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When a general property inspection isn’t enough to fully estimate the condition of the building’s structure, you need the services of an independent structural engineer. A licensed structural engineer specialized in residential or commercial properties is capable of seeing all the structural issues that require attention and investment. Not only are they experienced at reviewing existing properties for defects, but structural engineers can also look at building plans and make an assessment of measures necessary to avoid failure.

If you’re interested in renovating a home, a residential structural engineer can advise you on the appropriate materials to use, along with catching any potential issues. For other property types, a commercial structural engineer can evaluate the entire building, looking for problems before you make your investment. Don’t underestimate the importance of a proper examination before you purchase or build a property. Ensure you find a few high quality structural engineering consulting firms in your area and choose the best one. At Real Estate Bees, our comprehensive directory gives you a list of the top-rated structural design companies near you. This resource helps you focus your search on the best professionals out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are structural engineering companies and what do they do?

Structural engineering companies are firms that specialize in assessing, designing, and repairing the structural integrity of a building. Structural engineers calculate how the weight of the building interacts with the land it sits on. They take into account the materials used during construction, determining the appropriate types of concrete, steel, and other materials to accurately advise on a structure’s integrity.

Structural engineering consultants will also do a structural inspection and note any foundational issues or other structural concerns. This includes checking that any reinforcing steel or concrete forms are correctly set and undamaged. Structural engineers check things from top to bottom, from the roof truss, all the way down to the foundation.

For buildings still under construction, your engineer can review the industrial structure design, ensuring plans are issue-free. They’ll also check for safety and prevent costly adjustments throughout the build.

In a residential setting, a structural engineer takes the inspection one step further than a general home inspector. While everyone should get a home inspection before they buy, the person qualified to do this isn’t registered to look at the same structure-related issues as an engineer.

Your home inspector will check the structure’s overall condition. They may indicate major foundation and structural cracks and other issues, but can overlook hidden problems. A structural engineer is equipped to look at the foundation of a property more closely, ensuring it has no foundational issues or defects or estimating repair costs.

What is covered by a structural inspection?

What is the cost of structural engineering services?

How much does a structural inspection cost?

What is the difference between structural engineers and architects?

Do structural engineers work with architects?

Is a structural engineer the same as a civil engineer?

How to find a qualified structural engineer?

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