8 Best Subject To Real Estate Investing Courses (2024 Reviews)

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8 Best Subject To Real Estate Investing Courses Compared

Real Estate Bees’ editorial team asked a number of industry-leading real estate investors to share their expertise on the best subject to real estate investing courses to help our readers make a more informed decision when choosing a service provider for their needs.

With the help of the experts, we identified the best subject to training programs and evaluated them based on critical factors that are important for real estate investors. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products or services in our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

SubTo by Pace Morby


SubTo is a resource for entering the real estate space without any money of your own and without running your credit.

SubTo connects you to a network of 10,000+ active real estate investors who are at the top of their game closing deals without any money down and doing so using creative financing techniques like seller financing and subject to.

SubTo gives you all the contracts you need for free, live support to guide you through your deals, and expertise from the creative finance king himself, host of A&E’s Triple Digit Flip, Pace Morby.

SubTo also provides:

  • Member experts to guide you through your local market
  • One-on-one coaching for all your real estate needs
  • Accountability to help guide you through your deals for active learning
  • Up-to-date real estate advice and tax benefits
  • Positivity, patience, encouragement, and support for every member at any level
  • Local market analysis and investment opportunities without the usual marketing costs

SubTo is the way to build generational wealth and gain financial freedom without the risks or expenses of traditional investing.

Learn more about this course from our dedicated SubTo review.


Who Is the Instructor?

Pace Morby is the cohost of the A&E TV series Triple Digit Flip and runs the largest real estate investing community, SubTo.

Pace is the author of the #1 best-selling book, “Wealth Without Cash: Supercharge Your Real Estate Investing with Subject-to, Seller Financing, and Other Creative Deals,” which teaches the techniques he has used to acquire more than 1,000 properties and $150 million in assets without using his own cash.

Pace believes in bringing value first, which is why he gives away as much knowledge as possible for free on his social media channels which collectively have more than 1 million followers.

He is a giver of knowledge and is known for his ability to cut through the fluff and put the right info to paper, making what he knows easy to understand, apply, and gain from.


What Will You Learn?

  • Foundations of real estate investing, including the lingo and flow of real estate transactions
  • Your real estate business for tax benefits and liability coverage
  • How to overcome the common pitfalls and misconceptions of creative financing
  • How to source, comp, and acquire deals with free bulletproof contracts
  • The best cash-flowing exit strategies for every type of deal and how to build relationships in the real estate space so future deals come to you
  • Access to hundreds of hours of continued learning through a Zoom vault for past teachings and new recordings
  • Connection to a live community through Facebook and Discord
  • Weekly live group calls and comping support



SubTo offers four packages.

Accelerator costs $8,800 and, besides the standard curriculum, offers access to a Zoom vault for post-live training. It also offers access to a private Facebook community of real estate investors.

Executive costs $11,800. It includes everything in the Accelerator plan, but also weekly live calls with Pace’s colleague Caroline Cain, access to individual comping support, and an option to upgrade to individual coaching for 3 or 6 months.

Master costs $15,800. It includes everything in the previous package, plus individual coaching for 3 months.

Elite costs $18,800 and includes everything in the previous packages as well as one-on-one coaching for six months, unlike in the Master package that offers 3-month coaching only.



The Mortgage Takeover Method for Investing in Cashflow Properties by Angela Gregg

Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner looking to buy a home without traditional mortgage qualifications or a real estate investor seeking a low or no money down fix and flip deal, this 117-minute training class by WealthFit provides valuable insights into this powerful strategy.


Who Is the Instructor?

Angela Gregg, along with her husband, Mike, own Sturdy Foundations, Inc., a real estate investing and construction company based in Honolulu.

With a background as a Human Resource Management (HRM) graduate from the University of Maryland and a Military Veteran of the United States Air Force with over 20 years of service, she has successfully navigated the challenges of investing in real estate while maintaining a full-time job.

Angela offers valuable insights into the property investor course based on her extensive experience buying, holding, building, and selling properties in Germany, Hawaii, California, and Colorado.

