How Hard Is the Michigan Real Estate Exam and How to Pass It the First Time?

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Is the Michigan real estate exam hard? The answer is yes.

But once you know what to expect, and you set aside time to complete the pre-licensing coursework, you’ll be ready to study for and pass the real estate exam in the state.

To get all the insight you need into what’s on the exam and how best to study for it, keep reading. We’ve compiled all the most important information to get you the real estate exam results you need.


Best Way to Pass the Michigan Real Estate Exam

How to Study for the Michigan Real Estate Exam

The first place to start, when preparing to study for the Michigan real estate exam, is in class.

Based on the type of license you’re getting, there is a required set of pre-licensing coursework hours you’ll need to complete.

For a salesperson license, you must complete 40 hours, including four hours in civil rights law and equal opportunity in housing.

For a broker’s license, you must complete 90 hours, including nine hours of civil rights law and equal opportunity in housing.

To get credit for your coursework, you must take pre-approved courses and receive a course completion certificate.

Check our directory of the best real estate classes in Michigan for a list of top schools providing it.

Whether you complete your coursework in an actual classroom or virtually is really up to you. Each option has its own set of benefits based on your individual situation.

Know more by reading our article on real estate classes online vs. traditional classroom courses.

Taking classes in person not only gives you a stable, consistent schedule to add to your busy calendar.

It also puts you in direct contact with future colleagues. It can make networking easier, and gives you a ready pool when it’s time to form a study group.

If you do have a little more flexibility when it comes to scheduling, and want to move through your required hours faster, learning online may be a better choice for you.

Most virtual classes give you the chance to work, at least partially, at your own pace.

You can also pick your learning location, giving yourself less opportunity for the distractions you may have in a classroom.

One other thing you must do before you can take the salesperson real estate license exam in Michigan is to get authorization from the Department of Real Estate.

To do this, you must register for MiPLUS online. Once that process is complete, the Department automatically submits your authorization to take the exam through PSI.

PSI testing sites in Michigan include locations in:

  • Dearborn
  • Holt
  • Southfield
  • Grand Rapids
  • Gaylord
  • Marquette

Can you take the Michigan real estate exam online? PSI does not allow it at this time.

Applicants hoping to become professional real estate agents in Michigan must be physically present at the scheduled testing location no more than 30 minutes before the test time.

To schedule your exam, create an account online or call PSI directly at 855-579-4635.


What to Study for the Michigan Real Estate Exam

Knowing where to get an idea of what is on the real estate exam is essential to studying the right content. The best place to look is within the PSI bulletin.

This document not only provides you with a content outline of the exam but also gives you the percentage of how much the topic is covered on each exam.

The primary topics to review for the national portion of the exam include:

  • Property ownership
  • Land use and regulations
  • Valuation and market analysis
  • Financing
  • General principles of agency
  • Property disclosures
  • Contracts
  • Leasing and property management
  • Transfer of title
  • Practice of real estate
  • Real estate calculations

For the state portion, you’ll need to study:

  • Duties and powers of the Department and the State Board of Real Estate
  • State licensing requirements
  • Statutory requirements governing licensee’s activities
  • Contractual relationships

The state portion of the Michigan real estate exam also includes other state-specific topics that speak directly to local housing laws, taxes, and more.

The information given to you in your pre-licensing course should align with these topics. For additional study and practice, you can access prep materials and practice tests through PSI.


6 Tips for Passing the Michigan Real Estate Exam

Having collected course materials, and dug into supplementary resources and practice tests, you now have all the tools you need to prepare for the real estate exam in Michigan. What comes next? Studying.

Attending class and reading through the right books only gets you so far when it comes to preparing. A good study plan, that takes you all the way up to the day of the Michigan real estate exam, is also essential.

It will make preparing easier and more efficient, helping you retain all the information you really need to know.

For the most productive study plan, incorporate these helpful tips.


1. Memorize What You Can

There are a lot of facts when it comes to real estate. These are things you have to know inside and out, so the best strategy is memorization.

Collecting dates, regulations, laws, and more as you attend class will give you a nice batch of facts to memorize. Set them up as flashcards, and you can quiz yourself daily.


2. Give Class Your Undivided Attention

Since so much vital information will come to you within your pre-licensing classes, it’s best to pay attention.

Listening during lecture, and taking strong notes, means you’ll have less to figure out on your own when it’s time to study.


3. Make Outlines

It never hurts to spend a little time organizing your class notes into more efficient study tools as well.

Creating outlines while the information is still fresh in your brain not only gives you study materials but an extra opportunity to review as you create them.


4. Join a Study Group

As organized as your own study materials may be, it would be helpful as well to team up for some extra review.

A study group can help you stay motivated and focused when it comes to preparing for the Michigan real estate exam. It also ensures you have a partner to quiz you on those flashcards.


5. Set Aside Time for Self-Care

Preparing for a major exam isn’t only about studying. You also need to prepare your body for the pressure; otherwise, all your studying is useless.

Make sure you’re setting aside time to eat good meals and get plenty of rest, especially in the few days leading up to the exam itself.

