TurboTenant Review 2023

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TurboTenant Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of TurboTenant software became possible and available for free to those considering this solution!

In this review we evaluated TurboTenant’s features, plans, pricing and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

All the customer reviews and ratings on this page have been submitted by our platform’s members who either currently use or used to use the reviewed product/service in the past. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products and/or services in our product/service reviews. However, by visiting retailer/manufacturer of the reviewed product/service by clicking links within our content may earn us commissions from your purchases. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is TurboTenant?

TurboTenant is a cloud-based property management solution built for landlords with one or a few properties. The platform is quite popular, having almost half a million users across the U.S.

As a full-suite rental management platform, TurboTenant handles the main aspects of property management, including online rent collection, rental advertising, tenant screening, and others.

Furthermore, the end-to-end platform isn’t just for proprietors.

Tenants can use the platform for various functions such as finding vacancies and submitting requests, rent payments and communicating with landlords.



What Is TurboTenant Used For?

TurboTenant is equipped with plenty of useful services that are integrated together to help landlords manage their properties.

Although TurboTenant doesn’t offer as many features as more premium alternatives, the platform offers all the main services an independent landlord may need for free.

The following are services the platform offers both landlords and tenants.

  • Custom property listing — Landlords create rental listings directly on TurboTenant. They can customize the listings and add key details such as photos, amenities, and pet policy.
  • Rental listing advertising — After creating a listing, landlords can post it across various rental listing websites like apartment.com, rent.com, and others.
  • Rental application — With this module, users can send and receive rental applications and gather background information on prospects.
  • Pre-screening questionnaire — Landlords can choose the best prospective tenants by providing questionnaires that potential renters have to fill out to be considered.
  • Lead organization and management — You can track and manage leads received offline or from your marketing website and third-party listing sites.
  • Tenant screening — Landlords may oblige renters to purchase tenant screening reports by TransUnion. TurboTenant offers two tenant screening packages, both at a cost.
  • Lease management — The lease tool keeps track of your past, current, and upcoming leases, in compliance with your state’s laws.
  • Automated rent payment — Tenants can set up recurring payments and will be automatically charged on the set date. They can also set up one-time payments.
  • Landlord-tenant communication — TurboTenant enables landlords and tenants to communicate privately via messages.



TurboTenant Users Breakdown by Specialty


Is TurboTenant Legit?

Certainly. TurboTenant is not a scam. The platform is legitimate and has been in service since 2015 and has since been able to amass about three million landlords and tenants cumulatively.

TurboTenant is also safe for all its users. Landlords can quickly vet prospective renters while receiving support from a dedicated security team that monitors accounts for suspicious activity.

Additionally, all sensitive information is encrypted and the platform continues to receive constant security updates.



TurboTenant Customer Reviews

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TurboTenant Pricing

TurboTenant is free for the most part. Landlords aren’t charged for the basic rental management services which include:

  • Property listing
  • Rental advertising
  • Lead management
  • Application and screening
  • Rent payments and reporting
  • Expense tracking
  • Messaging
  • Chat support
  • One linked bank account

For more advanced features, users have to purchase a TurboTenant subscription at a fee of $11.58/month or $139 billed annually.

With a paid subscription, landlords can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlimited connected bank accounts
  • Faster review times (less than 24 hours) for listings
  • Expedited rent payouts
  • Income insights
  • Phone and chat support
  • All lease services (lease agreements, lease addendums, e-signatures, landlord forms templates)


Renter Pricing

TurboTenant is also free for renters but they may incur a few charges for some services.

  • Application and screening fee ($55) — This is paid to approve a tenant screening report. Landlords can also choose to incur these charges on behalf of renters.
  • Credit/debit card rent payments — Tenants will be charged 3.49% of the rent amount if they pay via card. Payment via direct bank transfers (ACH) is free.
  • Renters’ insurance — Thanks to a partnership with SURE, tenants can purchase renters’ insurance for as low as $8/month.



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TurboTenant Features

While TurboTenant is considered lightweight compared to similar real estate investor software, it still has all the necessary features required for professional rental management.

The following are the platform’s major features.


