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6 Best Free & Paid Real Estate Mentoring Programs (2024 Reviews)

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6 Best Real Estate Coaching Programs Compared

Real Estate Bees’ editorial team asked a number of industry-leading real estate professionals to share their expertise on the best real estate mentorship programs to help our readers make a more informed decision when choosing a service provider for their needs.

With the help of the experts, we identified the best real estate coaching and training services and evaluated them based on critical factors that are important for real estate professionals. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products or services in our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees
Table of Contents
Real Estate Coaching Companies for Investors
Real Estate Coaching Companies for Realtors
Real Estate Coaching Companies for Loan Officers
Real Estate Coaching Companies for Investors

Land Investing Masterclass by REtipster

Land Investing Masterclass by REtipsterENROLL NOW

Launched in 2015, the REtipster Land Investing Masterclass is one of the best land investing courses.

It was designed to empower real estate investors to master the lucrative niche of land investing.

This comprehensive real estate mentorship program encompasses over ten modules, with each module delving into the critical aspects of the land investment process.

The program covers topics from property sourcing for wholesaling or flipping to financing and navigating real estate investing tax strategies.

Participants can gain free access to valuable assets (worth $4,331) such as real estate voicemail scripts, real estate investor direct mail marketing templates, offer letters, and contracts to kickstart their venture.

The Masterclass offers a step-by-step strategy to find motivated seller leads and boost income, plus access to a private REtipster forum.

This allows investors to network, share insights, and receive ongoing support throughout their investing journey.

Read more about this coaching program in our thorough Land Investing Masterclass review.


Who Is the Instructor?

Seth Williams, founder of REtipster.com, is a seasoned real estate investor and coach.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Communications from Calvin College and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Northwood University.

Seth’s investment approach hinges on “buying below market value”, a strategy that’s significantly boosted his profits and ROI.

Seth’s expertise is grounded in years of personal experience and research, which has helped him shape a course that distills his strategies into actionable insights.

Read Seth Williams’ success story that he exclusively shared with our blog readers.


What Will You Learn?

The Land Investing Masterclass is a 12-week program that transforms students into skilled land investors through 12 detailed modules.

This real estate mentoring program begins by acquainting students with essential business tools, such as dialers for real estate investors and website builders for real estate investors.

Then it advances to motivated seller lead generation and effective distressed seller communication strategies.

As the course progresses, it covers the essentials of negotiation with various types of motivated sellers, writing offers, and conducting property due diligence, either alone or with an agent.

The latter part of the Masterclass covers listing and selling strategies, seller financing, and tax tactics specific to land investment.

The final sections teach sustainable growth methods for continued profit and business development.



The Land Investing Masterclass offers two payment plans: Lifetime Basic for a $1,997 one-time fee and Lifetime Premium at $2,497.

Both of them grant access to the entire 12-module course with over 80 lessons.

Lifetime Basic includes lifetime access to the materials, webinars, private forums, and updates for self-guided learning.

Lifetime Premium adds bonus modules and monthly group mentorship calls.

For those new to land investing, the Land Investing Foundations course is available for $597.



Pro Wholesaler VIP by Real Estate Skills

Pro Wholesaler VIPENROLL NOW

The Pro Wholesaler VIP by Real Estate Skills is one of the best wholesale real estate training courses aimed at teaching participants how to start wholesaling houses and build a thriving business.

This six-week program includes an e-learning platform, a community of over 400 members, practical walkthroughs, and real estate mentorship through live sessions, recorded content, and a private Facebook group.

There are over 50 video modules, various tools, scripts, and templates for a comprehensive learning experience.

The program is noted for its unique focus on using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for finding properties to flip, making it a top choice for those looking to excel at wholesaling homes.

Read more about this coaching program in our thorough Pro Wholesaler VIP review.


Who Are the Instructors?

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez, Founder and CEO of Real Estate Skills, is a real estate coach who has developed a proven system for wholesaling success that he shares through the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program.

Martinez’s journey into real estate began when he was unhappy with his 9-5 job. He discovered the potential of real estate and dedicated his time to learning about the industry.

