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Buying a house can be exhausting. The emotion of finally finding something you can both afford and like has the potential of hiding problems with the home. And as the saying goes, “If you live someplace long enough, you will find out everything that is wrong with it.” Professional home inspection services can point out many of those problems with a pre-purchase home inspection for buyers.

It’s recommended that before any real estate closing, a part of your due diligence as a buyer is to schedule a residential or commercial property inspection. Multi-family structures, such as apartment buildings and duplexes, need pre-purchase inspections just as do single family homes.

Sellers also hire registered private home inspectors to help identify potential problems with a house before it is listed for sale. As an example, mold is a significant deterrent to a potential buyer. It is much better to find a mold problem, or something even worse, and have it fixed before you list the house for sale. has put together an online directory of the best home inspection companies across the nation. On our website you can choose a reputable professional from our top 10 list of the best-rated home inspectors in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do inspectors look for during a standard home inspection?

A standard home inspection includes a thorough investigation of both the interior and exterior of the house—for visible defects. Defects that are hidden and inaccessible, such as the condition of air ducts, are not included in a general home inspection.

A basic home inspection will consist of checking the mechanical systems, such as the HVAC system. The central air conditioner will be checked for refrigerant leaks—and to make sure it produces cold air. Heating units, such as a gas furnace, will be inspected for proper function as well as for any cracks in the heat exchanger. The plumbing system will be checked for leaks. The electrical system will be inspected for grounding and other safety concerns.

The inspector will also check the whole house for structural problems such as signs of roof leaks or issues with the foundation.

As a part of a general inspection, the inspector will also check the condition of the windows and the attic insulation.

A home inspector does not typically check the air quality in the house.

Contrary to popular beliefs, testing for radon gas is not included either, despite all the consequences radon can cause to the health.

Inspectors may make a note if any asbestos is exposed, or if any termite damage is present. But such problems may or may not be noticed and disclosed. Just like for radon, to find and document these problems you need a specialty inspection.

And if the property has a swimming pool, the pool is usually not a part of the inspection process.

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