Top 10 Rated Real Estate Brokers in Amarillo, TX

Larry Brown Realtors

Larry Brown is at the top of the heap when it comes to the best real estate brokers in Amarillo. He and his team are dedicated to making every transaction a pleasant one. With their combined years of experience, they know the ins and outs of the Amarillo area and will apply that knowledge to your transaction. Without sacrificing client satisfaction, Brown and his team understand that speed is important to parties on both sides. They utilize every brand-new and old-school method in order to obtain the best outcome. This means increased speed, higher prices for sellers and the best deals for buyers, combined with top of the line client care.

Triangle Realty

It’s easy to see why Triangle Realty is known as one of the top real estate companies Amarillo has to offer. With an office loaded with Texas natives, Triangle believes that knowing the area is a key step toward great real estate service. Whether you’re selling, seeking to purchase a home or even a farm or ranch, Triangle has an agent with the skills to optimize your transaction. Triangle’s agents come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, giving them each a unique set of skills. However, they all share the commitment to stellar customer service and satisfaction which has earned Triangle it’s excellent reputation.

JT Haynes Triangle Realty LLC

An experienced broker brings the best of all worlds to your real estate transaction. JT Haynes, owner and broker at Triangle Realty LLC, has lived in the northern Texas panhandle all his life. He credits his hardworking parents for his incredible work ethic, and it’s this work ethic which has led to a long line of satisfied clients. When searching for Amarillo real estate brokers, it’s essential to find somebody who knows both the area and the law. You’ll find both of these traits in JT Haynes, along with a dedication to customer service which can’t be beat. Haynes represents both sellers and buyers.

Melinda Christy Christy Realtors

Finding a friendly yet knowledgeable broker can seem like an almost overwhelming task. There are so many to choose from, and very few ways to know which are the best. If you feel like you’re drowning in names and websites, give Melinda Christy a call. Owner/Broker of Christy Realtors, she has the local experience and industry expertise to make your next transaction a smooth and easy one. With a specialty in residential real estate, Christy has an eye for beauty and can help you find your dream home. She also represents buyers and knows how to stage your home for optimal effect and a quicker sale.

Paul French French and Co. Realtors

One of the most experienced real estate brokers Amarillo has to offer, Paul French was born and raised in the Texas panhandle. He’s been a licensed real estate agent since 1984, and opened French & Co. in 1994. French’s dedication to the satisfaction of his clients is obvious in the long list of testimonials he’s accumulated over the years. A local agent is a huge advantage when selling or buying in Amarillo. They have insights into neighborhoods, school districts and other city-specific details, along with the latest industry trends. These factors, when coupled, ensure a great transaction process. French represents both sellers and buyers, and is also skilled in helping owners lease out their property.

John Broadfoot Jr LLC Amarillos Parkview Realty LLC

Commercial real estate brokers in Amarillo, Texas can be hard to come by, especially compared to residential-only brokers. While there are many out there, few have the combination of experience, industry knowledge and customer dedication you’ll find in John Broadfoot Jr. Broadfoot was born and raised right in Amarillo, giving him a level of area knowledge you simply can’t acquire any other way. Broadfoot’s specialties, in addition to commercial brokerage services, include new home construction, multi-family properties, investment properties. He’s also highly skilled at representing both sellers and buyers on residential transactions. Regardless of your individual real estate needs, Broadfoot has the experience to get the job done properly.

Amarillos Parkview Realty LLC

With a combined 53 years in the industry, it’s hard to beat the experience which makes Parkview Realty such a respected Amarillo real estate company. Parkview’s agents are dedicated to honesty, integrity and client satisfaction, and this dedication shows in their long list of happy reviews. They live and work in Amarillo, and have been there through many different types of economic climates. Simply put, they know their business, and it shows in every transaction. If you’re looking for a firm with knowledge, stellar customer service and a record of optimizing every transaction, you won’t go wrong with Parkview. They go out of their way to make every sale a rewarding, stress-free experience.

Lyons Realty

One of the most tech-savvy real estate companies in Amarillo, Lyons Realty has optimized their website to offer you relaxed home shopping. You can browse all homes for sale in the Amarillo and Canyon regions, organized according to neighborhood. You can even search for homes with significant acreage. In addition to their top notch website, Lyons Realty offers quality, traditional services which always put the client first. They represent both sellers and buyers, and will be with you every step of the way. Buying a home – especially your first – can be a confusing process. The professionals at Lyons will make it easy.