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Most owners have an approximate idea of where their property begins and ends. But when you plan to sell, refinance, or add improvements, you need to know exactly where the property boundaries are, along with other pertinent details. To get accurate information, you need the help of a professional property surveyor.

These experts work with commercial real estate and residential property, outlining features, boundaries, dimensions, easements, and encroachments. They compile all this information into a comprehensive report that provides a detailed picture of your property.

You can use this report to plan a construction project, get a mortgage, or secure insurance to protect you against problems with your property title. It also lets you know with certainty what you own and where you can build.
Doing the work to prepare this report requires specialized expertise and utmost precision. So, when you need a survey of your property, it’s imperative to hire a certified surveyor.

You can find top-rated property surveying companies right here in our online directory. We’ve already identified the top 10 land surveyors in your area. So you can easily make a choice, knowing that you can count on all of them for quality work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a property surveyor and what does this professional do?

Simply put, property surveyors are technical specialists who measure and map land. They determine property boundaries. They also provide data about the shape and contours of the property, structures located on it, and access rights by anyone other than the owner.

In doing their work, surveyors conduct detailed research of available information on the property. They look at things like deed history, prior surveys, and the land title and records. They also do fieldwork, including walking the property site, marking boundaries, and taking precise measurements. Then they create a report and a graphic depiction of the property.

Surveyors must meet a combination of education and exam requirements to be licensed and registered in the state where they practice. Most have a degree in surveying and mapping. Some pursue advanced credentials such as the Certified Survey Technician status, which has four certification levels.

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