Alex co-founded the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program to provide training and support to investors of all experience levels.


Ryan Zomorodi

Ryan Zomorodi is the co-founder of Real Estate Skills. His entry into real estate started with one rental, expanding into a lucrative portfolio across ten states.

Ryan’s ability to find distressed houses and scale businesses has generated millions in profits.

With a business management degree and sales experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Ryan’s hands-on approach and willingness to share his experiences, both successes and failures, make him a valuable resource for students of the Pro Wholesaler VIP program.


What Will You Learn?

The program offers aspiring real estate wholesalers six key sessions focused on the fundamentals and strategic aspects.

  • Session 1 — Wholesaling and Business Foundations: Learn the basics of wholesaling, business principles, and the mindset needed for success.
  • Session 5 — Bullet Proof Offers & Platinum Platters: Here you’ll learn how to craft and present irresistible offers, including bulletproof contracts, negotiation terms, and necessary documentation.
  • Session 6 — Closing, Systemizing & Scaling: In this section, students will learn how to close deals efficiently and scale their wholesaling business. They’ll also learn how to systematize their approach to closing transactions.
  • Bonus — Q&A Mentor Call Recordings: Students receive access to recorded mentorship calls where experts share insights and offer personalized guidance.



The Pro Wholesaler VIP program offers flexible and accessible pricing to cater to various needs and budgets.

The standard cost is $5,800, but students can choose a monthly installment plan of $997 for 6 months.

To join the program, students must first book a breakthrough call with the Real Estate Skills team.

During the call, the team will assess the student’s goals, experience, and potential fit for the program.


Real Estate Coaching Companies for Realtors

Krista Mashore Coaching

Krista Mashore Coaching

Krista Mashore Coaching (KMC) steps beyond the old-fashioned methods, such as cold calling, and offers a highly effective real estate mentoring program on digital lead generation strategies.

This modern real estate agent coaching program arms agents with innovative marketing strategies and productivity systems similar to those deployed by premiere global corporations.

Focusing on social media coaching, automated systems, and digital marketing, KMC paves the way for sustainable success in real estate.

It delivers thorough training through group coaching sessions, specialty courses, and various programs.

The program also includes complimentary resources such as the Lead Gen + Conversion playbook, alongside a vast collection of online media resources and blog posts.


Who Is the Instructor?

Krista Mashore is one of the top real estate coaches with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. She was ranked in the top 1% of the best realtors nationwide.

Krista has sold over 2,300 homes and was named Yahoo Finance’s number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021.

She was also one of the top 125 most impactful leaders in 2022 alongside Tony Robbins.

Beyond her sales achievements, Krista is a best-selling author with five books on digital marketing.

She has graced the pages of prestigious publications like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal and appeared on networks such as NBC and Fox.

Her podcast, F.I.R.E.D UP with Krista Mashore, is a testament to her dedication to offering top-tier coaching on modern and effective real estate social media marketing strategies.


What Will You Learn?

Krista Mashore’s real estate mentorship program provides a holistic and progressive approach to realtors’, real estate teams’, and real estate brokerages’ success.

Her primary programs, The Mashore Blueprint, and The Unstoppable Agent, equip students to avoid rookie real estate agent mistakes, become industry leaders, build customer relationships, and convert these into regular referrals.

The Mashore Blueprint program guides students in creating a dependable business through systems, processes, and automation, with an aim to ensure steady closings and revenues.

It imparts the knowledge required to transform their business into a top performer, enabling time and financial independence.

The Unstoppable Agent program teaches students how to attract customers to their businesses. It focuses on the fundamental aspects of using Facebook Ads and establishing a high-conversion business funnel.

Participants in Krista Mashore Coaching can expect to learn a wide array of real estate agent skills and strategies including, but not limited to:

  • Content creation: Techniques for creating compelling and valuable content that attracts and retains audience interest, establishing you as the go-to expert in your area.
  • Sales skills enhancement: Advanced sales techniques tailored to the modern real estate market, focusing on converting leads to clients more efficiently.
  • Personal branding: Strategies for building a strong personal brand that resonates with your target audience, distinguishing you from the competition.
  • Operational systems: Guidance on streamlining your day-to-day operations for better efficiency, including time management and organizational systems.



