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In our directory, you will find a list of your local reputable real estate investing clubs and associations.

Real estate investment clubs are communities where investors exchange their experience and find new opportunities through networking. Clubs hold meetings where members share important news about events affecting the local real estate investment industry. Clubs may provide educational materials, courses, and other helpful resources for newbie and experienced real estate investors.

A real estate investors association (REIA) is a trade association within the real estate investing industry. Professionals of all types who participate in real estate transactions come together in REIAs for their mutual benefit.

It’s important to find a club or an association that is reputable and well-organized. At Real Estate Bees, we maintain an up-to-date list of the best property investment associations and clubs. Our extensive platform for real estate professionals will guide you to the top residential and commercial real estate investment groups in your local area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are real estate investment clubs and how do they work?

One definition of a real estate investment club is: a group of residential or commercial real estate participants that was formed to advance the industry and promote the benefits of its members.

Investors’ associations can be any size, from large to small. Some associations have a narrow focus that reflects the needs of their market or their members. It’s not unusual to find associations made up of very specific groups of investors like residential real estate groups, house flipping investment groups, multifamily real estate investment groups, or even a real estate wholesalers club.

The association maintains the list of its members and handles the communication within the group. It schedules member meetings for industry updates, educational sessions, and general networking.

Associations also monitor local and state initiatives that could impact the real estate industry in your market. They often advocate for your interests with government representatives in your area.

Business opportunities are always possible when industry professionals gather and share information and experiences. Some clubs focus primarily on joint investment projects. These are sometimes called syndication groups.

Investors should be careful about affiliating with deal-making associations. Some of these are for-profit groups that are compensated for drawing investors. You may be pitched for projects that don’t meet your investment needs. If you’re not careful, you could be subjected to constant sales pitches for training sessions and educational materials.

Research the group you are considering before signing up or giving them any of your contact information. Real estate investment groups are most beneficial when they help investors find like-minded professionals to work with and learn from.

Why should I join a real estate investment group?

How to join a real estate investment group?

Where do I find a real estate investment club?

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