Top 10 Rated Real Estate Photography Companies in
St. Louis, MO

Karen Palmer - Photography

At the age of 13, my father gave me my first camera, a Minolta XG-7. Since that time photography for me has been a creative outlet and a way to share with others how I see the world. Several years ago, after looking for a home and viewing online images I realized that professional interior photos could make a huge impact on whether potential homebuyers visited a home in person or just scratched it off their list. I decided to learn the technical skills for lighting interiors and then started my own photography business. This photography niche allows me to combine my love of design, creating beautiful images, and helping others achieve their selling goals. It’s great working and loving it too.

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A bit of history: Peaks View LLC was founded in 2001 while I was living in Lynchburg VA. The name Peaks View came from the city park that was located just down the road. In 2005, I returned to my native home of St Louis to pursue my photography business.