Property Listing

TurboTenant allows landlords to create property listings directly in the app. You can customize the listings by adding the following details:

  • Location and date available
  • Amenities
  • House photos
  • Deposit
  • Lease terms
  • Occupancy limit
  • Pet Policy
  • Rent amount
  • Link to a virtual tour of the premise

Additionally, the platform has a free rent estimate report tool to help landlords compare rent prices with similar properties and set the right rent amount.


Rental Advertising

Once you’ve created a property listing, you can share it across rental listing platforms on the web with a single click of a button.

Here are some of the websites TurboTenant has partnered with:

  • Apartment.com
  • ShowMeTheRent.com
  • Apartmentlist.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Rent.com
  • Livelovely.com
  • Facebook Marketplace

Landlords can also share their listings on Craigslist by following the steps provided by TurboTenant.


Lead Tracking and Management

With your ad up and running, you will quickly start to receive leads from across the different rental listing websites.

As one of the best property management tools for landlords, TurboTenant enables users to easily track and manage all potential renters that may be interested in your property.

The Leads module has a clear, easy-to-read dashboard with key information on the leads including their name, number, email, address, and the platform they applied from.

When a lead reaches out, the Leads tool will alert you through an email notification.

You can also input leads manually if someone reaches out via phone or in person.

As a crucial aspect of leads management, in-app messaging is also supported on TurboTenant.

A landlord can talk directly to prospects and renters via text and even send bulk messages.

The platform automatically sends text or email notifications to your leads when you send them a message.


Automatic Pre-Screener

As advanced online tenant screening software for landlords, TurboTenant lets you set up an automated pre-screening test to find leads who are the right fit for you.

Here, you can ask leads for additional information, besides their contact details — this includes:

  • employment status
  • size of their households
  • potential move-in date
  • pets

Landlords can set the pre-screening questionnaire to be an optional or compulsory requirement.


Online Rental Application

Once you’ve settled on some good candidates, you can invite them to fill out an online rental application form and send it back, all on TurboTenant.

Although the application form comes with several questions, you can personalize it by adding your own questions that are unique to your situation.

Some of the important info you should collect in the form includes:

  • background information
  • contact information
  • past and current addresses
  • documents (driving license, bank statements, pay stubs, etc.)
  • past or current landlord’s email (TurboTenant automatically contact past landlords to ask if a tenant paid on time, violated a lease, or any other relevant information)
  • income
  • preferences and living habits

Lastly, the dynamic rental application form can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or phone. It can also be shared as a link to leads you haven’t yet added to your TurboTenant app.


Tenant Screening

As part of the online application, you can require potential tenants to purchase a tenant screening report, provided by TransUnion.

For this feature, the applicant must agree to an extensive screening of their credit, criminal, and eviction backgrounds. The applicant will then pay $55 for the certified tenant screening report.

Overall, this service is to help landlords find out the reliability of prospective tenants.


Online Rent Payments

With TurboTenant, landlords can receive rent payments directly from tenants. Tenants on the other end can set up one-time or recurring payments billed on a set date.

Additionally, landlords can set automatic payment reminders and late fees. You can also create a receipt and send it to your tenants after payments.

For secure payments, TurboTenant partners with Stripe and Plaid who are both industry leaders and utilize high-level encryption of tenants’ information.


Insights and Expense Tracking

TurboTenant provides clear insights and history of all payment transactions to help landlords get an overview of their financial situation.

The expense tracking service will track your rent and show who owes you money. The tool also does rent reporting, a service where TurboTenant reports tenants’ payments to credit bureaus.

Additionally, you can attach relevant documents like receipts, filter the transactions by various parameters, and export data as CSV for tax filing purposes.

TurboTenant also provides accounting tools for property managers and landlords, but you’ll have to pay for the add-on software based on the number of properties you have.


Lease Documentation

You don’t need a separate app for acquiring or sending legal documents associated with renting.

The platform provides customizable, state-specific lease and addendum templates that have been drafted by local lawyers and landlords.

Furthermore, there are more than 32 different form templates landlords can choose from. Renters can also sign all documents electronically through TurboTenant.

