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Whether you need to develop your land or are searching for a potential partner or investment opportunity, our thoroughly vetted list of home and commercial real estate development companies will help you get in touch with the right developers.

If you have land that is ideally suited for housing, commercial or industrial property, where do you find one of the top real estate development firms that might be interested in helping you? With limited resources and experience, it’s challenging to get started as a land developer yourself.

Don’t think that we’ve left you out if you are trying to find an unusual property, such as a multi-family home that is near a national park. When you want to acquire real estate that’s off the beaten path, you don’t need a real estate agent. You need a list of real estate developers to select from—professionals that specialize in creating the type of property you want.

To fulfill your needs, has put together a comprehensive directory of the best residential and commercial real estate development companies for you to review on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are property development companies?

Property development companies buy land with or without buildings, much as manufacturing businesses purchase raw materials. Contractors are then hired to repurpose the property (with or without existing buildings) into a finished product, such as an apartment complex, a housing subdivision, commercial building, or other type of property. The development company will then sell or lease the residential housing as the units are completed.

What does a real estate developer do?

How do property development companies work?

How to value property developers?

How do real estate developers make money?

How do property developers fund projects?

How to meet real estate developers?

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