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As a short sale needs the mortgage holder’s approval, it’s more complicated than a traditional property transaction. The process requires keen negotiation skills and first-hand knowledge of how short sales work to convince a lender to take a loss on the mortgage loan. Short sales also tend to be time-consuming. So, all things considered, for this type of real estate deal, you’ll benefit from the help of a professional experienced in negotiating short sales. Whether the sale involves residential property or commercial real estate, whether you’re an owner, a property investor, or a real estate agent, using a short sale processor will facilitate and speed up the transaction.

A short sale negotiator will increase the chances of closing the deal with favorable terms for deficiency amount forgiveness by expertly working with the lender to get the green light. By facilitating the multiple moving parts in the process from start to finish, short sale negotiators minimize miscommunications, missteps, and delays. At, we’ve compiled a directory of the best short sale experts from across the nation. You can find a list of top 10 short sale processing companies in your area right on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are short sale negotiators?

A short sale negotiator is a professional who works on a seller's behalf to get the lender’s permission for a property sale where the proceeds fall short of the mortgage balance. You’ll hear various names for this role. Short sale coordinator, short sale expeditor, and short sale facilitator are three examples. You’ll also find that these professionals can be individuals or companies.

Some real estate agents negotiate short sales. They do so as listing agents who directly represent the seller. Real estate attorneys have the expertise to help clients navigate the short sale process. They may also advise on debt reduction and tax and legal consequences

Third-party negotiators include independent processors and processing companies contracted to provide short sale assistance to the seller.

What do short sale processors do?

How long does a short sale take after a negotiator is assigned?

Who pays the short sale negotiation company?

How do I find a good short sale processor?

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