For free users, TurboTenant’s lease services are considered add-ons and have to be paid for at the following rates:

  • lease agreements: $39 per lease
  • lease addendums: $15/addendum
  • e-signatures: $9/document
  • landlord forms templates: one-time fee of $145


Renters Insurance

Some landlords may require tenants to have renters’ insurance. In this case, TurboTenant has partnered with SURE to provide coverage for tenants for as low as $8/month.



TurboTenant Pros and Cons


  • Most of TurboTenant’s key services are free.
  • Customer support is highly responsive and reliable.
  • TurboTenant has numerous informative guides and learning materials, including video tutorials and e-books, to help new users navigate the platform.
  • The pre-screener questionnaire helps narrow down leads to only the most suitable applicants.
  • There are automatic text and email notifications for various status changes on the app dashboard such as rent payments, signed documents, and completed questionnaires.
  • The app interface is straightforward, allowing easy toggling between features.



  • The platform is not suitable for landlords with over 100 rental units.
  • The accounting service, which is crucial in rental management, requires additional payment for both free and paying users.
  • Landlord-tenant messaging can only be done within the app.



TurboTenant Integrations

  • REI Hub
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Steadily
  • Stripe
  • Plaid



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TurboTenant Achievements

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Best Property Management Software (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

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TurboTenant FAQs

How does TurboTenant work?

To use the platform, both landlords and tenants have to create a TurboTenant account.

After signing up, users are taken to the main dashboard where the features and tools are located.

You can easily toggle through the services and start managing your rentals immediately.


Is TurboTenant free?

Yes. The platform’s main services are free. However, there is a subscription option for $11.58/month which provides additional services.

The platform also has add-on features, like accounting and bookkeeping tools for landlords, which require additional payment regardless of whether you’re a free or paying user.


What is the TurboTenant rental application fee?

The application costs $55. This amount covers credit, criminal history, and eviction background screening and is mostly paid by the prospective tenant.


Where does TurboTenant advertise rental properties?

TurboTenant has partnered with several rental listing websites to market your property.

Some of the partners include apartment.com, ShowMeTheRent.com, apartmentlist.com, and Craigslist.


Is TurboTenant reliable?

Yes. On average, independent landlords receive about 28 leads per listing.

Landlords are also able to take prospects through the entire process of renting a property through the app, right from finding leads to onboarding the new tenant and collecting rent.


What does TurboTenant check about tenants?

TurboTenant carries out a background check on potential renters. The screening process checks the tenant’s criminal history, credit score, debt history, income, and past evictions.


Does TurboTenant have an app?

Yes. The platform is a cloud-based SaaS that can be accessed via browser or the TurboTenant app for Android and iOS devices.


Who owns TurboTenant?

TurboTenant is owned by the platform’s founder, Sarnen Steinbarth.


Does TurboTenant have a free trial?

No. The platform is free to use and doesn’t require a free trial offer.


How many clients does TurboTenant serve?

According to the company website, TurboTenant is used by more than 450,000 landlords and over 2 million tenants across the U.S.


Who founded TurboTenant?

The platform was founded by Sarnen Steinbarth, who’s been an independent landlord for almost two decades, in 2015. Sarnen is also a board member and the former CEO of TurboTenant.


What is TurboTenant’s customer service number?

Customers and prospective users can reach out to TurboTenant via call at (406) 465-2584.

You can also contact the company via the customer support email at [email protected]


What is the TurboTenant cancellation and refund policy?

All subscription fees are non-refundable.

When you cancel your subscription, you will be able to use the platform’s services up until the next billing period, after which, you will revert to the free package.



TurboTenant Tutorials & Training

TurboTenant Onboarding Webinar


How to Manage Leads in TurboTenant



Is TurboTenant Worth It?

Yes. TurboTenant offers all the essential rental management and rent collection tools for landlords that you may need, including property advertising and rental applications.

In addition, the platform is free, meaning it’s an affordable solution for both new and established investors.

The app also keeps all your financial information safe thanks to Stripe and Plaid payment services.

Overall, TurboTenant is an excellent solution for independent landlords managing fewer than 100 rental units.



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