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Busy real estate investors don’t always have the time to scout out bargains in their local housing market. For many of them, having a relationship with a competent property wholesaler is convenient and beneficial. Lenders also need relationships with reputable wholesalers if they want to increase bank revenues with lucrative, low-risk fees for transactional funding.

If you are an investor whose success has left you with no time to look for distressed property deals, our directory of the best real estate wholesalers can be your perfect silent partner. On our site——you can find the top 10 house wholesalers in your area.

If you are a lender who wants to abbreviate the time spent qualifying clients for transactional financing, check out our online list of local real estate wholesalers. Every day the real estate markets across the country are flooded with unlicensed and inexperienced people who want to get rich in the property wholesaling business. And some of them will come to you for help. We can help you avoid the high-risk wholesalers. has thoroughly vetted our list of local house wholesalers for both their experience and success. We can help you find the kind of professionals that you want as clients or partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are real estate wholesalers?

Wholesale property sellers find property owners who are willing to sell residential real estate at below-market prices. Some wholesalers also work with commercial properties, but it’s very uncommon due to more sophisticated needs of commercial property owners.

Sellers are motivated to take less than market value because of the property’s condition or because they need the money quickly. Property wholesalers don’t make money by actually purchasing and re-selling real estate. Instead, they sell the purchase agreements made with sellers to property investors—for an assignment fee.

As an example, ABC Home Wholesalers sees a house that appears to be distressed, with a FSBO sign in the front yard. After negotiating with the owner, they sign a purchase agreement for $100,000. ABC Home Wholesalers then contacts an investor who is always on the lookout for inexpensive investment properties to be used as rentals units. ABC assigns the agreement to the investor for a $10,000 assignment fee. The investor buys the house and pays the fee to ABC Home Wholesalers at closing.

What are the definition and meaning of the term “wholesale property”?

Where and how to find real estate wholesalers?

Why buy real estate from wholesalers?

What questions should I ask real estate wholesalers?

How high are wholesale assignment fees?

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