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Asset management companies provide fiduciary financial services to those investing in residential property, commercial real estate and other types of assets. They manage client portfolios by identifying the ways to grow and protect them without their clients’ involvement. However, money managers can also work as advisory firms. Some of them only work with high net worth individuals or companies. Others have lower minimum investment requirements.

A top-rated asset management company in your area will know whether diversification or consolidation is beneficial for your financial or real estate investment portfolio at a given time period. They will oversee the work of property managers renting out your residential real estate or commercial premises.

Your asset manager will also know when and how to sell or buy income producing assets to optimize your portfolio. They will decide on and conduct these transactions on their own, assuring the passive nature of your income and its growth without any effort from your side.

Get started by using our list of local asset management companies. At, our directory gives you the 10 top-rated asset management companies in your location. This list of the best professionals is the perfect place to start your search. When you’re ready to find asset management outsourcing services for your investments, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are asset management companies and what do they do?

An asset management company grows their client portfolios in order to increase their income generating performance. Through different investments, your real estate or finance portfolio manager will make investments in areas such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and more.

Fiduciary management experts at wealth management companies make investments into mutual, index, or exchange-traded funds, as well as REITs, and tangible property such as income producing real estate. Investment portfolio managers are interested in doing their best growing finance portfolios because their fees directly depend on the portfolios’ values.

Asset management professionals can also work as consulting firms for investors who prefer to manage their assets on their own. They will advise you on investment options based on their own in-house research and data combined with recommendations from outside sources as well.

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Why choose an asset management company over an investment banker?

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