Avail Property Management Software for Landlords Review 2024

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Avail Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Avail property management software became possible and available for free to those considering this solution!

In this review we evaluated Avail’s features, plans, pricing and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

All the customer reviews and ratings on this page have been submitted by our platform’s members who either currently use or used to use the reviewed product/service in the past. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products and/or services in our product/service reviews. However, by visiting retailer/manufacturer of the reviewed product/service by clicking links within our content may earn us commissions from your purchases. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees
Table of Contents

What Is Avail?

Avail is a cloud-based rental property management solution built to help landlords with one or a few rental units manage their properties and renters.

Being a full suite rental management solution, Avail facilitates the entire property management process, including apartment listing syndication, rental application, tenant screening, and others.

On the other end, tenants can also use the platform for various functions, including paying rent, requesting repairs and maintenance, and signing leases, among other uses.

Avail landlord software is quite popular, amassing over half a million users across the US.



What Is Avail Used For?

Independent landlords and house renters can use Avail in the following ways:

  • Rental listings — Landlords can advertise their home rentals by creating an online listing. You can personalize the listing by including a captivating description, adding images, and listing the property’s amenities to attract the right tenant.
  • Automated listing syndication — After creating a listing, landlords can post an ad across popular house listing websites such as Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, and others.
  • Online rental application — Landlords can create customized rental application forms and send them out to potential renters. This helps the proprietor find out key information about a renter such as their residence history, reasons for moving, and financial situation.
  • Tenant screening tools Avail lets landlords carry out tenant screening and background checks as part of the rental application. The platform provides a renter’s full credit report, identity validation, and eviction records.
  • Rental analysis — The platform provides rental prices for nearby properties to help proprietors set competitive rent amounts for their home rentals.
  • Generating leases — Avail comes with a set of customizable, state-specific lease agreement templates that have been drafted and approved by lawyers. The platform also lets tenants sign the agreements digitally.
  • Rent reminders — Tenants can set up rent reminders to be automatically sent on a particular day every month. Landlords can also send reminders to their tenants via Avail.
  • Automated rent collection — Avail lets landlords and tenants add their bank details so they can receive and send rent payments, respectively. Renters can also activate auto-pay to automatically pay rent on a set date each month.
  • Maintenance management — Avail lets tenants create maintenance and repair requests and send them to the landlord. Landlords, on the other end, can manage the maintenance requests on a centralized page.



Avail Users Breakdown by Specialty


Is Avail Legit?

Yes. Avail is a legitimate rental property management app for landlords that’s been in service for more than a decade now.

In that time, the platform has undergone numerous changes, including a full rebranding from Rentalutions, the previous brand name, to Avail.

Avail is safe as it doesn’t share your data with anyone. The platform features bank-level 256-bit encryption and 24/7 network monitoring to keep user data safe from hackers.

Additionally, the company has a strong social media presence with tens of thousands of followers across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The social media accounts are constantly updated with fresh, engaging content.

Overall, users can be assured that Avail is not a scam.



Avail Customer Reviews

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Avail Pricing

Avail’s most basic services are completely free to use, including:

  • syndication listing
  • credit and criminal screening
  • online rent payments
  • maintenance tracking
  • state-specific leases

Still, there are two subscription models landlords can choose from:

  1. Unlimited
  2. Unlimited Plus



This subscription is free at $0 per unit.

In this plan, users get the basic services (listed above) for free but will have to pay for several premium services such as the ability to customize leases.

The Unlimited plan is perfect for new and independent landlords with fewer than ten rentals in their portfolio.


Unlimited Plus

The monthly subscription cost for this plan is $7 per unit, which makes Avail an affordable property management software for small landlords.