On test day, don’t skip breakfast, and bring an extra snack for the car ride.


6. Test Smart

You’ve made it to the test, and feel fully prepared, but now there are so many questions. The ticking clock isn’t helping either. You feel the pressure, so have a strategy in place to test smart.

First, stay calm. Next, try these tips:

  • Answer the questions you find the easiest first.
  • Save the hard questions, those where you have no idea what the answer is, for last.
  • If you ever have to guess, only pick an answer that feels familiar.
  • Don’t ever pick your final answer without reading through all the choices, even if you’re certain you know.
  • When you’re not certain, use a process of elimination to narrow down your answer choices. Remove those that are obviously wrong first.

We have more tips on how to study for the real estate exam.


What Is the Cost of Taking the Michigan Real Estate Exam?

How much is the Michigan real estate exam? It’s $79.

The cost of taking the real estate exam in Michigan is the same no matter the license type — salesperson or broker. It’s also the same every time you attempt to take the exam.

Refer to our article on the cost of a real estate license in Michigan for a complete breakdown of licensing fees.


How Hard Is It to Pass the Michigan Real Estate Exam?

What Is the Michigan Real Estate Exam Pass Rate?

The real estate salesperson exam in Michigan is one of the hardest to pass in the country. In fact, more than 50 percent of those who take it fail one or both sections the first time around.

However, you can decrease your risk of first-time failure by making sure you’re fully prepared for the exam.

In fact, how many people pass the real estate exam the first time goes up exponentially for those who enroll in a supplementary program that offers guaranteed pass rates.

You can research your options, and check pass rate information. if you think you need some extra help.


How Many Questions Are on the Michigan Real Estate Exam?

Taking the real estate exam in Michigan requires a significant time investment.

While the salesperson and broker exams both have a total of 115 questions, you have a different time allotment for each test.

The salesperson exam is 180 minutes, while the broker exam is 210 minutes.


How Many Math Questions Are on the Michigan Real Estate Exam?

The number of math questions within the real estate exam in Michigan vary based on the type of license you are testing for.

While Michigan real estate exam difficulty is greatly influenced by how hard the math problems are, the salesperson exam contains about 11 of them.

The broker exam has even less, with around nine math questions.

Both exams will have questions in basic math concepts and calculations for transitions, but the broker exam has one extra mathematical category.

It will also contain calculations for valuation and rate of return.


What Is the Michigan Real Estate Exam Passing Score?

The passing score for the real estate exams in Michigan varies based on what type of license you’re testing for.

You need a minimum of 70 percent to pass the salesperson exam, and a minimum of 75 percent to pass the broker exam.

This translates to getting 80 questions right on the salesperson exam, and 90 questions correct on the broker exam.

Real estate exam results are given to you onsite, but instead of receiving an actual percentage score, you’ll only get a PASS indication if you pass the exam.

If you fail, you will receive individual scores for each major section. This information can help you focus on what areas you should study to prepare for your retake.


What Happens if You Fail the Real Estate Exam in Michigan?

How Many Times Can You Fail and Retake the Michigan Real Estate Exam?

You have an unlimited number of opportunities to retake the Michigan real estate exam should you fail. You’ll just have to schedule a new exam attempt through PSI and pay a separate fee each time you retake.


How Long Do You Have to Wait to Retake the Michigan Real Estate Exam?

You’ll need to wait one day after failing all or part of the Michigan real estate exam to schedule a retake.

At that point, you can accept the next available appointment which can be as early as the following day of your call.

For example, if you fail the exam on a Tuesday, you can call to schedule your retake Wednesday, and have an appointment as early as Thursday.

Know the time commitment involved in completing all the steps in the licensing process by reading our guide on how long to get a Michigan real estate license.


Do You Have to Pay to Retake the Michigan Real Estate Exam?

Each time you retake the Michigan real estate exam, you will have to pay a fee. The cost is the same as the initial fee to take the test, which is $79.


What to Do After Passing the Michigan Real Estate Exam

Once passing the exam, you have to complete all other requirements for getting a real estate license in Michigan.

Know if you’re eligible to get licensed if you have past convictions by reading our article on getting a Michigan real estate license with violations on your record.

You will also need to find a brokerage firm to sponsor you. Make sure to choose the right broker to work for, as this will steer your real estate career in the right direction.

To pick a good broker, check out our database of the top real estate brokerage firms in Michigan.

Make time to find a good real estate team. This is where you will meet experienced agents who can help guide your career. For helpful pointers, read our detailed guide on how to join a real estate team.

Know the next steps after passing the real estate exam. The succeeding actions you take will set your business up for success.

Do motivate yourself on the benefits of being a real estate agent. Knowing the perks of the job will inspire you to work hard and score as many deals as you possibly can.

To help you build and grow your real estate career quickly, we at Real Estate Bees created a directory for real estate professionals.

It’s designed to help you get more exposure for your business, including receiving leads. Create a free profile by signing up here.


If you want to contribute your expert advice on a topic of your expertise, feel free to apply to our Expert Contributor Program.


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