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Are you considering getting licensed as a real estate agent or broker? Or do you want to get an education for any of the other careers in real estate? Once you decide to become a professional, it is time to get the necessary training and certification. So, where do you start?

An online search for real estate courses offers multiple options. Training courses are offered by brokerage firms, coaches, real estate schools, in person and online. And many colleges and universities provide specialty degrees.

If you only want to sell houses and need a license, getting your training at a college may not be worth the extra expense. Conversely, if you wish to manage commercial real estate in a large city, you may want to get your training at a top-rated university. However, regardless of the type of educational institution, you need a top quality training that will effectively prepare you for your career. has made it easy for you to connect with a top-rated school that specializes in courses for your desired career emphasis. Our national directory will narrow down your search to one of the best real estate schools in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What schools offer real estate courses?

Real estate training programs are available through many organizations.

If you only want a real estate license, large real estate firms in almost every city offer training programs—and at a minimal cost for those willing to contract with the agency after certification. Or you can even take an online realtor certification course.

But what if you want to go beyond basic real estate principles and study property management or some other commercial real estate specialty? For more advanced training, most colleges and universities have many advanced real estate courses.

How long do real estate classes take?

How long is a real estate license good for?

What is a real estate management course?

How much do real estate classes cost?

Are real estate classes hard?

Can you take real estate classes online?

Are real estate courses tax deductible?

Which real estate elective course should I take?

What other specialties does real estate education include?

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