Here, users enjoy all the services in the Unlimited plan, plus the following:

  • Waived ACH and card payment fees for your tenants
  • Personalized rental application forms and leases
  • Stand-alone property marketing website
  • Next-day rent payments
  • Cloning and reuse of custom lease agreements


Pricing for Tenants

The Avail costs for tenants are one-time fees rather than recurrent charges. The following are the charges tenants may incur when using Avail:

  • Avail tenant screening fees — In most cases, the cost of background checks and tenant screening reports is covered by the tenant. Avail charges $55 for full tenant background checks and a screening report.
  • Rent payment fees — For landlords on the Unlimited plan, tenants will have to pay $2.50 per transaction for direct bank transfers (ACH payments). The tenant is also charged 3.5% when paying via credit/debit card regardless of the landlord’s subscription.
  • Renters’ insurance — Tenants can purchase insurance coverage (optional) through Avail’s partner, Lemonade Inc. Here, rates vary based on the tenant and property value.



Avail Coupon & Promo Codes

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Avail Features

Avail is equipped with numerous functionalities that have been integrated together seamlessly to deliver a range of rental property management services.

The following are the platform’s main features for landlords and renters.


Rental Property Listing

By using Avail, landlords can create and publish rental listings for free. The app lets you add all key details about your property, including:

  • a stellar description
  • amenities available
  • property photos
  • rent amount
  • security deposit amount
  • lease duration
  • move-in date


Rental Listing Syndication

Once your listing is ready, the Avail rental app lets users publish the listings across top listing websites. The following are some of the sites Avail has partnered with:

  • Apartments.com
  • Apartment List
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Walk Score
  • HotPads
  • Rent.com
  • Rentable
  • Realtor.com
  • Zumper

This feature helps landlords generate more leads and fill their apartments faster.


Property Marketing Website

Users who opt for Avail’s paid plan (Unlimited Plus) can create stand-alone marketing websites for their rental properties.

Avail allows landlords to customize their websites with unique themes, logos, and personalized call-to-action buttons.

Unlike rental listings, marketing websites let users include all their property listings in one place, increasing leads and conversion rates.


Lead Management

As more and more people respond to your listing, you will need to organize and manage the follow-up process.

With Avail, independent landlords receive instant email notifications when a lead reaches out through Avail or third-party listing websites.

You can then open the app and respond to potential tenants, organize virtual or in-person showings, and ask pre-screening questions.

Thanks to calendar integrations, landlords can also schedule appointments and invite prospective tenants.


Online Rental Application

As potential tenants apply to your listing, you can begin the process of finding the perfect renter for your property.

Avail provides landlords with a ready-made tenant application form to send to candidates. The form collects standard tenant information such as:

  • contact details
  • residence history
  • income
  • pets
  • work history
  • identity verification
  • number of co-applicants

Additionally, the Avail landlord software automatically contacts previous landlords to find out whether the applicant paid their rent on time and took care of the rental property.

The form also comes with several screening questions about evictions, smoking habits, felonies, and others.

To personalize the application template with custom questions, users have to be on the Unlimited Plus plan.


Background Check

Landlords may require potential tenants to purchase official screening reports.

These reports provide comprehensive financial and legal information about the applicants to help landlords identify good candidates.

Avail lets landlords include the following background checks as part of the online application:

  • Credit report — This is powered by TransUnion and includes the applicants’ credit score and history, insights, account summaries, and tradelines.
  • Criminal history check — Check nationwide and state lists to find out whether an applicant is on the federal watch, sex offender, or terrorist lists.
  • Eviction report — Run a check across all states to find out an applicant’s eviction history.

Each report can be purchased individually at $30 or at $55 for the entire bundle.


Digital Leases

Avail contains several pre-made and state-specific lease agreement templates which have been approved by lawyers.

The electronic leases are detailed and contain the following sections:

  • Disclosures
  • Attachments
  • Clauses
  • Lease terms and lessor information
  • House rules
  • Rent and security deposit fees

Clauses and rules can be customized only on the Unlimited Plus plan.

On the other end, tenants can digitally sign the lease agreement with their name and email.


Online Rent Collection

Avail is a straightforward and hassle-free landlord rent collection app.

Landlords can add their bank account to receive rent payments while tenants can add their credit/debit card for automated payments on a set date.

