Arrived Homes Investment App Review 2024

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Arrived Homes Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Arrived Homes became possible and available for free to those considering this solution!

In this review we evaluated Arrived Homes’ features, plans, pricing and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

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— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is Arrived Homes?

Arrived Homes (commonly referred to as Arrived) is a real estate investment platform that helps new and established investors own a share of real estate and earn passive rental income without the hassle of being a landlord.

The crowdfunding platform lets investors purchase shares of long-term and short-term rental properties.

When you buy shares, you earn dividends quarterly for each property you’ve invested in.

Arrived Homes focuses on long-term investments. The company holds properties for 5 to 7 years and then sells them after appreciation.

Once the property sells, Arrived pays investors equity payouts based on their percentage share.

Arrived has over 225 properties across many U.S. markets.



What Is Arrived Homes Used For?

Arrived Homes is used for passive real estate investing. The platform lets investors buy shares of single family homes and vacation rentals.

The minimum amount you can invest is $100. With property shares, you will be earning dividends every quarter on rental income and receive an equity payout when the property is sold a few years later.



Arrived Homes Users Breakdown by Specialty


Is Arrived Homes Legit?

Yes. Arrived Homes LLC is a legitimate real estate crowdfunding company with physical headquarters in Seattle, that has been in service since 2019.

Being a crowdfunding platform, Arrived is also registered under and regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

At the moment, Arrived Homes is one of the most successful and well-known crowdfunding investment platforms in the U.S.

The investment solution has received numerous positive reviews from real estate investors as well as financial experts online.

Additionally, the platform has been backed by big names in the tech and fintech industry.

Arrived Homes has received funding from Jeff Bezos, Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber CEO), Marc Benioff (Salesforce CEO), and many other successful entrepreneurs and companies.

When it comes to security, Arrived employs industry-level physical, electronic, and procedural measures to keep your data and account safe from loss and unauthorized access.

Arrived is also very transparent about the information they collect and whom they share it with.

In 2023, Arrived Homes launched the Arrived mobile app for iOS devices. The app is verified and available for free on the iOS App Store.

All things considered, we’re certain that Arrived Homes is not a scam.



Arrived Homes Customer Reviews

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Arrived Homes Pricing

There are quite a number of fees associated with Arrived Homes investments. You’ll be required to invest a minimum of $100 for each property you choose.

Other key costs on the platform include:

  • Sourcing fees — This one-time fee is already included in the share price listed and covers sourcing properties and preparing them for investment. The fees vary based on the type of property you invest in.
  • Assets Under Management (AUM) fees — The AUM is a fee present in all rental properties on Arrived and is deducted from your quarterly rental income.
  • Property management fees — To cover the costs of managing your investment property, Arrived charges a property management fee of between 8% and 25% of your gross rental income, depending on the type of property you’re investing in.

The following is a breakdown of Arrived Homes costs based on the property type.


Long-Term Rentals

  • Sourcing fee: 3.5% of the property’s purchase price
  • AUM fee: 0.15% of the property’s purchase price
  • Property management fee: 8% of gross rental income


Vacation Rentals

  • Sourcing fee: 5% of the property’s purchase price
  • AUM fee: 0.125% of the property’s purchase price
  • Property management fee: 15% to 25% of gross rental income



Arrived Homes Coupon & Promo Codes

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Arrived Homes Features

In-Depth Property and Investment Details

Every listing on Arrived Homes comes with extensive information about the property, so you can have the necessary insights and knowledge before investing.

Some of the main information you’ll find includes:

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Property address and size
  • Number of current investors
  • Monthly rent amount
  • Arrived Homes funding (in percentage)
  • Rental status

You can also find out the financial viability of the property from the investment details section, which includes:

  • First dividend date
  • Property purchase price
  • Price per share and total number of shares
  • Holding period
  • Asset management fee
  • Anticipated annual cash flow
  • Anticipated annual appreciation


Returns and Investment Calculator

Arrived has built-in investment property analysis software — a calculator on every listing that helps you see how much you will earn from the property.

