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Homeowners, business owners, developers, and architects can all benefit from the services of a custom interior design and decoration company.

As an example, first-time home buyers often need help in decorating their new house. But if they have limited funds to work with, they need affordable decorating services. Some home interior design companies have a showroom where homeowners on a tight budget can purchase furnishings and materials and get basic design advice from a consultant.

Owners of small retail spaces, such as boutiques or salons, may want to remodel the interior to attract new customers. But they need professional help to design the commercial interior, so it is both beautiful and functional.

It’s not difficult to type ‘interior designers near me’ in a search bar. But how do you sort through all the results? Do those listed only offer consultations, or can they provide professional installers to complete the decoration? Are online reviews real or paid? has done this research for you. We only include interior designers that have been thoroughly vetted for both experience and customer satisfaction. Our list of the best interior designers contains the top 10 designers from your area. You can choose with confidence from our national online directory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an interior designer?

An interior designer is a licensed professional in the real estate industry who specializes in making interior spaces beautiful, functional, and safe.

The interior design specialist typically has an undergraduate degree with coursework that includes computer-aided drawing (CAD), design, color and lighting theory, and architectural concepts. Most states require interior designers to be licensed through the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) licensing exam.

Interior designers are considered as the artists of home interiors—using furniture, textiles, decorations, and building materials (wood, tile, glass, paint, etc.) to create beautiful indoor environments. The interior designer also makes the home’s kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms functional as well as appealing for the occupants.

But designers aren’t limited to making single-family homes functional and beautiful. Every boutique, restaurant, and other retail space with that ‘Wow!’ factor is also the handiwork of a team of designers from a commercial interior design studio. The creative professionals from interior design firms help make the indoor spaces of all buildings functional and attractive.

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