Krista Mashore’s real estate business coaching company offers three distinctive coaching programs.

Each of them has its unique benefits and pricing structures designed to suit different levels of ambition and experience in the real estate industry:

  • Client Attraction (Lead Gen)
  • Mashore Elite
  • Mashore Mastery

The 5-month Client Attraction (Lead Gen) costs $7,000 upfront or $7,997 through 2 or 5 installment plans.

It provides up to 24 group coaching sessions, monthly marketing plans, scripts, templates, and weekly module training.

The 9-month Mashore Elite program is $16,997 in full or $17,997 in 4 installments. It includes:

  • up to 72 group coaching sessions
  • live office hours from Monday to Thursday
  • monthly marketing materials
  • listing process templates
  • video scripts
  • real estate agent CRM workflows
  • video course

The 12-month Mashore Mastery program costs $19,997 upfront, $20,997 in 5 installments, or available monthly plans.

It provides:

  • up to 104 group sessions
  • a 12-month accountability program
  • module training hours
  • access to 6 plug-and-play real estate marketing funnels
  • a complete listing process template
  • charisma hacking training
  • exclusive Friday live assistance
  • one intensive digital marketing training session

Greg Luther Coaching

Greg Luther Coaching

Greg Luther Coaching is a specialized real estate business coaching company dedicated to empowering real estate professionals to transcend their sales limitations and significantly elevate their earning potential.

This coaching program is renowned for its focus on aggressive marketing strategies and innovative selling techniques that align with the modern real estate market.

Greg Luther offers weekly free webinar training sessions and a free Luxury Agent Mastery program.

The Luxury Agent Mastery program is for agents who have engaging with high-end clientele among their real estate goals.

It features direct marketing strategies and psychological triggers to attract wealthy homeowners.

The online real estate coaching sessions provided by Greg Luther are essential for realtors determined to reach new heights of success by using tried and tested approaches.


Who Is the Instructor?

Greg Luther is one of the most sought-after coaches in the real estate industry. His experience in the field, coupled with success in implementing unconventional marketing and sales strategies, sets him apart.

Greg’s journey in real estate began in Columbus, Ohio, where he struggled as a newbie agent during the first year after getting a real estate license.

Determined to succeed, he mastered marketing and quickly rose to the top, earning millions of dollars and selling hundreds of homes.

Through his real estate mentorship program, Luther aims to teach agents to replicate his successful system and ensure consistent closings every month.

As a coach, Greg is known for his no-nonsense approach and ability to cut through the noise and provide actionable advice that gets results.

Greg has shared the stage with business coaches and sales experts such as Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins.

His premium events and mastermind groups, with fees over $25,000, underscore his high value in the sector.

According to his website, Greg has helped over 30,000 students become a successful real estate agent.


What Will You Learn?

Students gain real estate skills through four main online courses:

  • Luxury Agent Mastery: This free introduction to the world of high-end real estate is a cornerstone of affordable real estate coaching and training, offering insights into case studies, tactics for commission negotiation, and strategies essential for anyone aspiring to become a luxury listing agent. Successful completion qualifies students to take the Luxury Agent Mastery 3.0 training (which costs $995), and can earn you the Premier Luxury Marketing (PLM) Consultants™ certification.
  • The Foundational Model focuses on boosting sales and client base by mastering lead generation, action planning, and utilizing editable marketing templates.
  • Mastering The Art of Writing Copy for Profit: This course covers the essentials of creating impactful marketing copy, distinguishing between online and offline channels, and effective sales letter design for selling luxury properties.
  • Bulletproof: The Unbeatable Listing Presentation offers skills for real estate listing marketing and impactful sales presentations, teaching how to anticipate and counter objections effectively.
  • Inner Circle Membership Program is an exclusive mentorship program that offers two coaching videos per month, samples of ads and marketing campaigns from top members, and FREE admission to Greg’s Annual Hustle and Grow coaching retreat, among other perks.