Still, the calculator is only for illustrative and estimation purposes and isn’t indicative of actual future results.

This real estate investment due diligence tool allows you to calculate the following:

  • Anticipated annual cash flow
  • Anticipated annual appreciation


Property Management

Arrived Homes handles property management of all the listings available on the site with the help of in-house property managers.

The company does this to eliminate the hassle of maintenance and repairs for investors.

Arrived is also responsible for finding and vetting tenants for its properties.


Arrived Mobile App

Arrived launched its mobile in late 2023 for iOS devices. The app is available for free on the iOS App Store and comes with all the functionalities of the browser version.

Additionally, the mobile app supports instant alerts, a feature that isn’t available for the browser version.



Arrived Homes Pros and Cons


  • Arrived Homes has a low minimum investment amount, allowing new and established investors to use the platform.
  • The company is responsible for property management and liability (in case of a lawsuit, the company is held liable, not the investors).
  • According to multiple use reports, Arrived has excellent customer support.
  • Arrived Homes dividends are paid quarterly, enabling you to earn significant amounts annually.



  • Arrived fees add up and lower your returns.
  • Listings are frequently sold out, limiting your investment opportunities.
  • The company isn’t perfectly transparent with its fees.



Arrived Homes Integrations

  • Zillow
  • Plaid



Arrived Homes Alternatives

  • Landa
  • Fundrise
  • Roofstock
  • Fundhomes
  • Ark7
  • CrowdStreet
  • Yieldstreet
  • Playhouse
  • EquityMultiple
  • Origin Investments
  • Streitwise
  • RealtyMogul



Arrived Homes Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Real Estate Investing Platform (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Arrived Homes award

Press & Media



Arrived Homes FAQs

How high are Arrived Homes’ returns?

Actual returns for a property may vary depending on various factors, such as the type of property you’re investing in and the property’s rate of appreciation.

However, based on previous returns, the company estimates the following annual returns (without leverage):

  • 6% to 10% for single family homes (7% to 12% with leverage)
  • 5.5% to 12% for vacation rentals (6% to 15% with leverage)


How to invest in Arrived Homes?

Before investing in Arrived Homes, you have to open an account by providing your personal information and your funding source.

Once your account is ready, you can begin investing on the platform through the following steps:

  1. Look through the available listings and find a property to invest in.
  2. Review the property’s financial information, including the purchase price, number of current investors, rent amount, and first dividend date and estimated yield, among other details.
  3. Purchase shares for the property (minimum investment amount: $100).
  4. Collect your dividends every quarter. When Arrived Homes sells the property 5 to 7 years later, you will receive an equity payout based on your share percentage.


Who are Arrived Homes’ competitors?

There are several real estate crowdfunding companies like Arrived Homes LLC. Some of the most popular are Fundrise, Roofstock, Fundhomes, and Landa.

Although the platforms operate in a similar manner, they vary in the types of properties you can invest in, minimum investment amounts, platform fees, and more.


Who owns Arrived Homes?

Arrived Homes LLC was created and is owned by Ryan Frazier, Kenny Cason, and Alejandro Chouza.

Additionally, the company has had several notable investors, such as Jeff Bezos (through Bezos Expeditions), Core Innovation Capital, PSL Ventures, and others.


How does Arrived Homes work?

To begin making money on Arrived Homes, you first have to create an account by filling out your account details.

Once the account is ready, you can buy shares in single family homes and vacation rentals on the platform.

Arrived Homes owns and pre-vets all the properties to ensure they can deliver returns through dividends and capital appreciation.

Browse the Arrived website and find a suitable property. Buy shares by connecting your real estate investor bank account and signing the necessary documentation.

After buying shares, you will begin earning rental income.

If you’re looking to sell your shares, you can do so after 5 to 7 years when Arrived Homes sells the property. You’ll receive an equity payout once the property is sold.


How does Arrived Homes make money?

There are several ways the Arrived investment company generates revenue. Here’s how Arrived Homes’ business model works.

