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Brian Moses has sold more than 3,500 homes in his career. He has been ranked in the Top 10 for a major Real Estate Franchise (from more than 140,000 agents, seven consecutive years) and twice ranking at #2 in the world. During his illustrious career, Brian sold more than 400 homes annually, producing sales volume in excess of $100 million and making over $3 million per year in commission income. In his best month, Brian recorded more than 60 sales and generated over $400,000 in commission income. (Yes…you read that correctly, in a single month!)
Today, Brian is a sought after Speaker, Moderator, Panelist and Industry Expert throughout the US, Canada and Europe, delivering his message and distinctions with Agents and Industry Professionals to help accelerate their income and productivity.

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Twice #2 Agent Worldwide, over 400 sales and $3 Million in Commissions annually. Today, Brian Coaches and trains some of North America’s most successful agents and super star teams to greater profitability & better balanced life!


Like most, I’ve experienced failure. Many, many times! You name it, cash flow problems, IRS troubles, bill collectors chasing me down…. My early years were a struggle but fortunately I persisted and am excited to share the steps necessary for anyone to turn their business around achieve greater income, fulfillment and happiness!


Seeing agents generate immediate results by simply changing their thinking and behavior is one of the most rewarding things I get to experience on an ongoing basis.

Keynote Topics

We realize that every organization is different when it comes to hiring a keynote speaker. Brian will work with you to customize his message and tailor his keynote presentation specifically for your desired outcome! Below are some excellent topics that have been well received by audiences across North America. Combining some topics for a more in-depth training is possible if your agenda and time allow.

  • Defining Success
  • 23 Ways To Inexpensively Generate Leads
  • Branding; How To Instantly Differentiate Yourself From Any Competitor
  • Talk To Fewer People, Sell More Homes
  • Handling Most Common Buyer And Seller Objections
  • Goal Setting. There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way
  • Prospecting Best Practices
  • Negotiating Higher Commissions
  • Creating The Perfect Week – Time Management
  • Forget The Golden Rule! Follow The Platinum Rule…Do Unto Others As Thee Wish To Be Done Unto
  • Financial Mastery
  • Family
  • Travel
  • Private Pilot
  • Professional Sports
  • Concerts
  • Reading
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