Top 10 Rated Real Estate Brokers in Fort Worth, TX

Williams Trew Real Estate

Proud to be labelled Fort Worth’s leading residential real estate firm, Williams Trew are the true masters of the market. Staffed with industry elites who’ve lived and worked in Fort Worth for dozens of years, they’ve become highly trusted by clients and companies alike. Due to WIlliams Trew’s integrity and high level service, they were also chosen to be part of a prestigious international collection of real estate companies. Whatever the designation of your property, Williams Trew have the skill and the know-how to sell for the right price, and within the right time frame.

Briggs Freeman Sothebys

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s has long been established among real estate companies in Fort Worth as being among the best. Whether you’re a divorcee, need to clear some debts, or just need a fast sale, they can be counted on to deliver the best results. Briggs Freeman have the necessary skills to get the job done, no matter how complex the case. Their professional staff have a history of proactive results and work towards their clients goals, rather than those that suit them best. Join the fast growing portfolio of existing clients who got the best deal for their property and give them a call today.

Virginia Cook Realtors Fort Worth

With deep roots in Fort Worth, Virginia Cook is invested in making you satisfied with their work. With over 18 years’ experience in buying and selling homes in the area, they have a proven track record of successful stories. Featuring an in house marketing team, thousands of families, businesses and private investors have benefited from their wealth of experience. They also offer a full service so you’ll never need to scramble around looking for other companies. If you need to sell your property quickly, with no hidden fees and professionals at the helm, talk to one of Virginia Cook’s representatives now and benefit from true expert advice.

Keller Williams Fort Worth

Keller Williams is built on the power of their agent-driven technology. Always on the forefront of competitive advantages, their clients feel the benefit most of all. As a company that strives to change lives for the better, even the most deflating things that life throws at you can be overcome with their help. With an ability to turn around the most difficult of situations, Keller Williams will work with you to generate a sale for a price that works for you and in a time scale that’s right. Even if you need to sell in a matter of days, by simply contacting Keller Williams today, you can find out exactly what they can do for you.

Alexander Chandler Realty

Alexander Chandler believe they know what makes the difference between a successful project and a failure. What a client needs is a professional marketer with a wealth of experience in real estate. This is something that Alexander Chandler has in overflowing abundance. After overseeing and selling over 1 billion dollars’ worth of real estate, thousands of clients highly recommend Alexander Chandler and his staff. From one listing and two agents in 2007, Alexander Chandler has grown to over a hundred agents and over 1 billion in gross sales. If you’re ready to take advantage of their success story, give them a call now.