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Real Estate Bees is the one-of-a-kind free revolutionary real estate platform dedicated to empowering industry professionals with cutting-edge technology, invaluable insider knowledge, and innovative game-changing marketing strategies to help skyrocket their business and dominate target market.

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Our History
Originally starting as a generalist digital marketing agency in 2013, we made a gradual transition into specializing in technology and web marketing exclusively for the real estate space.
This is the moment when the Real Estate Bees brand was born. After a few years of closely working with numerous real estate professionals of all levels and profoundly understanding this industry and its needs, we've realized that solely providing technology and digital marketing solutions is not enough for significant success of an average company; real success requires a more fundamental, holistic approach to one's business.
This is when we saw a tremendous need in a quality resource that would allow real estate professionals to tackle every aspect of their business to dramatically increase their chances to become mega successful in their field. This is how the next generation Real Estate Bees (REB) platform was born.
In the pre-launch stage of the REB platform, based on the feedback of a selected group of real estate top performers, we discovered that we had something unique and incredibly valuable here.
After opening our platform to all real estate-related professionals in early 2019, we've seen overwhelming interest, support and positive feedback. Since then, we've never looked back and are solely focused and dedicated to helping real estate professionals dominate their target markets through our constantly evolving, cutting-edge REB platform.
Launched the one and only free publicity program that helps proactive real estate professionals to position themselves as sought-after industry experts by getting them featured in nation’s most reputable media outlets and publications!
Launched industry's largest business directory of real estate professionals in the United States.
Launched one of the industry’s most advanced online Property Marketplace portals, featuring on-and-off market properties for sale, designed specifically for residential and commercial real estate professionals seeking to efficiently buy, sell, lease and invest in real estate for themselves or their clients.
Launched one of the industry’s most advanced online Lead Marketplace through which users can buy and sell real-time, high-intent, geo-targeted real estate leads!
Our Culture

Real Estate Bees embraces people-centric and family-like culture that puts our team members at the core of the organization. We strongly believe that an organizational strategy that puts its team members at the center, creates a thriving work environment in which people feel valued, fulfilled, heard, respected, inspired, engaged, trusted and motivated. Such an empowering culture breeds a self-motivated and caring group of talented people who are extremely passionate about what they do, which inevitably leads to a greater performance that directly benefits our customers, shareholders, stakeholders and the organization as a whole.

Our Objectives
Mission Statement

To enable real estate professionals worldwide to start, grow, and scale their business under a single roof.

Vision Statement

Become a household name among real estate professionals worldwide by 2030.

We Are Multicultural Top Talent From
Around The Globe
Our Strategic Subject Matter Advisors
Kristina Morales
REALTOR® and Team Lead at Kristina Morales Real Estate
Jon Bodan
Mortgage Lender, The Perpetual Financial Group
Doug Perry
Sales Director at Temple View Capital
Lee Davenport
Real estate corporate trainer and coach at Learn with Dr. Lee Coaching + Consulting
Marissa C. Sweet
Branch Owner & Agent, Sweet Insurance Services
Armstead Jones
Real Estate Developer, Owner of Imagine Think Tank
Lee Calisti
Architect, Owner and Principal of lee CALISTI architecture+design
Alexis Peters
Founder & President of Home Styling by Alexis
Noah Grayson
President of South End Capital, a division of Stearns Bank, N.A.
Eddie Martini
Legacy Planner, Wealth Protection & Growth Specialist
Walter Kunstmann
Owner of ASC Property Inspections
Cody Hunter
Construction Director & Co-Owner of Boise Hunter Homes
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