Ryan Rahim’s Success Story

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As a part of our exclusive Real Estate Agent Success Stories series, we spotlight inspiring stories of the most successful real estate agents in the industry!

In today’s issue, we’re going to highlight the fascinating story of a highly successful real estate agent in Chicago, IL — Mr. Ryan Rahim.

Ryan is a Real Estate Broker affiliated with RE/MAX Cityview, a leading real estate brokerage firm in Chicago, IL.

Ryan’s impressive achievements:

  • closes over 30 deals on average per year
  • earns $200k – $500k of annual gross commission income
  • closes $10MM – $20MM gross annual transaction volume as a single agent
  • is proficient in residential and commercial real estate buying and selling and residential and commercial tenant and landlord representation
  • has been in business for over 20 years

Read Ryan’s story below to learn how he became a successful Realtor and got to where he is today.

We hope Ryan’s story inspires you and serves as a stepping stone for your own career.


What led you to become a real estate agent?

What led you to start investing in real estate

I have always wanted to have a job where I help others. My degree is in teaching, but I wanted to be a firefighter in the past. I worked in both fields and enjoyed it.

I obtained my Illinois real estate license to have another source of income. I found it even more rewarding helping clients find their home and foundation in life.

I made this my career and have never been happier to service my clients.


What challenges did you face at the beginning of your real estate career?

The most difficult part of this job is having clients understand the present market. Many clients want to refer to the past or the future markets.

I tend to have to keep reminding my clients about how the market is right now.


What helped you to overcome those challenges?

I try to listen so I can find out my client’s dreams and goals. I think of myself as an educator, and my clients’ reviews and testimonials prove this.

I follow up with all my clients, as this is the building block in keeping business relationships.

This job is not about how many sales you can get, but more about how good you are and how you treat your clients just like family.


What was the most stressful challenge you had to overcome during your career?

Making sure I give time to my family and myself. I believe you need to have something to look forward to, like a vacation, in order to know working today will make tomorrow wonderful.

Health and taking care of yourself should always be a main agenda, as if you do not have this, you cannot perform at your best.

When I started out in my career, I tended to burn myself out and it took a while for me to understand I’m not a machine.

Lastly, if you act human, you will overcome anything in your real estate agent career.


What has been the most rewarding part of your career?

I have obtained many awards, but my biggest accomplishment is I have been able to provide for my family.

Second is to have a client’s referral. There is no better accomplishment or feeling than that.


What lead generation strategy have you found to be the most effective for your business?

I have been in the business for 20 years, so I try not to use real estate leads. I have built a database of over 12,000 touches and tend to focus on past clients and referrals. My past clients make me who I am today.


What essential software tools do you use in your business that you can’t live without?

To be honest, I have used many realtor CRM systems, but there is nothing better than writing down what you need to do or putting it all in a calendar.

There are many new systems that it really is tough to keep up with. My current goal is to master the kvCORE real estate broker software that just launched with RE/MAX.


What software tools have you tried using in your business but found them not useful?

Everyone is different. What works for me might not work for others. Not sure any real estate software tools are wrong; everyone has a different niche.


Can you share any funny or unusual anecdotes from your career?

Well, ha, my voice command is the devil.

Once upon a time, my client’s name was Darla, and she was married. I did not recognize that my voice command text was saying “darling.”

I apologized to my client and I actually think it was so funny to them. It helped them to open up to me more. Phew!


What is your advice to newbies who are just starting out in their real estate career?

I have seen newbies fail and succeed. The ones that succeed fast were able to grab a hold of a community and make fast connections that way.

Find a real estate mentor that can help you navigate the simple things and try not to get ahead of yourself. It will happen with enough time and effort.


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