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Find Top Local Residential & Commercial Real Estate Journalists in Your Area

In our directory we gathered professional real estate reporters who cover both commercial and residential areas of the business. Are you looking for a real estate journalist to publish newsworthy materials promoting your company? Or you want to hire one to write for your blog or news site? Browse our list and reach out to the right person who covers either global, nationwide, or local housing and commercial real estate markets.

If you own a printed magazine, newspaper, or online resource, it may be easy to find a reporter who will cover the local or global real estate space. However, it’s harder to find a person who is really knowledgeable about the industry and won’t write something that doesn’t make sense, on your company’s behalf. Our directory lists professionals who specialize particularly in real estate business.

If you own a company working in a real estate niche or are a marketer providing PR service to one, having connections to reporters covering your industry may be indispensable to get ahead of your competitors. It’s important to have a list of professional newspeople working for reputable publications that cover the real estate sector and can help promote your brand.

To find the professional who will help you achieve your goals, choose your location and browse available real estate reporters working either in your area or nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do real estate reporters do?

Real estate reporters create newsworthy property market-related materials for mass media outlets: printed editions such as magazines and newspapers, television and radio, or news websites and blogs.

Knowledgeable about how the real estate market works and its connection to other industries, they keep the hand on pulse of either global, national, or regional real estate markets (depending on the area of their specialization).

Real estate journalists monitor the situation through the use of various online tools as well as their connections to the industry experts. They conduct journalism research, including interviewing industry business people, create articles, videos, and other materials to cover important events.

Then reporters either forward their work to publishers who make it available to the audience or publish it themselves. This depends on the content production process at the media company they work for.

How can a real estate journalist help my real estate business?

How to get into real estate news?

How to pitch a real estate reporter via email?

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If you’re a reputable reporter with high standards of service who helps real estate professionals grow their business, apply for being added to our directory.