  • Sourcing fee — Every investor on Arrived Homes pays a one-time sourcing fee for the work involved in finding properties for sale across the country and preparing them for investment. The sourcing fee is always included in the raise amount and share price listed, meaning investors split the cost.
  • Real estate agent rebates — Arrived Homes collect rebates from the previous owner of a property the company bought.
  • AUM (Assets Under Management) Fee — Investors pay a quarterly AUM fee to Arrive to cover several costs, including the preparation of tax forms, distribution of Arrived Homes dividends, and the purchase of insurance policies, among others.
  • Property management fee — Arrived charges a property management fee of 8% of the gross rental income for long-term rentals and 15% to 25% for vacation rentals.


What is the difference between Arrived Homes vs REIT?

There are a number of ways Arrived Homes and REITs differ:

  • Investing in specific properties — When you buy shares from established REITs, you’re investing in a pool of properties in the company’s portfolio and not an individual property. With Arrived Homes, you can pick and choose properties to invest in — each Arrived Homes investment you make represents a single property.
  • Price volatility — Since REITs are publicly traded on the stock market, prices fluctuate throughout the day. As a result, REIT share prices can drop even when the properties haven’t lost any value.
  • Potential income and returns — REITs provide a steady income of dividends, which may be affected by market volatility. With Arrived Homes, you earn regular dividends as well as equity payouts when the property is sold due to property appreciation.
  • Liquidity and investment term — REITs offer more liquidity as investors can buy and sell shares when they want to. This makes them great for short-term investments. However, Arrived Homes uses a long-term investment approach. The company holds your investment for 5 to 7 years, after which Arrived sells the property and pays equity to investors.

That said, REITs and Arrived Homes are private equity investment firms and share some similarities. For instance, both are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Is Arrived Homes publicly traded?

No. Arrived Homes is a private company.


Is Arrived Homes a good investment?

Yes. According to numerous customer reviews online, Arrived is a great investment opportunity.

The platform has a low investment minimum amount suitable for novice and established investors.


Does Arrived Homes have a mobile app?

Yes. Arrived Homes launched the iOS mobile app for real estate investors in June 2023 to enable investors to manage their investments on the go. Download the app for free on the iOS App Store.

At the moment, there is no Arrived app for Android.


Does Arrived Homes have a free trial?

No. The Arrived Homes business model does not have any recurrent subscription costs or products of purchase, and as a result, there are no free trials.


How many clients does Arrived Homes serve?

According to credible online reports, Arrived Homes had over 100,000 users signed up and 10,000 active investors as of late 2022.


Who founded Arrived Homes?

Arrived was started by Ryan Frazier, Kenny Cason, and Alejandro Chouza.

The three co-founders all have extensive experience in running small startups as well as established companies like Uber, Microsoft, and Sprout Social.

The co-founders also serve in the company’s executive leadership — Ryan is the Arrived Homes CEO, Kenny handles the technical aspects as CTO, and Alejandro is the COO.


What is Arrived Homes’s customer service number?

You can reach out to Arrived at the following line: (814) 277-4833. For email support, send your written inquiries to [email protected].


What is the Arrived Homes cancellation and refund policy?

Arrived does not provide refunds once an investment has been made.

If you wish to terminate your Arrived account, you can do so by submitting a written request to [email protected].



Arrived Homes Tutorials & Training

Arrived – Easily Buy Shares Of Rental Properties – How It Works


How Does Arrived Choose Which Properties to Purchase?



Is Arrived Homes Worth It?

Yes. This real estate syndication software has one of the lowest minimum investment amounts in the market, and as a result, any investor can sign up and start investing in rental properties.

Additionally, Arrived is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive interface and comprehensive website information.

There are numerous blog posts, FAQs, and help sections to guide you through every step of the investment process.

Many users have also reported that the company’s support team is highly responsive and helpful.

The only major downside of the platform is its limited inventory. There are limited properties to invest in, and they often sell out fast.



Arrived Homes Contacts




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