NeedToSellMyHouseFast Review 2023

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NeetToSellMyHouseFast Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of NeedToSellMyHouseFast real estate platform became possible and available for free to those considering this solution!

In this review we evaluated NeedToSellMyHouseFast’s features, plans, pricing and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

All the customer reviews and ratings on this page have been submitted by our platform’s members who either currently use or used to use the reviewed product/service in the past. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products and/or services in our product/service reviews. However, by visiting retailer/manufacturer of the reviewed product/service by clicking links within our content may earn us commissions from your purchases. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is NeedToSellMyHouseFast?

NeedToSellMyHouseFast is a real estate solution designed to connect motivated property sellers with real estate investors looking for lucrative investment opportunities.

The software company is made up of a group of experienced real estate investors who buy properties from owners who are selling their property through NeedToSellMyHouseFast.

Property sellers can contact the company to begin the process of selling their house to one of NeedToSellMyHouseFast’s members (real estate investors).

On the other end, investors can join the platform and start receiving highly motivated seller leads across all 50 states.



What Is NeedToSellMyHouseFast Used For?

NeedToSellMyHouseFast is an end-to-end solution that fulfills different functions for property sellers and buyers.

Here’s how investors can use the platform.

  • Comprehensive lead data — For each lead received, investors get detailed information that includes the seller’s name, email, phone number, and property address. You will also receive additional information such as the timeframe to sell, estimated property value, and/or reason for selling.
  • Third-party CRM integration — To manage your NeedToSellMyHouseFast leads, you can integrate a third-party wholesale real estate CRM with NeedToSellMyHouseFast. The platform currently integrates with popular CRMs, including Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

If you’re a seller, here is how you can utilize the platform:

  • Sale of different properties — Distressed owners can use the platform to sell most types of real estate, including single-family and multi-family homes, mobile homes, townhouses, condos, and vacant lots, among other properties.
  • House seller checklist — NeedToSellMyHouseFast provides users with a free comprehensive PDF checklist that guides sellers on how to prepare the property for sale.
  • Free credit report — Users can generate free credit reports which are authorized by Federal law. NeedToSellMyHouseFast has partnered with AnnualCreditReport.com to provide this service.
  • Free real estate expert advice — When you reach out to NeedToSellMyHouseFast as a seller, you will be able to speak to real estate experts who will take you through the entire home selling process.
  • Cash offer deals — NeedToSellMyHouseFast focuses on cash deals for sellers. This means that property owners almost always receive cash for the sold properties.



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Users Breakdown by Specialty


Is NeedToSellMyHouseFast Legit?

Yes. NeedToSellMyHouseFast is a legitimate platform that has been in service for more than 10 years and has members (real estate investors) who’ve been in the business longer.

Since its launch, the company has grown to become a well-known name in the real estate industry.

This wholesale real estate software company also has an active social media presence, especially on Facebook and YouTube.

There, the company provides guides on how to use various services on the platform, along with real estate investment tips.

In matters of security, NeedToSellMyHouseFast keeps all user data secure through high-level data and connection encryption. Additionally, all forms on the website are SSL secured.

Altogether, users can be assured that NeedToSellMyHouseFast is not a scam.



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Customer Reviews

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NeedToSellMyHouseFast Pricing

NeedToSellMyHouseFast is used by both property sellers and investors. Here’s how the platform’s pricing model varies for both types of users.


Investor Pricing

If you’re a house flipper, wholesaler, or any other real estate investor, you will have to pay to use the platform.

There is no standard monthly rate when using NeedToSellMyHouseFast. Instead, as an investor, you’ll only pay for the leads you receive.

That said, the price of NeedToSellMyHouseFast leads is determined by investors.

This is because the platform employs a bidding system whereby investors set a bid price for leads per county. Investors are also able to set a monthly budget.

Note that bid prices can only be set in increments of 25 dollars.


Seller Pricing

For property sellers, the platform is completely free to use. Simply contact the company via the provided phone number or the “contact us” page on the company website.

Once you reach out to the company, you can begin the process of selling your property through the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation — You’ll sit with one of NeedToSellMyHouseFast’s real estate investors and answer some questions about your property. You will also be able to inquire about matters related to the deal.
  2. Situation analysis — Here, the investor, with the help of a real estate professional, generates a financial analysis and valuation of the property. The investor then uses this data to prepare a formal offer.
  3. Cash offer — Investors on NeedToSellMyHouseFast often make cash offers, with few exceptions of financing offers. Sellers are not obligated to accept an offer.
  4. Offer evaluation — Once you’ve received the offer, you can evaluate it, taking as much time as you need. The company provides you with ample information to help you make an informed decision
  5. Closing the deal — If you agree to the offer, a cash transaction will be arranged for you to receive your money. There are no hidden charges — you’ll receive the full amount offered.



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Coupon & Promo Codes

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NeedToSellMyHouseFast Features

NeedToSellMyHouseFast is a dynamic leads marketplace with several modules that have been integrated together to help investors and sellers get the best deals.

The following are the platform’s main features.


For Investors

Lead Generation

Investors, house flippers, and wholesalers can use NeedToSellMyHouseFast to find cheap homes to flip by being provided highly motivated seller leads across the U.S.