She was also featured in an episode of the HGTV series House Hunters.


What Will You Learn?

Participants in this class will learn valuable insights into the subject to real estate investing strategy. This comprehensive course covers various essential topics, including:

  • How to buy real estate subject to without banks, lenders, title companies, agents, or loan officers
  • Strategies to find subject to properties, both on and off the MLS
  • The process of presenting a subject to offer and completing the necessary paperwork
  • Identifying and avoiding six potential pitfalls in subject to transactions



To access the course, participants have two options. They can either activate a WealthFit Premium Membership or buy the course alone.

The monthly plan offers a 14-day free trial, and after that, it costs $49 per month with the flexibility to cancel anytime.

Alternatively, participants can opt for the Prepaid yearly plan, which is available for $195 for the entire year.

If they prefer to access the course without a membership, they can purchase it alone for a one-time fee of $49.

These options provide learners with the flexibility to select the plan that perfectly suits their preferences and needs.


"Subject-To" Investing for Newbies by Jeff Coffman

Subject To Investing for Newbies

As one of the best subject-to real estate courses, this training program equips learners with valuable insights and practical techniques to thrive in the world of subject to investing.

Participants will discover how to transform low-equity deals into lucrative cash-flowing opportunities.

They will learn how to close more deals without financial strain and build sustainable long-term wealth without the complexities of being an ordinary landlord.

The course offers a step-by-step approach, guiding learners through the entire process, ensuring they can implement strategies effectively and succeed in their real estate endeavors.


Who Is the Instructor?

With extensive experience in creative finance and marketing, Jeff Coffman mentors aspiring real estate entrepreneurs across the United States.

His expertise lies in acquiring real estate, raising private capital, and implementing creative financing strategies.

As the owner of Missouri Sell Now, a thriving real estate investment company, he successfully buys, sells, and manages residential and commercial properties in St. Louis, Missouri.


What Will You Learn?

In this comprehensive course, participants will learn all about subject to investing and why it’s essential for real estate investing success. The following topics will be covered:

  • Understanding subject to investing and its structure
  • The importance of marketing subject to deals
  • Assessing deals and setting criteria
  • Exploring the process of buying property subject to an existing mortgage by using trusts vs LLCs
  • Effective communication with various types of motivated sellers
  • Calculating deal profitability
  • Managing deal flow on the purchase side
  • The five phases of buying
  • Getting a subject to deal with a trust or an LLC
  • Getting the right home insurance for properties acquired subject to
  • Utilizing the subject to document library and managing buy-side deal flow
  • Exploring exit strategies for successful subject to deals

By the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of subject to investing and how to structure profitable deals.



The course is currently priced at $397.


The "Subject To" Real Estate Investing Course by Eric Brown

The Subject To Real Estate Investing Course

This is a four-week beginner’s program offered by the Subject To Real Estate Investing Academy.

It reveals a step-by-step process for earning up to $25,000 in 120 days by taking over existing mortgages, obtaining ownership, and selling or leasing homes to tenant buyers.

Students will master the subject to technique, learn how to use over 30 essential documents, and minimize financial risk with little to no money down.

The course offers practical examples and hands-on assignments that provide a solid foundation in subject to real estate investing.


Who Are the Instructors?

Eric Brown is a highly skilled subject to real estate professional, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the course.

With years of hands-on experience in the real estate industry, Eric has honed his understanding of the intricate aspects of the subject to strategy.

As an instructor with more than 20 years’ experience, he is dedicated to imparting this specialized knowledge to students.

Constance Salas is a real estate advisor and seasoned professional with a successful real estate investing track record spanning 14 years.

Her vast experience in the industry has allowed her to gain valuable insights into market trends, deal analysis, and risk management.

She helps various types of real estate investors understand effective investment strategies, property evaluation techniques, and how to make informed decisions in various scenarios.

Constance and Eric have done over 1,000 deals.


What Will You Learn?