Tenants are also able to pay rent via direct bank deposits (ACH transfer).

For credit card payments, tenants will be charged a fee of 3.5% of the amount while for ACH payments, they will pay $2.50 per transaction.

However, your tenants will not pay these fees if you are on the Unlimited Plus plan.

Note that Avail issues electronic receipts for all payments.


Rent Price Analysis

Thanks to a partnership with RentRange, Avail provides rent analysis reports to help you determine the right rent amount for your home rentals.

The report provides rent estimates and property vacancy rates for nearby similar properties as well as data comps for up to 10 similar rental properties.

The comprehensive report also contains charts and graphs for the following data:

  • rental benchmarks
  • days on market vs vacancy in county
  • county rent trends by bedroom & type
  • rental saturation benchmarks


Rental Property Calculator

If you’re buying a property, the rental property calculator is an excellent software tool for real estate investors to have.

The calculator lets you enter the asking price, down payment, repair costs, financing information, and gross rent, and uses that data to calculate the following:

  • cap rate
  • monthly income of the property
  • cash on cash return
  • internal rate of return
  • gross rent multiplier
  • operating expenses


Maintenance Tracking

Avail lets tenants make maintenance requests directly through the platform. They can include photos and a detailed description of the damage.

Landlords will be notified of the request via email and can respond via Avail without having to visit the property.


Avail Tenant Features

As an end-to-end platform, Avail lets tenants create accounts and enjoy the following features:

  • Renter profile — Tenants can create full profiles which include their employment and residence history, answers to common application questions, and background checks.
  • Online rent payments — Tenants can add credit cards and schedule automatic rent payments to avoid late fees. They can also pay via ACH.
  • Lease signing — Avail lets tenants sign lease agreements digitally on any device.
  • Maintenance tickets — Tenants can create maintenance tickets and instantly send them to landlords.
  • CreditBoost — To boost credit score, Avail lets tenants report on-time rent payments to TransUnion at $3.95 per reported month.



Avail Pros and Cons


  • Avail provides a complete suite of solutions for independent landlords which includes property marketing, digital lease signing, online rent payment, and maintenance tracking.
  • Avail offers a free plan with all the essential features an independent landlord may need.
  • The platform lets users advertise their properties across up to 12 third-party property listing websites.
  • The platform’s premium plan is affordable even for newbie landlords.
  • Avail landlord software features an intuitive design, making the platform easy to use.
  • The in-built lease module stores records of all sent and received leases.



  • There is no Avail rental app for mobile.
  • The website chat support is a chatbot instead of an actual customer representative.



Avail Integrations


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Avail Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Tenant Rent Collection Software App for Landlords (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Avail award

Press & Media



Avail FAQs

Does Avail have a free trial?

There is no free trial for the premium plan. However, the platform has an entirely free plan for landlords.


How many clients does Avail serve?

According to the company website, Avail serves more than 500,000 independent landlords across the US.


Who founded Avail?

The platform was founded in 2012 by the real estate investor Ryan Coon.

Ryan, who has a robust background in accounting and finance, currently runs Avail software company as CEO. He also serves as Realtor.com’s VP of Rentals.


What is Avail’s customer service number?

Customers can reach out to Avail via the following service line: (312) 292-9347.

They can also reach out to the company via email at [email protected].


What is the Avail cancellation and refund policy?

Users may cancel their subscriptions anytime by sending a cancel request to [email protected].

There are no refunds for canceled subscriptions. Users will continue to use the platform’s premium services until the next billing date.



Avail Tutorials & Training

Avail Landlord Software Product Overview


A Walk Through Avail



Is Avail Worth It?

Certainly. Avail has all the necessary rental property management features an independent landlord may need.

Additionally, most of the services are completely free which makes the platform an attractive budget option for all landlords.

Altogether, Avail is an excellent tool for independent landlords who want robust online rent payment services, customizable pre-screening reports, and automated reference checks.

However, the platform may not be suitable for landlords who need mobile app access.



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