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Finding sources of private money for real estate investors new to the industry can be difficult. Those custom, manufactured, small mobile homes, and commercial properties that are waiting to be fixed and flipped promise a good profit. But how do you get a hard money loan for such a project? Those empty apartment buildings you’ve had your eye on for some time are just waiting for some rehab. But it’s going to take a lot of hard cash and time before they can start producing income. What about that apartment complex with the motivated seller? You are so confident that if you could buy and hold those rental properties for ten years, you could get a twelve percent ROI. But it’s going to take a sizeable hard money mortgage to pull it off.

We help real estate investors in your area, and nationwide, who want to have a list of legitimate private money lenders to approach for financing their projects. We have studied the industry’s leading commercial and residential hard money lending companies, and compiled our research in our directory of top-rated hard money lenders. Whether you are buying a residential,commercial, or industrial investment property or refinancing one you already have, we can help you get in touch with the right lenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hard money loan in real estate investing?

A hard money loan is a method for financing investment properties such as single family homes, condos, multifamily apartment buildings, retail or industrial properties, and other income generating real estate.

A hard money loan is usually used for riskier investments, such as buying a property in bad condition to rehab and resell it. In this situation it’s unlikely to get approved for a loan by a traditional residential or commercial mortgage lender. But hard money lenders provide cash for such deals, however, with a higher interest rate and additional fees.

Another reason is that getting a hard money loan is a much quicker and less bureaucratic process than getting a traditional financing. This can be important if an investor finds a very attractive investing opportunity that they don’t want to lose to a quicker competitor.

How does a hard money loan work?

Who is a hard money lender?

How to find a local hard money lender

What is the difference between a private money vs. hard money lender?

Do hard money lenders check credit?

Do hard money lenders require a down payment?

What are the typical hard money loan rates?

What are the requirements for getting a hard money loan?

How to get a hard money loan?

Do hard money lenders need to be licensed?

Hard money loan vs traditional mortgage—what’s the difference?

What is the difference between direct hard money lenders and hard money brokers?

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