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Our directory of the best local real estate lenders and brokers will help you find the company to assist you in purchasing or refinancing real estate. There are many types of financing professionals. It’s important to know which one you need. Here are just a few examples.

Traditional mortgage lenders are the most common type. They lend money to home buyers purchasing houses or condominiums for themselves. Commercial real estate lenders help business owners and landlords buy commercial property.

Mortgage brokers help the same categories of borrowers shop around to find the least costly and the most convenient loan product. They charge a fee that you wouldn’t pay if you contacted a lender directly. But more often than not, it’s smaller than the savings you get thanks to professional help in navigating hundreds of available financing products.

Hard money lenders are frequently a go-to option for real estate investors who need to get a loan for a property renovation and resale (fix and flip) project. They charge higher interest rates, but the underwriting process is much quicker and easier. Not even mentioning that conventional mortgage lenders don’t lend on this type of projects deeming them too risky.

Our list of the top-rated residential and commercial real estate property lenders in your area will help you choose from multiple financing firms serving your location. Look through the available professionals, read client reviews about them, see which loan products the real estate lending companies offer, and get a quote from the firm you like best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of real estate money lenders?

There are a variety of property loan lenders, many of which specialize in a specific type of real estate. The first thing to do is narrow down your search to those who deal with the kind of property you’re buying.

The next step is to decide whether you want to work with a bank or go for non-bank real estate lenders. These include:

- Mortgage lenders
- Commercial real estate lenders
- Industrial real estate lenders
- Mixed-use property lenders
- Hard money lenders

There are also lenders who work specifically with those buying property to rent out rather than those buying real estate to use themselves.

With all these lender categories, and so many options within each, you may also consider using a mortgage broker. While they aren’t an actual lender, their job is to connect you, as a borrower, to mortgage lenders that best suit your particular needs. They can help you narrow down your options and make it even easier to select the right lender.

How to choose the best lending company for buying real estate property?

Who are the best lenders for real estate investors?

Is borrowing directly from real estate lenders always a cheaper option than using mortgage brokers?

What are the types of commercial real estate financing companies?

Where to find the best lender for real estate?

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