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Go-to Industry Expert
Become a Go-To Industry Expert

REB platform helps real estate professionals to establish themselves as sought-after industry experts in their target markets through various predictable and systematic activities that allow them to make customers seek their expertise instead of constantly chasing after new business.

Your Business
Promote Your Business

The REB platform is setup in a way where every member is given numerous methods to promote their business effectively and increase their exposure dramatically within the platform’s member community, as well as, to outside the world.

Strategic Alliances
Build Strategic Alliances

Knowing how important it is to have reliable partners in real estate, we made sure that the REB platform lets you expand your network by helping you connect and build long-lasting business relationships with reputable industry vendors and professionals.

from Industry Experts
Learn from Industry Experts

There is a bunch of outdated, misleading and generic information on the web created by incompetent authors. On the REB platform, we only let the most qualified experts in their field to share their invaluable insider knowledge and advice with our members for free.

Cutting-Edge Tools
Find Cutting-Edge Tools

All top performers in any industry leverage technology. The REB platform makes it easy for you to make an educated decision on what tools and products to use to scale your business operations and skyrocket your company’s growth.

Empowering Real Estate Professionals
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  • Teams
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We are dedicated to empowering real estate agents because we strongly believe that every agent who’s committed to success, must be a go-to resource for their customers and vendors alike. Realtors are an essential link between each party involved, either directly or indirectly, in every real estate transaction. Therefore, helping realtors to succeed in the business accomplishes a much greater goal than their individual success. In fact, it directly benefits clients and vendors involved in every transaction thereby positively impacting the entire real estate industry!


Along with solo agents, real estate teams is our another core industry segment we focus majority of our efforts and resources on. Not a brokerage but no longer a solo agent, teams require extra activities and responsibilities to take their business to the next level. Here at REB, we are committed to helping team leads to predictably expend their teams by empowering them with superior tools, knowledge and strategies that will ultimately allow them increase their sales volume, streamline their processes, recruit more new agents and retain existing ones.


If you are like many other brokers, the chances are you’ve also noticed a massive invasion of giant tech companies that piece by piece take your market share and expertise away from you. If you don’t want to find yourself out of business in ten years from now, you must wake up and step up your game! Here at REB, we are committed to helping real estate brokerages to get their market dominance back by empowering them with top of the line technology, invaluable insider knowledge, and innovative marketing strategies.


Real estate investing is not a rocket science. However, lack of the right knowledge, connections and tools can dramatically diminish chances for success of beginner investors and even significantly reduce the amount of closed deals of seasoned ones. REB platform is the ultimate place for real estate investors of all levels to grow their business. Whether you are a wholesaler, flipper, landlord or any other type of investor, on our platform you will be able to find a valid, competent and effective advice as well as cutting-edge tools to help you skyrocket your real estate investing business.


Whether you are a mortgage broker, appraiser, photographer, coach, software developer or any other vendor who serves real estate industry in one way or another, you too might qualify to take advantage of REB platform’s benefits. There are numerous opportunities for real estate vendors on our platform. Be it networking with strategic partners, building your reputation via our Expert Contributor Program or being listed in our robust Vendor Directory, on our platform you will find multiple effective ways to grow your business like anywhere else.

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About Real Estate Bees
What is REB platform and who is it for?

Real Estate Bees is the one-and-only free leading real estate platform dedicated to empowering industry professionals with cutting-edge technology, invaluable insider knowledge, and innovative marketing strategies to help them position themselves as go-to industry experts and dominate their target market.

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