Jared James
Real Estate Coach
Company Overview

I started out as a young kid as my mother’s unpaid assistant in the real estate world many years ago. Getting the opportunity to see what it took to be a successful real estate agent early on sparked a love for the industry that never went away. When I was 21 I was working at another job and decided if I was ever going to make the leap to do what I wanted to, which was to sell real estate, it was now or never. I made the leap and it paid off.

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Within 4 years of selling real estate, I was named the first ever Web Choice Award Winner in Realtor Magazine’s popular 30 under 30 edition. After an extremely successful career selling real estate, in 2010 I branched out into full-time training and speaking. Less than 10 years later, Jared James Enterprises is one of the largest and fastest growing coaching and training companies for real estate professionals in North America with thousands of students, including some of the top Realtors, Teams and Brokerages in the world.


The job of any business is to create new problems and we have definitely done that. The greatest challenge came early on when deciding to switch from full time selling to full time training. I had no idea how to monetize this new business. I just knew that people responded to me when I was on stage or on video. To overcome this I was an early adaptor to social media and online videos and started putting out content on a regular basis. As a result my Youtube channel www.youtube.com/jaredjamestoday is now one of the most watched channels in the real estate space with many of my videos getting hundreds of thousands of views.


I am an athlete that enjoys just about anything sports. I use the hashtag #DidUsweatToday daily at www.instagram.com/jaredjamestoday in my stories to promote daily exercise to my followers. More than anything though I love attending my own kids activities and sporting events.

Future Plans

Jared James Enterprises will continue to grow and become the #1 real estate training company in North America. We have also formed Jarja Media which is a separate marketing company we created to help better serve our clients with many of the activities that we know they need to do but just aren’t doing.


It’s simple. My calling on this earth is to help more people reach theirs. When people figure out their businesses, it makes everything else in their life easier. While selling real estate may not be your ultimate purpose; It can fund or fuel whatever that may be.

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