Additionally, the free webinar sessions offer strategies for using no-cost marketing to draw buyers and sellers.



Greg Luther Coaching has a tailored pricing scheme for its four real estate mentorship courses:

  • Luxury Agent Mastery is a free course offering case studies, commission negotiation techniques, and strategies for becoming a top luxury listing agent — ideal for new or ambitious agents. After this course, students can opt for the Luxury Agent Mastery 3.0 program to earn the Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants™ certification. The advanced program costs $995.
  • The Foundational Model: At $395, this program provides marketing templates, lead generation strategies, and tools to set the right foundation and fasttrack business growth.
  • The Art of Copy: At a cost of $895, participants develop skills for crafting effective real estate marketing copy, covering email titles, storytelling, and potential client engagement.
  • Bulletproof: Priced at $995, this course offers detailed training on improving listing presentation abilities, covering the five frameworks of a flawless presentation.

The Greg Luther Inner Circle Membership at $377 per month grants exclusive privileges like live agent interviews, monthly coaching newsletters, and access to other valuable resources.

Real Estate Coaching Companies for Loan Officers

Growth Only Coaching

Growth Only Coaching

Founded in January 2022 by Amir Syed and Justin Lopatin, Growth Only Coaching is a top mentoring program for mortgage loan officers (MLOs) aimed at doubling their output with less effort.

The program is led by active and high-achieving loan officers who earn over $1M yearly and manage an average of 45 hours of work per week.

Growth Only Coaching empowers MLOs of all experience levels to double their production by honing essential skills in sales, operations, and finance.

The program offers an exclusive “Saturday Salespreneur” highlight, providing subscribers with a simple and actionable tactic every other Saturday morning.

With three tailored levels — Foundations, Accelerator, and Elite — the program covers social media presence and direct-to-consumer content for lead generation.

Growth Only Coaching provides access to weekly group calls, one-to-one coaching sessions, an online content library, and live events.


Who Are the Instructors?

Amir Syed

Amir Syed is a 20-year mortgage industry veteran with a proven track record of success.

He’s excelled in various roles, from telemarketer to top loan officer and branch manager, and is known for his exceptional scripting skills.

In 2021, Amir personally did $150M in loan production and led a team of five loan officers to over $650M in production.

Amir excels at providing personalized coaching, guiding over 10 loan officers to surpass $100M in production.

His ability to simplify complex concepts into actionable steps is highly valued by his students, reflecting his deep commitment to their success.

Additionally, Amir has been on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Association of Realtors, gaining insights into industry trends and best practices from his representation of over 17,000 real estate professionals.


Justin Lopatin

Justin Lopatin is a leading force in the mortgage sector, ranking in the top 5% of National Loan Officers.

In 2021, he funded over $165M in loans, with $110M from organic purchases. Justin’s career began in 2006 as a telemarketer, climbing to the top through dedication and hard work.

Now, as a co-founder of Growth Only Coaching, Justin leverages his industry expertise to mentor modern loan officers on achieving success through consistency.

Justin teaches on balancing professional and personal life, advocating for meaningful relationships and a fulfilling lifestyle alongside professional achievements.


What Will You Learn?

Growth Only Coaching teaches real estate social media content creation. You’ll learn how to create mortgage social media posts for engagement, direct consumer impact, and partnership building. Students will grasp the three pillars of business: Sales, Operations, and Finance.

This program teaches you how to combine traditional offline prospecting methods with online prospecting, catering to the needs of modern markets.

It provides a varied eLearning suite with 24/7 access to growth guides and modules, covering topics like optimizing online presence, engaging financial advisors, and leveraging annual mortgage reviews for residual income.

Students also join a network of motivated mortgage professionals for collaboration and support.

Additionally, they get biweekly group coaching, monthly private mastermind calls, discounted tickets to the Content Academy, and semi-annual Growth Con events.



Specific pricing details for the Growth Only Coaching program are unavailable. Interested users have to schedule a call with one of their sales reps to get pricing information.

