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Buyer Leads
Seller Leads
Recruiting Leads
Buyer Leads
Home Buyer Leads

As a buyer agent, you need a constant flow of quality home buyer leads to build up your pipeline. Unfortunately, to get those buyers coming is not as simple as it sounds. This is where Real Estate Bees (REB) platform comes in. After joining our free platform, you’ll be able to find fresh real estate buyer leads that you can either buy or earn for free.

Seller Leads
Home Seller Leads

Home sellers are the most desired leads among vast majority of realtors. Unfortunately, with a high demand for listing leads comes a higher competition. But don’t worry. Once you joing REB, an innovative yet free platform for real estate agents, you’ll get an access to motivated real estate seller leads and be able to either purchase or earn them for free.

Recruiting Leads
Agent Recruiting Leads

Team leads and brokerage owners often time struggle with recruiting new real estate agents to join their organization. We at REB got you covered! By joining our free platform, you’ll be able to to connect with realtors who are looking for new opportunities and either purchase the real estate agent recruiting leads or earn them for free.

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Who We Help
Real Estate Agents

If you are a solo real estate agent who needs more leads to grow your business, REB platform is for you! We help agents and realtors to get more real estate leads in their target market through our revolutionary and one-of-a-kind marketplace for quality real estate leads.

Real Estate Teams

If you are a team lead who runs a team of agents that need a steady flow of real estate leads, REB platform is for you! At REB we help team leads to feed their agents motivated leads to keep the pipeline full. Besides the salespersons’ leads, we also help team owners to recruit new agents.

Real Estate Brokerages

If you own or operate a real estate brokerage and want to make sure your salespersons are always busy, REB platform is for you! We help brokerage owners by providing their sales force a consistent flow of qualified leads as well as assisting with recruiting new agents to join the brokerage.

How We Help
REB is the only real estate platform in the industry that gives real estate professionals access to four powerful lead acquisition models in a single place!
  • Paid Upfront Leads
  • No Upfront Cost Leads
  • Shared Expense Leads
  • Free of Charge Leads
Paid Upfront Leads
Paid Upfront Leads

This type of leads is pretty straight forward. Once you join our platform, you’ll get an access to our inventory of available real estate leads that you can purchase right away. Besides creating your account on our platform, you don’t need to do anything else to be able to purchase those leads. You just specify your particular criteria of the leads you’re interested in and our system will fetch results that match your specifications. From there, just place an order and you are good to go to start contacting your leads and closing deals.

No Upfront Cost Leads
No Upfront Cost Leads

Another great lead acquisition model you’ll be able to leverage on our platform is no upfront cost referrals. In other words, you don’t pay anything until you close the deal. Only after closing we charge industry standard 25% broker-to-broker referral fee. Unlike the paid upfront leads, to be eligible to receive referral leads, you’ll have to meet certain quality standards set by our platform. Among our standards are performance-based metrics like past transaction history, quality of service, number of positive reviews and others.

Shared Expense Leads
Shared Expense Leads

Who said you have to finance your lead generation by yourself? There are other, non-competing parties such as lenders, inspectors, appraisers, contractors and other professionals that facilitate the real estate transaction who would be interested in the same leads as well. So why not to share the investment? This is where REB platform comes in again. Once you become our member and meet our quality standards, you’ll get an access to our exclusive network of professionals who are open to contribute towards your lead budget.

Free of Charge Leads
Free of Charge Leads

You’re probably thinking that free leads sounds too good to be true. Well, not at all. For us, this has always been about empowering real estate professionals by helping them grow their business. In fact, we don’t give away free leads to every agent; we help motivated agents earn them by being active, involved and engaged in the industry through our platform. You see, the performance-based algorithm of REB platform was programmed to reward the most active and involved members with absolutely free of charge leads.

How It Works
Join Free
Join REB platform for free to get access to our massive inventory of high quality real estate leads
Set Criteria
Fill out your profile and set your individual criteria for the types of leads you are interested in
Get Notified
Whenever there is a lead in our system that matches your specified criteria, you'll get notified
Get the Lead
Depending on the lead type, you'll need to either purchase it or claim it for free via our system
Close Deals
Once you have the details and contact info of your lead, reach out to them and close the deal
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the source of your leads?

We have multiple trusted sources where we get the leads from including our own platform. Besides REB platform we also operate highly-targeted online properties as well as have partnerships with a vast network of on and off-line lead generating sources that consistently produce motivated real estate leads.

Are your free of charge leads really free?

Yes, they are 100% free! We reward those agents who are being active on our platform with free leads! In other words, just by joining our platform won’t get you any freebies. But you can earn the right to receive free leads. In order to qualify for free leads, you have to consistently be active, involved and engaged in the industry through our platform. What does that mean to be active on our platform? It means that you will need to be involved through helping other members by answering their questions, periodically sharing your local market condition with us, submitting your clients’ reviews on the platform, contributing your expertise to our blog and many other activities that make up our performance-based algorithm. In the end of the day, by being active on our platform greatly benefits your business besides getting free leads. We motivate you to stay involved and active, help you build your reputation and establish yourself as an expert in your field!

How much do your paid upfront leads cost?

The price of our leads is mainly determined by two factors: competition and market. The higher the competition in terms of number of agents seeking the same type of leads in the same geographical area, the higher will be the leads’ cost. As far as market is concerned, leads in Los Angeles CA market will automatically cost more than leads in Dayton OH market even with the same competition conditions due to higher lead acquisition costs.

Do you require me to sign a contract?

No, we don’t bind you with any contract. We use ‘pay as you go’ model. Whenever you want to stop buying leads, you are free to do so. When you are ready to resume buying leads, you can do that with a few clicks.

How will I be receiving the leads?

Whenever a lead in our system matches your criteria, you will be immediately notified via email. You also can setup text message notifications if you wish. Then you will login to your account and review the details of the lead. If this is a free lead, you’ll see all the details of the lead including contact info right away. If it’s a paid lead, you’ll purchase it it through our secure checkout system and all the contact info such as name, email, phone, etc. will be revealed for you to contact the lead.

What is your refund policy?

If you receive a ‘bad lead’ (bad lead is considered a lead that cannot be reached due to a wrong contact info and/or not interested in being contacted regarding his/her inquiry) you can request a refund by opening a dispute. Our quality assurance team will investigate the matter to verify your claim and if confirmed, we’ll issue a credit towards your other leads. If you wish to receive a refund back to your credit card, we can do that as well upon your request.

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