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If you are a weary landlord who is tired of putting up with difficult renters, a property management company can ease your burden. Or if you have a business, such as a lawn service, and want to expand it, partnering with a real estate management company can take you to a new level.

But finding a property manager who meets your needs can be a daunting task. A landlord needs to make sure that the company they are entrusting their apartment building with will take care of their investment property like of their own. And if you are looking for a property management company as a partner, their reputation matters too. can help you find the top ten professionals in your area who have the reputation and expertise you need. We don't base our directory on unverified reviews that we found online. We have done a great deal of thorough research for every company and professional on our list—so you can have the utmost confidence that you are choosing from the best of the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are property management companies and how do they work?

Property management firms manage residential, commercial, and industrial property owned by another party.

A business entity, such as a corporation with several retail malls, will contract with a property management and maintenance organization for the day to day management of their facilities.

A landlord with multifamily apartment buildings will contract with a property management agency to oversee tenant relations and building maintenance.

Investors—whether large or small—rely on real estate management companies to act on their behalf to preserve the value of their property while generating income.

What services do property management companies provide?

How much do professional real property management services cost on average?

How much do property management companies charge for vacation rentals?

What is the difference between property management and asset management services?

Is renting a house through a property management company worth it?

What are commercial property management rates on average?

Who regulates property management companies?

How to switch property management companies?

Do property management companies pay for repairs?

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