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Partnering with top property investors can dramatically increase the sales of hard money lenders, wholesalers, home and commercial building remodeling contractors, and other professionals involved in real estate. Rehabbers new to the business can also benefit from connecting with more established cash house and commercial real estate buyers as partners.

Do you provide services that real estate investors need? Or are you trying to determine which cash home buyer to contact to sell them your property? has already researched for you. We are your online connection with the top residential and commercial investors in your area.

We base our directory on more than a few reviews from unknown sources. We vet all professionals who we include in our directories and our algorithm keeps their rating up-to-date based on reviews and social media recommendations. This results in local directories that offer lists of the most highly rated and experienced companies that buy houses, land, and commercial property for cash or hard money in your area.

You can count on our list of top professionals to help steer you toward the right real estate investing company for your situation, whether you are looking for a cash offer on your home, commercial, or industrial building or a reliable and long-lasting business partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a real estate investor?

Real estate investors purchase real estate assets with the intent of making money—either short-term or long-term. They view the real estate market as a source of investment income.

The most common investing model is buying a house, land or a commercial building that has a problem for a discounted price, fixing the problem, and either reselling or renting the property out for a retail price.

What are the types of real estate investors?

How to find a private real estate investor partner or mentor?

How do I find an investor to buy my house?

How to sell your house to an investor?

How much will an investor pay for my house?

Should I sell my house to an investor?

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