Estate J Scott, Mark Ferguson & Carol Scott
Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Joe Fairless & Theo Hicks
The Abcs Of Real Estate Investing Ken McElroy
The Book On Rental Property Investing Brandon Turner
The Book On Managing Rental Properties Brandon Turner & Heather Turner
The Book On Tax Strategies For The Savvy Real Estate Investor Amanda Han
Real Estate Investing For Dummies Eric Tyson
Real Estate Investing Gone Bad Phil Pustejovsky
How To Be A Real Estate Investor Phil Pustejovsky
Commercial Real Estate Analysis And Investments David Geltner & others
Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies Peter Conti & Peter Harris
Crushing It In Apartments And Commercial Real Estate Brian H. Murray
Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101 David Lindahl & Donald J. Trump
Confessions Of A Real Estate Entrepreneur James A. Randel