In the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand what constitutes a subject to deal and its key components
  • Learn how to navigate the deed and land trust aspects of a subject to deal
  • Get insights into the due on sale clause and its implications
  • Familiarize themselves with essential documents like HUD 1, seller scripts, property fact sheets, subject to purchase and sale agreement, residential real estate sales disclosure, and more
  • Access over 30 documents to facilitate deal closing, including subject to contract, LPOA (limited power of attorney), land trust documents, affidavits and CYA letters
  • Create a step-by-step transaction roadmap for the pre-closing and closing stages
  • Develop their own property investment due diligence checklist and learn how to handle documents provided by motivated sellers
  • Understand the guidelines for interacting with buyers, marketing, and selling properties
  • Create engaging buyer brochures and flyers to attract potential buyers
  • Explore lease options as well as related documents for smooth transactions
    Learn the most effective techniques for flipping, assigning, and wholesaling subject to deals



This course is currently priced at $899.


Get the Deed “Subject To” by Wendy Patton

Get the Deed Subject To by Wendy Patton

In this course, Wendy Patton reveals the art of convincing sellers to pay them for taking properties off their hands.

Students will learn how to use the subject to strategy to become successful real estate investors, unlocking the potential to accumulate wealth and gain control of multiple properties without relying on personal funds or credit.


Who Is the Instructor?

Wendy Patton is a seasoned and accomplished real estate broker and investor with over 30 years’ experience.

She is currently the operating principal of a Keller Williams office in Northville/Novi.

Having started her journey as a broke investor, Wendy has thrived by employing creative seller financing techniques such as lease options, subject to, land contracts, and other innovative strategies.

Wendy is a licensed real estate broker in two states and a licensed home builder in Michigan.

She is also the author of the book Investing in Real Estate With Lease Options and “Subject-To” Deals which can be found on Amazon.


What Will You Learn?

In this course, students will learn:

  • A step-by-step breakdown of how to get a deed subject to
  • Effective negotiation techniques to persuade sellers to transfer their property deed to you
  • Legal safeguards to protect yourself throughout the process
  • Strategies to locate sellers with equity and favorable mortgage payments
  • How to handle seller questions and objections confidently
  • Evaluating the profitability of a deal and structuring your offer accordingly



The course is currently priced at $497.


Master Investor Series — Subject To Course by Sean Arnold

Master Investor Series Subject To Course

Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking to stay updated with the latest strategies or a beginner trying to break into the real estate market, this step-by-step course teaches you how to purchase property by using Other People’s Money (OPM) and creative financing strategies like subject to investing.


Who Are the Instructors?

Sean Arnold is co-founder of OPM Guys. He has been investing in real estate since 2004.

Renowned for his expertise in buying houses without money or credit, Sean mentors entrepreneurs who want to diversify into real estate.

His impressive resume includes speaking at Real Estate Investor Associations throughout the southwestern United States.

He also served as the Director of Education for the Realty Investment Club of Houston.

David Rowe is a seasoned entrepreneur with a degree in business marketing and tech.

He joined forces with Sean in 2006, driven by the desire to build wealth by using creative real estate techniques.

His advanced marketing strategies set him apart from the rest. David takes pleasure in guiding students through business planning, marketing solutions, and the art of purchasing property by using OPM.


What Will You Learn?

In this course, participants will learn:

  • The ins and outs of subject to deals in real estate
  • Prospecting phone scripts to communicate effectively with sellers
  • Effective marketing strategies to find distressed homeowners
  • Conducting rental comps and title searches for due diligence
  • How to insure subject to property for added protection
  • Understanding the viability of lease options in Texas
  • 103 websites crucial for real estate investors
  • 7 Ninja negotiating techniques for successful deals
  • The 6 reasons why real estate is a path to wealth
  • How to transform an average deal into a great one
  • How to harness the power of land trusts as an investor
  • Multiple ways to earn from pretty houses with little equity
  • Students can also access downloadable contracts like the purchase agreement, seller information and fact sheet, subject to closing document, warrant deed, seller disclosure, limited power of attorney, and more



This course is currently priced at $495.