This lead generation company for real estate investors acquires leads in several ways, including:

  • The company’s high-ranking motivated seller lead generation websites
  • Targeted ads in the search engine result pages and across the internet
  • Social media ads
  • Top real estate property listing websites

Investors are able to receive their leads via email or text message, and/or by integrating their CRM system.


Lead Data

NeedToSellMyHouseFast provides investors with many important lead details. At the minimum, the platform collects the property seller’s name, email, phone number, and property address.

Additional lead information you may receive includes:

  • Estimated property value
  • Reasons for selling
  • Occupancy status
  • Timeframe to sell

With this information, you can find houses to wholesale or buy that best suit your business.


CRM Integration

Although NeedToSellMyHouseFast is a lead generation solution, you cannot manage your leads on the platform — this software for real estate investors lacks an in-built CRM.

To organize, communicate with, and market to your leads, you will need to integrate a third-party CRM.

NeedToSellMyHouseFast currently supports Zapier integration with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Citrix Podio, Follow Up Boss, and others.


For Sellers

Correspondence With Real Estate Experts

When you contact NeedToSellMyHouseFast as a property seller, a real estate professional will reach out to you to start the process of selling your house.

You can ask the expert anything related to the sale of a property. The professional will be able to help with the situation analysis, mortgage calculations, as well as property valuation.

Additionally, the professional will take you through the legal processes of selling a property.

Altogether, this means that owners with zero experience in selling a property will be able to sell their homes with ease and at a fair price.


House Seller Checklist

NeedToSellMyHouseFast provides distressed owners with a detailed house selling checklist with numerous entries that help you prepare your property for sale.

The entries are put under several thoughtful categories, including:

  • Exterior
  • Landscaping
  • All rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Garage/Carport/Shed
  • Basement
  • Laundry area

With all areas of the property covered, the list ensures you clean all the rooms and make all necessary repairs before the showing.


Free Credit Report

As a seller, a credit report may be required during the sale of your property.

NeedToSellMyHouseFast has partnered with AnnualCreditReport.com to provide you with free credit reports that are verified by the government.

Simply visit the website and request your credit report.



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Pros and Cons


  • Investors receive full refunds for any bad leads they receive.
  • The platform has a flexible pricing model for investors that lets them spend only what they can afford on leads.
  • The platform provides investors with exclusive NeedToSellMyHouseFast leads. Each lead is only sold once and to a single investor.
  • Investors can conveniently receive leads by email or SMS.
  • NeedToSellMyHouseFast uses a personalized approach for sellers to help them get the best deals.
  • The platform is entirely free for property sellers. There are no hidden fees for the sale of property; a seller receives the exact amount listed in the offer.
  • The company has a referral program whereby you receive $500 for each referral that leads to a sale.
  • NeedToSellMyHouseFast connects sellers to buyers directly. This means there are no agent fees or hidden charges for sellers when securing deals.



  • The platform lacks a built-in real estate investor CRM which means you’ll have to manage your real estate business through several apps.



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • Podio
  • Zoho CRM
  • Follow Up Boss
  • Pipedrive
  • Mojo
  • LionDesk



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Alternatives



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Lead Generation Company for Real Estate Investors (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Press & Media



NeedToSellMyHouseFast FAQs

Does NeedToSellMyHouseFast have a free trial?

No. The solution uses a result-based pricing model whereby real estate investors pay for the leads they receive rather than paying a standard monthly rate.


How many clients does NeedToSellMyHouseFast serve?

We couldn’t find information on the number of sellers or investors the software company works with.

Still, there are numerous customer testimonials on the company websites which indicates a considerable client base.


Who founded NeedToSellMyHouseFast?

The platform was started in 2012 by long-time real estate investor, Amir Seliger.

Amir, whose background is in web development, has been buying and selling property for almost two decades now.

He started the platform to provide other investors with high-quality leads that would be easier to convert.

The company is currently based in Miami, Florida.


What is NeedToSellMyHouseFast’s customer service number?

The company provides separate contact lines for sellers and investors.

Wholesalers, house flippers, and other investors can call the company on (305) 771-1557 to get consulted on finding motivated seller leads on the platform or other matters.

Distressed owners looking to sell their property can reach out to the company by calling (800) 234-4361 to begin the process of selling the house.


What is the NeedToSellMyHouseFast cancellation and refund policy?

We couldn’t find information on the company’s terms of service or cancellation policies.

However, the company does provide investors with refunds for bad leads (leads with false information or those not actually selling the house).

To request a refund, submit a lead dispute on the platform within the first 48 hours of receiving the lead.

A company rep will then contact the seller, verify your claim, and you’ll receive your refund.



NeedToSellMyHouseFast Tutorials & Training

How To Login to NeedToSellMyHouseFast com’s Lead Portal


How To Modify Your Bids



Is NeedToSellMyHouseFast Worth It?

Yes. NeedToSellMyHouseFast is a good tool for both property sellers and investors.

NeedToSellMyHouseFast provides investors with exclusive leads that no other investor can access. It’s a convenient way to get leads for wholesaling real estate or buy it as an investment.

For owners, the platform ensures that they sell their properties at a fair price and fast.



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