The program offers three levels of mentoring:

Level 1 is the Foundations level, which provides students with access to the full Level 1 community, 24/7 access to classroom modules, biweekly private Q&A calls, and monthly open-line mastermind calls.

Level 2 is the Accelerator level. This includes all the features of Level 1, plus access to any of the coaches, biweekly mid-sized group coaching, monthly private mastermind calls, and quarterly GO! Content Academy (discounted ticket).

Level 3 is the Elite level, which includes all the features of Levels 1 and 2, plus unlimited extra coaching, biweekly small group coaching, monthly private mastermind calls, and quarterly GO! Content Academy (discounted ticket).


Mortgage Coaching by The CORE Training

Mortgage Coaching by The CORE Training

Mortgage Coaching by The CORE Training empowers mortgage professionals to dramatically increase their income, streamline operations, and build wealth through accountability and tested strategies.

The CORE Training real estate business coaching company offers three levels of mentorship designed for mortgage brokers and lenders at different career stages.

It emphasizes accountability through actionable plans, accountability partners, and a competitive support community.

The curriculum encompasses 24/7 access to over 500 hours of learning materials, biweekly coaching sessions, monthly industry webinars, and an active Facebook group.

Focusing on lead generation, team building, and wealth accumulation, The CORE Training equips participants to generate 40-80 warm leads monthly, enhance client experiences, build effective teams, and consistently save 20% of their income.


Who Is the Instructor?

Rick Ruby

Rick Ruby is a 40-year mortgage industry veteran with a proven track record of success. He owns five mortgage branches and a team of 52 loan officers, who closed 2,300 loans in 2023 alone.

Rick’s personal mortgage origination journey spans from 1984 to 2009, giving him a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw upon as a mentoring coach.

Rick founded The CORE Training, an elite mortgage and real estate coaching company supporting over 1,000 clients.

The CORE Training is led by a team of over 35 top-producing coaches who exemplify the principles and success strategies advocated by the program.

These coaches have an impressive track record, with each earning an average of $1 million and having $2 million in savings, showcasing the financial acumen imparted by The CORE Training.


Randall Mills

Randall Mills is the Director of Sales at The CORE Training. With over 20 years working in finance and as a real estate developer, Randall has excelled in residential financing since 2013.

Nationally recognized as a top 1% originator by Mortgage Originator Magazine and Scotsman Guide, Randall became Director of Sales at The CORE HQ in September 2023.


What Will You Learn?

The program includes:

  • Over 500 hours of audio and video content covering various aspects of mortgage sales, lead generation, lending marketing strategy, business management, and personal development.
  • Biweekly group and one-on-one coaching calls for personalized feedback and support from experienced coaches.
  • Monthly open-line calls and webinars featuring industry leaders and experts.
  • Exclusive Facebook group access for community, networking, and ongoing support.
  • Curriculum focused on lead generation, conversion, and time management.

The program offers three coaching levels.

Level 1 includes a comprehensive plan and group sessions. Levels 2 and 3 provide additional support, access to elite coaches, exclusive Facebook groups, and enhanced accountability plans.



Mortgage Coaching by The CORE Training offers three levels of coaching, each with distinct benefits and costs.

The Level 1 program, foundational to the coaching series, costs $750/month. It includes a detailed plan and group coaching, showing loan officers how to generate 40-80 warm leads monthly.

Level 2 and 3, accessible to those meeting income thresholds and attending CORE’s Summit, provide extra support and accountability.

Benefits include coaching from industry leaders, exclusive Facebook groups, member discounts on select events, and comprehensive accountability plans.

Pricing for these levels is personalized, determined through individual consultations.



About the Author:

Kristina Morales is both a licensed mortgage loan originator and real estate agent in the State of Ohio. Inspired by her years of working with buyers and sellers and seeing a need for more consumer education, Kristina created loanfully.com, an online educational resource for borrowers and industry professionals. In addition to real estate sales and mortgage lending, Kristina had an extensive corporate career in banking, treasury, and corporate finance. She ended her corporate career as an Assistant Treasurer at a publicly traded oil & gas company in Houston, TX. Kristina obtained her MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and her B.A in Business Management from Ursuline College.