The Comprehensive Subject-To Masterclass by Jeff Coffman

The Comprehensive Subject To Masterclass

This is an online course presented by Sub2Empire’s creative finance experts, offering a thorough exploration of the subject to real estate purchasing technique.

It delves into the complete process and logistics of this creative financing strategy, including the essential paperwork involved.

It also offers insights into iron-clad deal structuring methods that guarantee protection and “win-win” outcomes for all parties, illustrated through real-world case studies.


Who Are the Instructors?

The course is taught by Sub2Empire’s team of creative finance experts, including Jeff Coffman, Ken Rossics, and Hans Mościcki.

Jeff Coffman is a renowned mentor and real estate investor specializing in marketing and creative finance.

He has mentored numerous students on real estate acquisition, private capital raising, and creative financing strategies.

Additionally, Jeff owns and operates Missouri Sell Now, a thriving investment company in St. Louis, Missouri, providing excellent returns on investment through real estate-backed assets.

Ken Rossics is a seasoned real estate investor with over 20 years of success. He is the president of Castle Investments, LLC, a licensed real estate agent with Platinum Realty, and the founder of Xperience Wellness LLC.

Hans Mościcki is a seasoned and highly knowledgeable creative finance expert, specializing in real estate investing.

As a mentor and tutor at Sub2Empire, he offers valuable guidance and practical insights to aspiring investors.

He helps them navigate the complexities of creative financing strategies, including the subject to approach.


What Will You Learn?

In this course, participants will learn:

  • A fine-tuned process for securing subject to deals
  • Strategies to identify and qualify sellers eligible for subject to deals
  • Overview of disclosures to have in place for subject to deals
  • Interactive completion of subject to paperwork
  • Techniques to evaluate subject to deals for optimal profits and minimal complications
  • Understanding and utilizing the subject to purchase agreement effectively
  • Using scripts to address common seller objections with confidence
  • Due diligence checklists and a profitability calculator for informed decision-making
  • Insights into the trust agreement and a step-by-step trust creation checklist



The course is currently priced at $237.


Learn How to Buy a House "Subject To" the Existing Financing by James Bealer

This Udemy course introduces real estate investors to the advanced technique of investing in real estate with subject to financing.

The author of this 5-module subject to real estate investing course states that most investors using his technique make a minimum of $10K per deal.


Who Is the Instructor?

James Bealer is a highly rated real estate investor and coach, who has over 15 years of experience buying and selling houses.

As the Managing Director of Direct Property Solutions, he specializes in owner-financed real estate deals and other investment techniques, such as subject to, lease purchase/option, and contract assignments, which often require no upfront cash.

With a passion for teaching and helping others close deals, James is dedicated to providing creative win-win real estate solutions for sellers, buyers, and investors.


What Will You Learn?

In this thorough subject to real estate course, students will learn:

  • Goal setting and setting up a real estate office
  • How to build and manage a professional real estate team
  • Locating a reliable FHA Mortgage Broker
  • Effective marketing strategies for finding motivated seller leads, including bandit signs and yellow letters
  • Getting referrals from satisfied clients
  • Techniques for handling seller calls and pre-screening prospects
  • Scheduling appointments and conducting meetings with sellers
  • Step-by-step guidance on completing standard real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • How to fill out an authorization to release information form
  • Necessary documents to email to your real estate attorney for a smooth closing
  • How to complete the seller’s disclosure and warranty deed
  • Understanding and utilizing a specific (limited) power of attorney
  • Strategies for selling a house, whether vacant or occupied
  • Sample Craigslist ads for marketing owner-financed/lease-option properties
  • Creating effective bandit signs for selling with owner financing
  • A comprehensive overview of owner financing
  • Understanding the concept of a lease option and how it can be utilized in real estate transactions



The course is currently priced at $44.99.


About the Author

With over 20+ years of experience in real estate investment and renovation, Brian Robbins brings extensive knowledge and innovative solutions to the HouseCashin team. Over the years Brian has been involved in over 300 transactions of income producing properties across the US. Along with his passion for real estate, Brian brings with him a deep understanding of real estate risks and financing.