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Carla Cross, President of Carla Cross Seminars, Inc., Cross Institute, and Carla Cross Coaching, is an international speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in ‘career development’, business planning, brokerage management, leadership, and instructor development.
What sets Carla apart is her unique approach to professional development. For the first three decades of her life, she was a performing and teaching musician. She understands and communicates how to get great performance, how to break through barriers, and how to coach and motivate. (And, she even uses the piano in her keynotes to inform and entertain).
Carla stumbled into real estate to help her husband, as he entered real estate. She found she loved the challenge of helping people with one of the most important decisions in their lives! And, she attained recognition in the top 10 agents in her 400 person company her third year in the business.
Carla then went into management and turned 2 offices ‘in the red’ to top profits.

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Through her three decades in real estate, Carla has won numerous national awards for sales, recruiting, and coaching, including:

  •  Top 1% in sales in her 500 agent company (including during one of the worst recessions ever!)
  • Top manager in her 19 office company
  • In the top 3 of regional directors, largest real estate franchise in the world
  • Honored as National Realtor Educator of the Year
  • Honored as Washington Realtor Educator of the Year
  • Featured speaker at 16 NAR conventions
  • Master level CRB instructor for 12 years
  • Author, training/coaching programs for CRB, Re/Max Eastern Canada, Re/Max Europe, Re/Max Israel, Royal LePage Canada, GMAC, Windermere Real Estate, and Keller Williams Realty
  • Most endorsed and recommended resources by CRS and CRB
  • Named one of 50 most influential women in real estate

Real estate leaders trust Carla. Her two+ decades of top management experience, coupled with her background as a CRB instructor, give Carla credibility few other speakers can match.


Carla entered real estate from a closely related field–music–ha! With no sales or business background, she jumped into real estate (no training, either!) and sold 40 houses her first full year. She says it was truly a ‘baptism by fire’! Her favorite phrase was ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out’. Those first 2-3 years were constant challenges. Carla saw the value of tenacity and looks for that trait in real estate agents and leaders.

Going into management when rates soared to 18% plus, she took over a failing office and turned into #1 in the company (later she learned there were bets she would fail…..). Again, tenacity and determination will always overcome lack of knowledge!

Finally, Carla was tasked with turning a region around–a region that had been almost destroyed by a maverick regional director. Facing huge obstacles (including those who had been promised ‘special deals’), Carla ‘retrained’ everyone and got them working as a team.

These challenges taught Carla to find talent, create team.

  • Playing piano in jazz groups (when I want to!–not as a job)
  • Exercising–working with my trainer (I can’t believe I just wrote that!)
  • Attending musical performances of all kinds, from rock to classical
  • Entertaining my 3 delightful grandchildren, the 3 ‘M and M’s–Meredith, Megan, and Margot
Future Plans
  • Working on an Exit Planning Series for ‘Mature’ Real Estate Agents
  • Writing a book completely out of the real estate field
  • Creating a ‘Hit the Ground Running’ program for those during the pre-license period to prepare them to literally ‘hit the ground running’ when they get their licenses
  • Helping leadership create better affiliation programs to raise their retention rates

From the time I was a child, I loved helping people achieve–first in music, in school, and then as I entered real estate, in our profession. As a musician, I always enjoyed ensemble playing–orchestras, woodwind quintets (I’m also a flutist), jazz groups, and accompanying. That taught me teamwork and synergy. I’ve translated that love to work in real estate. I love to hear and see that what I’ve communicated and modeled has helped someone attain more. To me, seeing someone else achieve is more important than my being ‘the star’. My purpose is to help others reveal their talents and become their best selves.

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